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Bamboo boards are ideal as they are 16-percent harder than maple, less prone to knife markings over time, absorb little moisture and have natural antibacterial properties.
End grain board features large surface for chopping, slicing and serving; offering durability, toughness and beauty. Because it is such a wonderful addition to your kitchen, you will love these chopping blocks. Add a handsome yet highly functional tool to your kitchen arsenal with these John Boos butcher blocks. Epicurean cutting blocks are practical and distinctive improvement from poly, glass and wood boards. Cutting board from Epicurean will not dull your knives because the surface will score slightly, which helps it protect your knife’s edge. Used regularly, these will replenish the moisture lost from repeated washing, keeping your butcher blocks, boards, and utensils from drying, bleaching and cracking.
These oils meet FDA requirements for food contact surfaces, and are safe for all food preparation surfaces. Calling all professional chefs, culinary artists, foodies, caterers, cooks, bakers, and contributors to the culinary world; Looking for a superior quality cutting board with a multi-functional design?
As soon as I got that big Boos box from the carrier, I unwrapped it, took down my other favorite cutting board - which happens to also be a Boos Block - and replaced it with the Newton Prep Master.
The Newton Prep Master provides a multitude of favorable facets, one being a sloped juice groove. Chef Richard Blais states, “The Newton Prep Master by John Boos, is a winner for its hefty weight juice groove and built-in pan to capture juices.
Reverse the Newton Prep Master to reveal a flat cutting surface with a stainless steel pan and inset. Available in 3 convenient sizes to custom fit your needs, (15”x14”, 18”x18”, 24”x18”) the Newton Prep Master is a great American-made product crafted of solid Northern hard rock maple, with edge grain construction.
Linda BrewerFood & Recipes ExaminerLinda Brewer has always taken comfort in foods and doesn't intend on giving them up! Introducing Caitlyn Jenner for MAC CosmeticsIn the past year, Caitlyn Jenner courageously shared her transition with the entire planet. Occasionally, we put down our own knives and get invited to other people's homes for dinner.
There are a few indispensable tips and tricks we've picked up along the way, that we hope you guys will shout out into the universe.
These tiny plastic cutting boards that we all have stashed away in a cabinet are good for a few very specific things -- slicing citrus for drinks, prepping a quick garnish at the last minute, dicing up bacon to toss into a pan (since you never want to put raw bacon on the cutting board you're using for everything else). For 75 percent of your chopping needs, a large, sturdy wooden or bamboo cutting board is the absolute best. You should also be sure to have a sturdy plastic cutting board on hand for prepping meat and fish. Slicing strawberries for desserts can be pretty tedious since they're so delicate -- and you can never get all even slices unless you have expert knife skills. The only problem with using an ice bucket is that once the ice starts to melt you're left with all that water in the bottom. It's always a feat to remove a cake ring or tart ring from one of those pans with a removable bottom, especially when the pan is still pretty hot.
Sometimes you just can't find your big cookie cutter when you need it -- it's probably lost in that junk drawer. Some believe plastic cutting boards are preferable because they developed fewer grooves, and are less likely to retain harmful microbes, unlike the grooves cut into a wood surface that harbors bacteria. Those preferring plastic also argue that nonporous surfaces like plastic or are easier to clean than wood and thus safer. Those who prefer wood cutting boards claim shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own, and that wood also has natural anti-septic properties. One study concluded that bacteria were not recoverable from wooden surfaces in a short time after they were applied, unless very large numbers were used.
The study added that although bacteria that disappeared from wood surfaces are found alive inside the wood for some time after application, they do not multiply, and gradually die. Another study claims wood cutting boards harbored fewer bacteria than plastic, and suggests that because plastic is not water-absorbent, it stays wet longer, prolonging bacterial survival. Microbiologist Dean Cliver at the University of California, studied how bacteria behave on different surfaces, and conducted an experiment using marble, wood and plastic chopping boards.

