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Light Antiqued combines hand-planing with light distressing, creating a worn but well-cared-for look. Antiqued utilizes rough hand-planing with heavy distressing, creating a rugged primitive look.
Whether you are moving into a new home, apartment or office, we guarantee to take care of any issues you may be facing. Our professional team will carefully take your furniture apart and will assist you with moving it to your new location (as needed) – We can take- down and reassemble or reconfigure and move your furniture; whether that new location is across the hall, street or city, you can depend on us. We will skillfully and carefully take apart your furniture, whether that may be a table, sofa, recliner, dresser for your home or a desk or cubicle for your new office, you can be certain that Take Apart Sofa is your go to company – we are here to help!
And because we provide a full range of furniture restoration, refinishing and cleaning, from frame repair, leather and upholstery repair to recreating missing parts — we’ll make sure those nicks, dents and scratches, water marks, pet stains, and any other damages are gone. Simon’s Decorating & Design is a residential and commercial interior designer, furniture restoration and custom furniture firm based out of Brooklyn, New York. We believe that interior design can have a significant impact on your quality of life, whether at home or at work. Our ultimate goal is to create exclusive and appealing designs for homes, offices, and other interior spaces. We always give our clients room for creative input because, after all, they will be living or working in that space. Our expert craftsmen have over 20 years of experience in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture, including beds, sofas, chairs, tables, and much more.
You don’t have to get new furniture if your old ones need some finishing, and upholstery work.
Whether you need new leather fittings for your sofa, or slipcovers that protect the surface of your furniture, our furniture restorers will make your old furniture look and feel as good as new. Fine window treatments, blinds, and draperies are available for both residential and commercial clients.
At Simon’s Decorating & Design, we believe in creating Timeless, elegant, and decor-oriented spaces that can transform the way you live and work. It was so great to find a home decorating company that can do it all - from custom window fashions and carpeting to wood furniture making and cabinet staining! Save yourself time & money with our free in home consultation service where we bring all of the color swatches and fabric samples to your home, enabling you to view them under your lighting conditions. This is the process I used to create the aged wood look of my reclaimed wood moose head and extra large pallet and burlap frame. To keep the integrity of this antique looking piece, I decided to paint it with an old fashion muted blue and showcase some of the original stain.
And just for smiles, I’ll leave you with a behind-the-scenes-shot of my new brick backdrop. Whichever you decide to do first, it’s important to wait until the surface is THOROUGHLY dry before masking off and covering up the finished area.
This could be two reasons; first, for oil or water based stains, pigments settle to the bottom of the can so mixing is required before use. Whether you use oil or water based stains, these stains add gorgeous color but they DO NOT provide any protection. If your first coat of stain is not the rich dark color you envisioned – wait until fully dry and then re-stain! Although this last tip is not at all exciting (so it’s an add-on to my 10), it does need to be said. Before I sign off today, I just want to thank everyone for the warm response I received on Facebook last week. When I came across this $27 Broyhill Dresser Deal at my local ReStore, I imagined the EXACT opposite. Mixing a Bonding Agent into your Milk Paint will help create an even and dependable layer for the additional coats of milk paint bind to. This dresser top was sanded and stained in one coat of General Finishes (GF) Walnut and then 2 additional coats of GF Java Gel Stain. Along with the co-coordinating hardware I picked up from Hobby Lobby… this dresser is amazing! I love the idea of using recycled boards and materials because my business is all about salvaging, reusing and restyling.
This sign was created using a little left over paint and stain – and I finally had the opportunity to play with my overhead projector that I purchased online for $50 smackaroos. I don’t know about you, but I was under the impression that pallet boards were EASY to take apart. Once the boards were taken apart, I cut the nails that were sticking out from the pallets with my Dremel Tool . Once the stain was dry, I printed my logo on a laminating sheet (aka transparency film or overhead projector film) and then set up the projector. The key to a perfect projected image is to keep the boards (or whatever surface your working with) straight.
I traced the logo with pencil and then painted with some left over Annie Sloan Old Ochre Chalk Paint.
Believe me when I say, the transformation of this French Provincial Dresser turned French Country is amazing!
To give the dresser a time-worn-look and tie everything together, I top-coated the body with a DIY Dark Wax. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think… and I hope you’re having fun getting ready for the holiday season!
Some of you already know that last week I had to put Freddi down. The past few days have been difficult and sad. Every day for for the last 18 years, this little dog with big personality gave me her unconditional love. The desk has been re-styled with General Finishes Java Gel Stain and Lamp Black Milk Paint. I gave each knob a light sanding and then applied a few coats of Java Gel Stain to match the finish on the desk. The desk has been finished and protected with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Flat. Although it looks like a big job, with these quick tips, removing veneer is not as hard as you might think.

