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Our portfolio includes carved railings, banisters, fireplace mantels, corbels, capitals, ornamental moldings, and furniture and bas reliefs of other subjects. Fred is recently working on another large relief carving, it is a public art project for the Region of Waterloo. Fred is recognized as one of the best wood carvers in North America and his custom bronze and carved wood sculptures are known to wood carvers all around the globe. Fred’s favorite carving wood used to be Honduras (Honduran) Mahogany but the species are commercially exhausted and therefore protected to prevent their extinction. Once in a while, as time permits, Fred donates a small carving or wood burning to carving organizations and institutions to help raise money for promoting the art of woodcarving. Custom Woodcarving and Religious Statuary in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and also serving Detroit, Michigan, USA.
With the demand for a substitute for Ivory and with the advancement of technology, the market today offers wonderful substitutes that closely mimic ivory (i.e. Bonded Ivory: an epoxy filled with natural materials and was developed as an economical, durable substitute for ivory. Following the art work, depicting a dragon on one side and its tail encircling a sword on the other side, I proceeded to carve. The first part of my journey was to select and purchase the wood (fine Honduras Mahogany); then to fabricate the box  ( by art, skill, and labor). Labor:  To cut and match the wood grain and, ultimately, putting it all together, to finish with a special blend of oil. An owner of a refurbished sailboat desired the finishing touch to bring his project to completion. Note; because the main component is resin, after sealer or varnish is applied, the end product will be very durable, long lasting, retaining the vibrancy of colors.
There are many stories (the spirit of a single person, a single place, a particular occasion) woven together that have made and continues to make the most vibrant fabric of the American story.

Approximately 160 years ago the man in this picture, my great, great grandfather, Anthony Canavan, made the fateful decision to emigrate with his young family from County Mayo, Ireland to the Promised Land – The United States. According to  family lore, the passage across the Atlantic was rough with huge, rolling seas that caused part of the ship’s rigging to fall and blind his oldest son John in one eye (a fact that did not keep him from serving on the side of the Union in the Civil War years later). This picture, taken during the last year of his life in 1890, captures the determination and grit that emboldened Canavan to cross an ocean and forge a new life in a foreign country. Recently, I completed a commissioned project to custom carve an insert for a fireplace mantel. Red Oak was the choice wood to keep continuity with existing paneling and moulding in the house. In appreciation to our Military Personnel and Law Enforcement, Carving Dreams in Wood extends a special discount. To ensure the memory lingers, I decided to custom design and carve a wooden plaque to remind and delight the Massey Bros. Woodworking Carving PlanFind hundreds of detailed Woodworking carving to help with your furniture projects. Cape wood carving – wood carved signs wood carved whales, Welcome geoff semonian woodcarving. Decorative and religious relief sculptures are the most required, beside those, he is also often commissioned to carve replicas of  broken or missing parts of antique furniture,  old carved fireplace mantels, and high end one of a kind architectural  relief carvings.
It is carved from a beautiful Black Walnut tree  cut down on the property to make room for new part of Christopher Children  Centre  (30 Christopher Dr., Cambridge, ON). In the past nearly 20 years Fred won best of show or best in masters in almost every woodcarving competition he entered, including first, second and third best of show (2008) in the biggest woodcarving competition – The Woodcarving Congress in  Davenport, IO – this was the first time in 43 years of the Congress’ history that one artist captured all three top awards.  Fred’s highly detailed realistic bronze and wood sculptures and portrait busts can be found in  private and corporate collections and in religious institutions in North America and  Europe.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Pre – banned ivory may be obtained, accompanied by correct documentation, albeit, costly.

For it is through a book, one may travel the world over, visit the past, sojourn in the present, and dream of the future.
The Polylite clear casting resin, may be used as clear or mixed with a variety of colors and textures  ex.
He did it to avoid almost certain starvation from the Great Famine that was ravaging the Emerald Isle and causing a huge exodus of Irish to America. It was completed in 1996 and really represents Fred’s beginnings in woodcarving combining ornamental, relief and figurative carving.
Beside wood, Fred also works with bronze, resin, terracotta, and other media and can carve or sculpt almost any given subject – small to larger than life size. The natural color is a bit boring , therefore Fred invented his own method of staining and finishing. To achieve a fine professional finish, extensive refining, including multi sandings, will be required).
It is not a model of any specific cathedral, Fred picked parts he liked from different churches.
He can give his wood carvings depth and color without painting them and even when he paints some, he makes sure that the wood is visible under the paint. Pictures of the carvings will be posted as soon as the Centre is open, hopefully in the late fall of 2010.

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