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We offer an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings, fine jewelry and GIA-certified loose diamonds. GIA vs EGL vs AGS13 July 2015, 4:43 pmWhen shopping for a loose diamond to complete one of our beautiful engagement ring or anniversary ring settings, one of the first decisions a consumer must make is the certification.
The result of your decision between a diamond from GIA or AGS vs EGL has a major effect on the characteristics of stones available to you, how much you spend, and how universally accepted your certification will be. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL or EGL-USA) are the world’s two leading gemological analysis laboratories.  AGS is a highly respected gemological lab, but not as commonly used as GIA. All follow a rubric of diamond assessment that measures stones against an ideal version, but it was the GIA that first developed the “Four C’s” concept most people know of noting and ranking the four major traits of a diamond that make it the most attractive, strong, and valuable: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The GIA and the EGL are large diamond grading and certification labs but are markedly different in some key ways that often prompt jewelers and consumers to choose diamonds certified by the GIA. GIA is known for having the most stringent and precise diamond grading standards in the world, granting high ratings to only the most superior diamonds that other labs including the EGL issue much more freely.
GIA’s operations are broad in scope and geographically, featuring locations in all of the world’s major diamond-trading hubs.
AGS was started in 1934 and has since grown to approximately 3,400 jewelers and other companies related to the jewelry industry.  AGS began offering diamond grading services in 1996.
EGL has fewer locations than GIA, operating labs or offices in a few European and Asian metropolitan areas and, independently through the EGL-USA, select major American cities.
Adiamor’s customers ultimately typically purchase GIA certified diamonds compared to AGS due to the larger GIA inventory.  Both GIA and AGS Laboratories have excellent records and multiple methods in place to ensure transparency and accountability in all processes, so which lab certification an individual chooses depends mainly on which diamonds fit their criterion. While GIA offers similar services in the way of grading, certification, and security, GIA has a much longer history than AGS or EGL.
If simply having a certification and report attached to an aesthetically pleasing diamond or saving money is your priority, the EGL may be the way to go. If you’ve chosen which certification you prefer and wish to proceed selecting a diamond, or if you have additional questions about the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a diamond from a specific lab, contact Adiamor. Gold in its natural yellow form has been a part of human culture since prehistoric times, with the earliest known gold artifacts dating to the 4th millennium BCE.
The average person understands that gold is yellow, and even associates the two colors as one and the same outside of conversations about jewelry. White gold is simply a variant of yellow gold that incorporates other metals to brighten and whiten it during the alloy process. White gold achieved popularity much more recently than yellow gold, first peaking in the 1920s. The warm, peachy hue of rose gold had made it a favorite among wearers with unique tastes and as a strategic pairing with different fancy-color diamonds and precious stones. In similar fashion to white gold, many colors of jewelry-quality gold can be produced with the addition of specific metals and different plating processes. To create rose gold, copper is incorporated into the alloy melt instead of nickel and other white metals, and its bright, rich color infuses the gold while also strengthening it for ideal jewelry use. Gold in its pure form is a very soft metal—it measures a mere 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, placing it in the same range as aluminum—and, as such, is much too malleable and fragile to use in jewelry without another metal like nickel mixed in to make it strong. Both purity grades are attractive and each has its own merits: 18kt gold is purest and most valuable, and the greater density of pure gold makes it a good choice for wearers who prefer jewelry with some tangible weight to it. Generally speaking, observers without in-depth experience in the jewelry industry can’t tell one from the other on sight, so it’s best to base this choice on your ring’s particular features and your needs as a consumer.
Platinum became popular in roughly the same time period in which white gold came to prominence; its cool tone and brightness were wonderfully suited to the aesthetic of the time as affluent people began to wear jewelry composed of more and larger white diamonds.
Congratulations, you just got engaged!  Now you might be asking yourself “What do I need to do to keep my ring looking like new, and lasting a lifetime”?
First of all, make sure that you remove your ring during strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects and participating in any physical sports.  Also be sure to take off your ring when partaking in activities that involve water like swimming, taking a shower, and washing dishes.  Then follow these three easy steps to keep your ring looking brand new! It is important to keep up with the maintenance of your ring, just like you would a car or a fabulous piece of clothing!  By taking preventative care of your ring, you will help to alleviate issues that may happen in the future. Now that you know how to care for your special piece of jewelry it is time to go and show it off!Ring Stories: Custom 19 Karat White Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Rings29 May 2015, 1:11 pmWelcome to another installment of Adiamor’s Ring Stories! One of our more interesting recent projects came to us by way of Leonard and Zeljka, a couple from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. For Zeljka’s rings, Leonard knew that custom pieces designed with special details and new methods were the only way to go. A somewhat new addition to the family of fine jewelry metals, 19 karat white gold is a recently developed gold alloy incorporating metals that were once deemed too difficult to procure or work with, most commonly palladium. Like many grooms, Leonard wanted a wedding band that would complement his bride’s dazzling diamonds without upstaging them. Above, Leonard’s wedding band shines in one of our signature boxes, accompanied by his other accessories for the ceremony. In Adiamor’s Ring Stories, we feature the custom rings that we found exceptional joy in creating, and the happy couples that wear them. Rose gold, sometimes called pink gold, was created when artisans began experimenting with different mixes of metals to produce different colors and weights in the final product. Engagement rings and wedding bands in this warm, unique hue are among the hottest wedding trends of 2015. For brides seeking just a slight modern twist on classic engagement rings, or to form a perfect blend of old and new, a simple solitaire setting rendered in gorgeous rose gold is all it takes.