If the veneer is in really rough shape, removing the veneer and painting or staining the wood underneath can turn your piece into a show stopper!
After I had my first coat of paint on the dressers it was time to let it dry and for a much needed and deserved lunch break!
At this point as I walked away seeing all the dresser drawers lined up I thought to myself that I may just be a little crazy for doing this project; however, then I realized that its normal for a DIYer to have 14 dresser drawers stacked in a row in their garage. Last step, before you can move your dressers inside to the room… attach the hardware to the dresser. Then came the most challenging part of all… moving these beastly dressers from the garage to inside the house. I made a big boo boo and left these little side tables on my porch for a few months and the veneer was lifting and getting moldy. After cleaning and RINSING these stinky tables with Water and Vinegar, I used a damp applicator sponge to apply the first thinned coat of Buffalo Brown like a stain following the wood grain. Diy pallet coffee table espresso cream, Really enjoyed the article and when i showed my wife the picture of your finished pallet coffee table she expressed how much she liked it. Minwax wood finish oil based wood stain & finish minwax, Minwax wood finish is an oilbased wood stain that provides longlasting wood tone color seals and protects wood. Founded in 1990, Simon’s Decorating & Design has helped thousands of clients across the Greater New York area get extraordinary service for their interior space from custom upholstery work, window treatments, leather work, and much more. This is why we continue to provide an impressive range of solutions from consultation to design and restoration work to all our clients. What We Do We Don’t Just Service Your Interior Space – We Create Experiences Simon’s Decorating & Design follows a simple concept to creating an experience around your interior space. This helps us design, plan, craft, and renovate interior spaces that our clients will love. Work with our interior designers and renovators and create a new look in a cost effective way.
Promoting natural light in your interior space can transform its appearance and your quality of life in the long term! For more than 25 years, we have been successfully helping homeowners and business owners get affordable and quality interior design solutions across New York. You choose the style and wood and we upholster it with the fabric of your choice and can also accessorize it with down and feather cushions.
We offer quick service for chair repair, restaurant booth upholstery, banquette upholstery and commercial drapes. I used pallets for this project and raided the garage for paint and stain, so it actually cost me nothing to do this.
I used ceiling paint which worked out perfect, but you could also use latex primer or craft paint.
To dry brush dip the brush into the paint then try to remove most of the paint on the side of the can. This post is featured over at Diana Rambles today and has been pinned in the Featured at Diana Rambles board at Pinterest, Tweeted, and Recommended on G+. I did wait for the paint and stain to dry before reapplying, but for the most part after step 1 it will dry in a matter of minutes. It’s super important not to shake the can when mixing because it will cause bubbles or froth. I find more watery stains tend to sink into the wood nicely on their own, where as gel stains benefit from being rubbing into the wood.
I haven’t tried mixing directly in the can yet (but you definitely can!) It’s probably a good idea to use the same brand and be sure to write down your recipe in case you need more! Protective eye-wear, gloves, old clothes and a well ventilated area is recommended when working with any type of stain. I recently finished this Milk Painted Dresser with this irresistible Chippy-licious Finish.
This dresser was calling out for a vibrant-clean-full-coverage finish which you can also achieve with Milk Paint!
I see a a lot of them on the road side or in-behind businesses, and they look as if they’re falling apart. I don’t know if you remember, but Barry Weiss would don his skeletal gloves while rummaging through junk. Unlike stencils or other printed imagery, a projected image can be printed on ANY home printer, then made as large or small as needed. If I had allowed my pallet sign to lean against the wall rather than secure it straight up and down, the projected image would have been distorted. It was in pretty rough shape. Multiple layers of brushed on white paint and all scratched and chipped. This was my first time using this gray milk paint and I was a little surprised at how blue it is (especially when dark waxed) … but as you can see – such a gorgeous color! Today I’m going to show you exactly how I repaired the top by sharing some easy tips on how to remove veneer. Use an old blow-dryer and your putty knife.  Turn the blow-dryer on high and hold it a few inches away while using your putty knife to pry off the veneer. Not only are our dressers finished and moved into our room, but we can show our readers the finished product!
Woodsy aso spray painted the hardware since it was going to cost $200+ to change all the hardware out to the crystal knobs and pulls I wanted.
I wrapped one of the sand paper pads (used for the orbital sander) around a sand paper block to make it easier for me to grip and sand. Haven lit the fire underneath us… it gave us more knowledge and confidence to finish the dressers! Woodsy learned in his advanced painting and staining session he attended to always use Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. He used a foam brush to apply the pre-stain and had a respirator on since its very strong in smell.