Professor Cliver concluded plastic had a heavier bacterial growth than the wood, and was the least bacteria free after having been washed. On wood the bacteria grew only where they were applied and didn’t spread, leaving a much cleaner overall surface. Whether you use plastic or wood, wash both cutting boards after every use with hot water and detergent. Spence CooperInquisitive foodie with a professional investigative background and strong belief in the organic farm to table movement.
DisclaimerThe opinions in this blog are the sole opinion of the authors and in no way reflect views of Binary Bits, LLC. There are hundreds of wood cutting boards available in the culinary stores today and any new user will easily get carried away with the appearance of a cutting board while purchasing them.
If you are concerned about buying a board that does not make your knives dull, then beech wood is the best choice.
Hard wearing, flexible, self-renewable, easy to clean and what not are the super qualities of a bamboo cutting board? The Sheesham wood cutting boards are made of high quality rustic wood manufactured in India.
Cutting boards made of solid walnut hardwood are essential for all residences and also for commercial kitchens. You can buy high quality designer cutting boards from the comfort of your home by shopping them online. This entry was posted in Cutlery and tagged Best Wood Cutting Boards, Cutting Boards, Wood Cutting Boards on July 26, 2013 by longer.
These utensils make food preparation a lot easier, work well for a variety of food-prep tasks, whether chopping meat, slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables, or mincing fresh herbs.
This will keep the board from bending or cracking and will preserve your knife blade edges and the chopping board itself. These tackle all chopping and slicing requirements without slipping, and will not dull knives. All Epicurean blocks are designed to fit in the dishwasher, will be easy to clean, and will not harbor bacteria.
These penetrate deeply into the grains of the wood, leaving silky wax barrier and lock moisture in.
It was instantly clear what the scientists behind the board meant when they named this baby the Newton. Beautifully manufactured of premium quality renewable and sustainably harvested hardwood, based on 125 years of fine craftsmanship. Instead she finds ways to keep those "good times" foods in our hot ovens and on our stovetops without "melting" our budgets or "frying" our waistlines! We love to see the tricks and techniques our friends employ in their own kitchens, so are always keen to hang around the cooking space and check things out. If we all use the best cutting board for the job, in the right shape, on the right surface, our cooking will go from great to excellent.
When that plastic meets your countertop, every ounce of pressure you apply while chopping will urge the plastic to slide right out from under your knife, putting your hands in harm's way. A tiny cutting board is no place for dicing an onion, trimming meat, or really any serious cooking prep at all.
The more surface area you have, the more control you have over your knife skills and the more organized you can be.
It doesn't dull your knives as quickly as plastic, it stays in place well and foods won't slip on its surface. Plastic is better than wood for these types of foods, because bacteria from raw meat and seafood can get trapped in the grain of the wood and make you sick. But use a bundt pan to steady the cob and you've got a great tool for catching all the kernels that fall to the bottom.
Nigella Lawson always uses scissors to snip her herbs (and her bacon) so why shouldn't you? Place a colander full of ice over a big bowl and place your beer or wine in the ice to chill.
Conversely, wood is water-absorbent so it dries faster, which means shorter bacterial survival.
Unlike a regular buyer, a smart shopper will think twice and analyse closely before buying any wooden cutting board.

They prevent the edges of a knife from getting dull and blunt by letting them enter a little inside the board.
For their amazing life span and anti-bacterial qualities, the bamboo cutting boards are preferred by cooks all over.
They have multi-tonal grain that makes it less slippery and ensures complete support to the one handling it.They are also easy on your expensive knives.
These boards are enough for serving food in addition to preparing it as they look elegant and stylish. There are countless online cutting board dealers selling superior quality cutting boards exist and you can buy them by visiting their official websites. Strong and heavy, these finely crafted boards are built to endure all of your mincing, and dicing needs.
We each have our own methods to prepare food, but the one thing we all have in common is that we prefer to use tools that make the process quicker; more enjoyable and more convenient. I cut tomatoes, lemons, oranges and meat, and magically, all the juices flow straight to the drip pan, leaving juice that would normally be wasted, to be poured back into your pot. Unfortunately, we've noticed a disturbing trend: some of you guys are trying to sabotage yourselves with your cutting boards.
Plus, you'll be calmer, less likely to cut yourself, have plenty of room and be sure you're never cross-contaminating any of your ingredients. Giving your cutting board a sturdy surface to rest on protects you from the cutting board slipping out from underneath the pressure of your chopping. Since plastic is non-porous, when you wash the surface of these boards, they get thoroughly cleaned for next time. The ice you make in the standard size will be perfect for serving up whiskey, since the large ice cube melts very slowly. Get out your box grater and grate the cold butter -- by the time you're done, the small shavings of butter will be a lot softer and warm.
Just get a bowl that's slightly smaller than the pan and turn it upside down on your counter (choose one with a flattish bottom). When it comes to wooden cutting boards they are the best pal of kitchen knives too as they help in maintaining the knives sharp and undamaged for a longer span of time. They can be cleansed easily using hot water without any worry about the board swelling and getting fragile. They have a huge range of wood cutting boards in their online collections and offer them at reasonable rates to you while delivering them at your door step.
We can thank Sir Isaac Newton for his contribution to science and to the cutting board name. Use silicone muffin pans to make removal of the ice cubes even easier -- a lot less slapping against the counter is needed.
Wood cutting boards are a smart choice for a person who would like to opt organic cooking options. Rubbing these boards with baking soda or sea salt makes the cleaning process simple and perfect. The best materials, the best designs…Master the art of food prep with the Newton Prep Master.
However, regular maintenance and periodic cleaning is essential to keep the wooden cutting boards away from bacterial damages and other surface damages like swelling due to excessive moisture exposure. Slide the stainless steel pan out from under the cutting board and drain to a pot or skillet to make a quick roux or stock. It takes up no more room on your counter, as the pan, as shown in the photo is right under the bottom of your board. The Newton Prep Master is a perfect tool to cut melons, (especially watermelon) citrus fruits, or tomatoes; any foods that contain a high water content. The board is roomy and the most gorgeous wood tone you've ever seen, which perfectly matches my wood cabinets - even better than my trusty old Boos block did!
My old block will find a home in my house as a craft surface now: believe me, it can still take a lot of punishment.

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