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Ikea Hacker is a popular website showing projects where Ikea furniture has been repurposed or modified somehow to make it more useful. I chose to install the cross brace at the foot of the bed on the inside (under the frame) so that it would not interfere with reaching storage from the outside.
Luv Maura’s idea of having speakers under bed and storage idea, how would you get to the middle one and front one, that would be a lot of picking up the mattress for one thing and doesnt the mattress loop or get ruined from pressure in btwn the shelves? 1 – you can put anything you want in the middle shelves, but there are much more cheaper durable and flexible boxes to go in expedit now than there used to be so get those if you want to use it for storage and put stuff in there you dont use a lot (linens, out of season clothes, shoes, and all that stuff you cnat bear to throw away but wont really use). Description: We were inspired by other Expedit bed hacks, specifically this one and decided to make a Queen Platform bed. Did you make any ventilation holes in the plywood support to allow damp in the mattress to evaporate and prevent mildew? I looked at the ikea site and don’t find the unit with 5 shelves or the other ones you used. Description: While spending some time in the US, I wanted to show my brother the potential of IKEA furniture. Step 1: Using the completed EXPEDIT unit, I was able to take proper measurements for the EXPEDIT unit that needed to be trimmed down.
Step 5: Using FIXA floor protectors, I covered key points on the EXPEDIT units and the 4X4 posts to prevent the flooring from being damaged. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I just got done making a full-size bed frame, using Ikea Kallax 4 hole shelving units, with this as a guideline.

A little late to the party, but an alternative to Duct Tape or paint is fabric and a staple gun. MAXIMILIAN THAT LP STORAGE BED IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! It can be done as a queen bed, just put the other expedit at the end and it adds its 45cm to the 185cm of the other.
Left out a couple key points (and mdf certainly wouldn’t be my choice for the surface top) but looks practical with plenty of storage.
At the head of the bed (touching the wall), I installed the cross brace on the outside so that it would not interfere with reaching the storage under the bed. My daughter moved into an apartment and we needed to have more storage as well as a nice size bed. A few days later, I surprised him with a modern, functional upgrade to his bed.I wanted to provide adequate storage in a room with minimal space. My first idea was to have an open corner which than would be covered with milked acrylic so I could put a lamp behind it to have some nice diffuse light in in my room. I than used metal brackets to attach it to the wall and to connect both Expedits with each other. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". Had to buy the felt pads at the big box hardware store, because they only have small ones at Ikea. I’m currently in Paris for a project, and considering the size of the apartments here, this is a great thing to do.

By now I moved that bed to a new appartment and ditched the wooden bars on the wall in favour of a wooden frame underneath. We attached a continuous hinge to the 2 pieces of 60×40 plywood, so that she can have storage under the bed as well. At this point, you can also measure the correct height of your 4×4 wooden post supports. It can be removed to enable more storage under the actual bed frame for the user(several plastic bins fit well in this space). When I measured the Expedits I found that they are perfect for LPs and I decided to use them to build my bed. After that I put wooden bars at the wall and one in the middle to later hold the slatted frame and the mattress and basically that’s it. So now I have space for all my LPs and enough storage for things I don’t use on a regular basis.
With the MDF in place, you can then move forward with attaching the MDF to the 4×4 posts. The biggest size you could get with two Expedits attached like that would be 180x200cm but I don’t have the space for that.

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