Another attractive and interesting example of rose gold’s “old meets new” style potential is this beautiful metal’s easy combination with vintage design elements.
Milgrain, the tiny beaded or ridged pattern often seen accenting the edges of a band setting, and other hand engraved accents come in and out of fashion from year to year. The split shank setting is elegant, eye-catching, and the perfect way to add uniqueness and creativity to a traditional solitaire or diamond-accented band. Rose gold’s striking color is what sets all of these styles apart from the everyday engagement ring, and many brides to be are choosing engagement ring designs that put this beautiful metal in the spotlight just as much as the brilliant center and accent stones. The bright contrast of rose gold provides the ideal backdrop to make strong diamond accents stand out even more dramatically. Of all the looks we’ve covered here, a band accented with gold in other colors is by far the most modern application of the delightful rose gold trend. The rose gold engagement ring trend is just one of many style sweeps on which we’ve offered in-depth coverage and advice. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Choose from over 80,000 GIA-certified loose diamonds and browse hundreds of unique diamond ring, pendant and earring styles.
Once reserved only for the round brilliant diamond, over the years all three labs have opted to extend certification and grading services to include other popular diamond shapes such as the princess cut and cushion cut.
This means that when two diamonds that receive comparable grading for cut, color, clarity, and other determinations of quality,  one from the GIA, and one from the EGL, the stone graded and certified by the GIA is invariably of higher quality than the stone receiving the same marks from the EGL.
The organization also boasts educational campuses in 12 cities where educational certificate programs for aspiring gemologists, designers, and professional jewelers are offered. Formerly two branches of one organization, the original EGL, and the EGL-USA ended their association and began operating as unaffiliated organizations in the early 1980s. GIA was the pioneering agency in many techniques, processes, and innovations that served to make all competing diamond labs what they are today.
This is an important distinction for many diamond buyers as the GIA’s non-profit status adds another layer of accountability and makes objectivity on the part of the gemologist much more likely. Without the same history and resources the GIA can offer, the cost of EGL certification is slightly lower and allows consumers to purchase a more affordable certified loose diamond. Keeping this in mind, it’s not at all surprising that yellow gold has been the traditional choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry for centuries. Just as other metals must be added to create 14kt and 18kt yellow gold, the same takes place when creating white gold. Its cool tones pair wonderfully with classic white diamonds, and white gold is often used to form the prongs that secure diamonds into yellow gold jewelry to avoid distracting the eye.
Some of these variants lower the quality or value (for example, most green gold is 10kt), but rose gold holds comparable quality and purity to yellow or white gold with the added benefit of an exotic, striking appearance.
The karat (commonly abbreviated as kt or K) is the unit of measurement indicating how much the gold’s purity is affected by the addition of these other metals, and how many parts pure gold versus other metals remain.
Using these numbers as our base, we can deduce that 18kt gold contains about 75% pure gold to 25% other metals, and that 14kt gold contains 58-59% pure gold and slightly over 40% other metals. By contrast, gold at the 14kt purity grade is stronger, more affordable, and more lightweight, making it the better choice for pieces with delicate design elements and multiple stones to secure. It has a noticeable weight due to its high density that immediately distinguishes it from other white metals, and develops a unique patina over time that gives older platinum jewelry a beautiful lustrous finish. Platinum’s uniqueness and rarity make it an excellent choice when you wish to truly invest in a piece of fine jewelry. Here at Adiamor, we pride ourselves on working closely with clients and using our expertise to bring their design ideas to life, jointly creating the perfect piece of customized jewelry.
