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30 super cool printable Valentine’s Day cards for the classroom, all free or close to it. Target Pillowfort launches today, with adorable and affordable kids’ decor that parents will love too. I’ve noticed a cool trend that has many parents eliminating the traditional end-of-birthday party goodie bag filled with cheap trinkets, and instead opting to have the kids craft something themselves that they can take home later. Partygoers of any age have fun decorating anything at all, like this cute wooden birdhouse craft for kids seen in Make it Do’s Woodland Party. Another craft that all kids love is this paint your own racecar craft idea seen at Project Nursery. Nothing holds my kids’ attention like LEGO bricks, so I know their friends would love to be presented with a few containers all ready for LEGO brick building and told to create a masterpiece to bring home. If you have kids who you can trust around a Sharpie, then decorating plain white mugs with Sharpie permanent paint pens, like these from Who Needs a Cape, is an easy craft with big marks for creativity, as I discovered when my daughter and her friends did it this year at her party. Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. The Ultimate Star Wars Guide: Dozens of geeky gifts, party ideas, DIY projects, recipes, and random Force-inspired insanity. I don't have a dedicated room for my craft stuff right now but what we do have is an enormous living room. I used this extra large thrift store frame spray painted (Catalina Mist) and drilled some holes to screw in some hooks and used dowels to hang the vinyl--secured with rubber bands. Last thing I put up was this framed quoted "Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about Creating Yourself." I love this quote because it reminds me of the me I am now and the me I was as a lost college student.

I knew this would be up on the wall for all to see so I wanted to make it as attractive as possible.
I had originally bought $300 worth of Elfa (I’m a big fan) but after seeing your peg board I liked it a lot better, returned the Elfa, went to Home Depot and spent about $60. I just drilled the screws right in the space between the holes and hung the bar up that way! I have a pegboard just that size that stretches across our dining room, giant thread rack and all! Just precut black plumbing insulation or colorful pool noodles and lay out rolls of shiny and colored duct tape.
Pass out paints, markers, or even stickers if you’re worried about mess, and then hold races afterward to see who has the swiftest wheels. Using recycled materials and craft supplies, kids can easily make some over-the-top creations. Just bake the mugs as instructed while the kids eat cake or open gifts, and they’re ready to go home by the time the party ends. Plus, if the weather’s nice, you can stick the kids outside to test out their creations while you get out the cake and ice cream. I love the idea of cutting out handbag-shaped pieces of wrapping and scrapbooking paper ahead of time, so that the kids can rummage for their favorite design.
How great for the birthday boy or girl to see his friends wearing their shirts weeks later and remember how much fun they had together?
Branch slices are decorated with embellishments using brown felt, cardboard, wood and jute which give Christmas ornaments a charming and rustical look.
I had them shoved in a tall vase before and it never had a place, it always threatened to topple over and it didn't fit right anyway. Before, my thread was in this awful awful hard plastic container that the lid never fit on right and I never knew where to put it.

I'm not gotta lie, it was splurge when I knew I could just get dollar store buckets to hang from the regular pegboard things. So if you also hate running to the dollar store for quick-to-break tchotchkes and cheap candy, here are 10 fun birthday party craft activities (beyond color-your-own placemats) that kids will enjoy long after the cake is gone. For older kids, ask them to build something in keeping with the birthday party theme, like a rocket for a space-themed party or a castle if you’re entertaining a room full of princesses. This is a great craft for mixed-ages too, since I know my tweens would love doing this as much as my elementary-aged niece. Then hand out stickers, plastic gems, or strips of rickrack and let their inner fashion designers go wild. Before it was tucked away in a magazine box and you know that saying--out of sight, out of mind? My thread was such a pain to get to that half the time I would sew with whatever was on the machine even if it clashed horribly.
But I just love the clean and professional look of the buckets on the rod--so polished and pretty. Pull the two ends first through the hole and then through the loop and pull so that a hanger is created. I put my paintbrushes in one, markers and pens in another, all my sewing feet and measuring tape in one, and my labels and bobbins in the last.

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