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We make all kinds of modern noble furniture as well as different kinds of luxury antique reproduction furniture and home decorated items, also we offer architecture and interior design for the luxury villas, restaurant, hotel and others luxury projects, as well as their building material. Emerging from the shadow of the reign of Louis XIV in the early 1700s, both rectangular and heavy characteristics of Baroque transitioned to lighter designs, expressed in the elegant curves of the rococo movement, where cabriole and bombe forms were born.
I end this edition of my multi-part essay with that same French Revolutionary era, which gave birth to many striking styles during the course of the century following the end of the reign of the Bourbon kings.  The Revolution marked a radical change not just in politics but also the interior fashions of the country.  In future writings we will explore this impactful era in French history that ironically was called “Modern” at the time! Thank you so much for asking, and please let us know if we can help you with any other questions.
Antiques in Style is a source of joy for me to create, and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you!

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What started out as an extravagant Baroque style in Italy spread throughout the courts of Europe and is exemplified by the work of Bernini in Italy and by the palace of Versailles.
No matter which pieces and which style you choose, you can rest assured that your guests will leave and knew a little more about you. Item B47127, View luxury solid wood living room furniture set, BISINI Product Details from Bisini Furniture And Decoration Co., Ltd. Outside layer, woven bag to pack the whole furniture, completely suitable for long distance ocean transportation. If we have products inventory, we send out the cargos the next day after we receive the money.

Avoid direct sunlight in case of distortion, paint blowout, bubble and fade (4) Small keeping tips1 Remove dust using rag with cleaner or neutral soap2 No steeping, insolating or hard hit3 Uplifting the furniture when moving4 The furniture has a useful life of 15 years.
A custom furniture can be derived from previous models such as Louis or Victorian style furniture or unique carvings of Baroque and Rococo furniture classics. For coloring can choose natural color of wood, painted, gold leaf or silver leaf, combined with the French style or Italian style furniture. Pay attention to dirt retention in blind angle and fabric construction2 If the cushion can be switch, turn it over once a week at least to keep wear uniform distribution.Pat the cushion in outdoor place to keep fiber inside slack and flexible3 If bolt, use clean rag wipe with water.

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