With plans for a summer wedding, Leonard approached us to discuss creating a complete wedding set including a wedding band for him and a matching engagement ring and wedding band for his bride to be. With this in mind, we created the settings for both the engagement ring and matching diamond wedding band in 19 karat white gold. This innovation results in white gold using no nickel (a popular base metal but a common allergen) that is stronger, harder, and requires no rhodium plating. The matching wedding band is a classic channel set eternity ring with princess cut diamonds in a total carat weight of 0.25. He chose a pipe cut men’s wedding band in a satin finish, with a high polish off-center groove accent. Working with this client was a joy from start to finish, and the happy couple was kind enough to share some photos from their special day including this one with a guest appearance from a lucky ladybug! Check this blog regularly for more Ring Stories and other behind-the-scenes info, style tips, jewelry in the news, and more!Rose Gold Engagement Rings29 April 2015, 1:52 pmTradition is a wonderful thing, particularly where weddings are concerned, but making room for new practices and aesthetics, as you plan to celebrate your lives together, can enrich your special day just as much as the tried and true. Because all gold used in jewelry like engagement rings contains a percentage of other metals necessary to make it strong, options for color and customization at the base level are numerous.

As you can see in the styles curated below, even this straightforward style is open to creative, unique tweaks that set it apart from other solitaires. Simple diamond accented bands, art deco halos, and whimsical Edwardian leaf and vine bands all get a refreshing new look in rose gold settings, preserving the tradition and aesthetic sensibilities of the old days while breathing new life into these classic styles.
Currently, these design features are experiencing yet another revival, and it’s no accident that they’re frequently paired with the rose gold trend. Special details like hand engraving, tulip settings, and fancy diamond shapes add yet another dimension to these beautiful split shank styles. A broad, sculpted band on a rose gold engagement ring creates a surprisingly modern, rich look, reminding us all just what it was that made us fall in love with rose gold in the first place. Close-set and invisible set diamonds appear even more impressive, while diamond accents set with an individual stone setting process like pave or bezel have their cool sparkle showcased on the warm, rosy bands. Sometimes this is very subtle, like our many rose gold settings featuring white old prongs that add to the brilliance of the diamonds.
You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. We then create your one-of-a-kind piece from scratch in our manufacturing facility in the heart of the historic Jewelry District in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The best known of these is the GIA Graduate Gemologist certificate program, as many independent jewelers complete the course to develop proficiency in identifying all the factors making up a diamond’s quality according to GIA standards. The general acceptance of GIA’s quality standards as superior to other laboratories may even be a direct result of operating this way; the outcome of each non-profit lab certification is the same for the gemologist regardless of his or her findings, and without the possibility of kickbacks, there’s no incentive to exaggerate or overlook a diamond’s defining characteristics during the analysis.
The downside to this is that obtaining insurance or an appraisal for the diamond consistent with the information given on the EGL report can be challenging as the more critical GIA, or AGS standard is widely preferred.
While white gold has risen to challenge sunny yellow in the last 80 years or so, the recent surge in the popularity of yellow diamonds has returned it to the top spot once more.
The metals added to make the gold harder and stronger serve a second purpose of lightening the color. Because proposals and engagements are so personal, we get a lot of special requests for custom designs as well as requests to tweak some element of our existing styles. Zeljka’s rings will never look dull or yellowish as traditionally created white gold sometimes does over time, ensuring that her jewelry will always be as beautiful and vibrant as it was the day she put it on.
Leonard’s ring is a part of our permanent collection and can be purchased from Adiamor at RB1095. For a fresh, modern interpretation of romantic classics, there’s no better place to begin than with the engagement ring.
Other variations such as green gold and black gold have achieved respectable popularity over the last several years, but rose gold is now in such high demand that it has achieved comparable status to old favorites like yellow and white gold.
The striking color of rose gold draws the eye more than the yellow and white tones of traditional engagement rings, making the impact of small, intricate details more pronounced and dramatic.
The split shank is also very versatile, opening the door to a world of custom and handpicked elements for building your dream ring.
In many styles, though, the mixed media effect of working with gold in two or more different colors is the ring’s defining feature. We have Professional Workers in our workshops, they have over 20 years experience on making Build Your Own Charm Bracelet Online3. Cloudream Jewelry has 10 senior elites of foreign trade, mainly engaged in international commodity trade, including Alloy, Brass and Silver Jewelry. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Refer to this guide to learn more about the precious metals we offer and the ideal uses for each.
The warm golden hue of the metal pairs seamlessly with these gorgeous canary stones as well as traditional white diamonds. The resulting metal is a very pale yellow, and after casting it into a band or setting, the piece is plated with rhodium. In the Ring Stories series, we bring you behind the scenes as we work to make engagement and wedding day dreams come true. Updated designs and lesser-known metals have inspired some of the most beautiful rings we’ve ever seen, and few trends exemplify this more than rose gold engagement rings.
Milgrain and hand engraving give the elegant styles shown here a more finished, handcrafted look that is a nod to vintage designs, as well as new looks. We have Professional OEM Team, who can provide customer great experience and 100% transfer your ideas to the production team. Rhodium is bright white and reasonably durable, allowing your white gold jewelry to maintain its brilliance for many years. The plating can wear down over time, though, so it’s good to take your ring in for regular cleaning, maintenance, and replating to keep it looking its best. We have Extremely Strict QC System that can make sure our customer receive the quality goods.5.

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