Before you can being waxing your furniture you must wipe it down with a damp rag really well.
Use this specially formulated, silicone-free lubricant for wooden windows, doors, drawers and any other wood-on-wood application. So glad we bought it because it makes a huge difference at the ease of opening and closing wood on wood drawers!

We have a dresser in our garage that we picked up on the curb last year that we plan to refinish and most likely sell (don’t worry we will blog about it). We simply love the products and want to tell our readers exactly what we used for each step.
Yes, the dressers have only been in our room for a day, but you are correct every time I walk into the room it puts a smile on my face.
I’m glad you were able to take something away from the post–towards the end I realized that my 3-part post should have maybe been a 6-part post! But, I really wanted to say I love how your dresser came out and thanks for the chalk paint recipe ;-). These dressers were a labor of love and had I known in the beginning that I was going to use chalk paint I would have never sanded these bad boys! I typically only do one coat of Minwax finishing paste let it sit for 15-20 minutes per the instructions on the label and then wipe it off.
We are a husband and wife DIY team who documents our journey of homeownership one tutorial at a time. You can sand wood down and stain with Hazelnut or Black reVAX, which is great because it is a top coat stain all in one. Furniture can become a work of art when created by craftsmen who want to make a statement with each piece. Whether you need custom wall, chair or sofa upholstery, window treatments, slipcovers, carpeting, leather repair or custom made bedding and pillows - you have found the right place! We build to your specifications and offer the best furniture interiors and designs for all your offices and businesses. The final color will always vary slightly from what you see on the can depending on what type of wood is being stained. You can protect  a stained surface with wax, polyurethane (may cause yellowing over time), polycrylic, shellac or varnish.  Just be sure your topcoat is compatible with your stain. You were all so generous in sharing your personal stories and support on care-giving for an elderly parent(s). Milk Paint is perfect for a distressed primitive technique because it has the tendency to naturally chip on non-porous surfaces. If you’re reading this Melanie, you saved me from curb-shopping one – so much appreciated! As a safety tip, take care not to touch the nails or tool after cutting – they get super hot!
Although I wasn’t online last week, I did pop in to read every single post and found comfort in all your kindness. The wood underneath was stained with a GF Gel Stain and then aged to create this old world look. I used this smaller putty knife I had on hand, but a wider one will help get the job done even faster. The heat from the blow-dryer will heat and loosen the glue so the veneer is released more easily. He has stained furniture before but never knew about the pre-stain, so he was so excited to learn about it. Woodsy to purchase the Rockler Silicone Glue Brush and the compound when I ordered our Classic Mount Centered Wood Drawer Slides. Slip-It won’t gum up or cause pieces to jam, and won’t harm finished wood surfaces or skin. We also want to repaint the media stand we picked up last week during our amazing curbside finds.
It should make your surface super smooth and you won’t really be able to feel the wax.
Sadly the moisture stained the wood under the veneer and I didn't want to drag it outside in the heat to sand down past the ugly.
This is what Simon’s Decorating & Design specializes in by helping your vision become a reality. If your wood is brand new take both sides of a hammer to it as well as other garage tools to create dents and gouges. It’s better to stir gently yet thoroughly before using so no additional air gets added to your stain. For instance, a walnut stain will look somewhat different on walnut wood then it will on pine. Note ~ A water based finish can be added on an oil based stain if sufficient dry time has been allowed. I think it partly took forever becuase we just didn’t know what direction we wanted to go with it. How many coats did you apply and when you wipe it down to clean the dressers, does it seem to come off?
To know more about interior planning, design, custom furniture, and restoration, contact us today!
If you find you are a little heavy handed on one step, just keep repeating the steps until you achieve the look you are going for.
With pine, the knots and varying softer areas accept the stain differently which can leave a blotchy stain job. Here’s the thing, once you apply your stain, it needs to be wiped off in the direction of the grain. We also learned that we need to put wax or vaseline over the areas we want to distress–it will make it a whole heck of a lot easier to sand next time.
Well, maybe not the blood part, but tons of sweat (in our hot Florida non-airconditioned garage) and maybe a few tears of frustration from me! Then, once all of the stain is on the dresser you’ll want to begin evening out the stain and making one sweeping even motion down the piece of furniture removing all excess stain. Because a perfectly stained top isn’t needed for these pieces, I often skip the wood conditioner and let the outcome surprise me. For a darker effect, you can leave the stain on for a short period of time (read label – it should help you determine the time) and then wipe.

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