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My client became concerned that we’re not helping their website with traffic and in fact are helping others. The thing with social media marketing is that it’s different than the old fashioned marketing. Posted in Tricks of the trade and tagged caring, community, facebook, marketing, sharing, social media, twitter.
The skate park inside Weston Regional Park, 20200 Saddle Club Road, will be closed for repairs on Monday, Aug. Basically, I use social media to link back to their website, sharing local events, local news, that type of thing. Social media is about COMMUNITY now…creating relationships, creating trust, AND THEN selling.
I share local fan events and help fans spread the word about their local event by posting and sharing.
But other than that, it makes businesses and people feel good that you’re sharing their posts! Removing the start menu was a huge change for the user interface in Windows 8 and one that many didn’t like.

A sleek integration of the tiled interface and the old start menu – we’re hoping that it’s the best of both worlds (we’ll let you know, as we’re testing Windows 10 as we write this).Security advancements and simple deployment. While it may not be an outwardly noticeable change, there have been many security enhancements in Windows 10. Not only is there simpler management and deployment for IT, but there is (what Microsoft refers to as) “improved resistance to data breach, theft and phishing”.
Microsoft has added a layer of protection using containers and data separation, which means that the security is now at the app and file level. This makes transitioning information between devices more secure, which is key when you have remote and mobile employees.Continuum. Continuum is a feature that changes the user interface based on whether or not the device is attached to a keyboard. This is meant to make transition from desktop to tablet (most easily seen with the Surface Pro) much easier. A single account across all devices (just like Apple’s iCloud) is one of Microsoft’s biggest selling points here.
A remote or mobile employee could theoretically leave their desk with their tablet, do a presentation outside the office, and access all the same information from their smartphone.

This is a fantastic argument for Windows 10 for those seeking mobility and integration – whose market has been dominated by Apple.Snap-In Multitasking Aero Snap is another great feature for the multi-tasker with a large screen. The feature allows you to drag windows to certain areas of your desktop and snap them in place, mimicking a multiple-monitor environment.
This was present in Windows 7, but Windows 10 allows users to break down their screens into quadrants.Virtual Desktops. Some of those might be accounts payable, some of them might be design work, others might be doing the ordering on behalf of the company. Virtual Desktops allow users to create as many desktops as you like, which means that if you’re big into multitasking, you don’t need to lose all those windows behind the 12 other windows you have open at the same time.

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