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Benefits of affordable SEO Company Key Benefits of using the HTML Meta Tags in Your Website! Your website is your identity and if your identity is based on copied or plagiarized content then how can you survive? It is recommended to take the help of a professional seo company or internet marketing services providers to build your site content . Remember Google, Yahoo, Bing and some other search engines are very strong and when their bots crawl any data and index it then they first check the content quality and plagiarism. If you are using plagiarized content on your website, or on your site blog then it’s very harmful and can hurt your website badly. Another major disadvantage of using the copied content on your site is, your site may get out of the SERPs race and you will see nothing in the search on your keywords. If you identified your site pages similar with other website pages then you should start removing those similar or duplicated areas. Once you’ve identified areas of your site having the excessive similarity or page duplication, you can address these issues step by step and for that you can also use the duplication tools such copscape, pldegerchecker and etc. The robots.txt file is a great place to start with and to keep bots away from your duplicated pages.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This article will help those people who are looking to know about the web content and the duplications. They are expert and have the ability to make your website worth good in all search engines by adding useful and original content on your site.
Your content quality is the major concern where some webmasters feel no worry and use the altered content which is harmful for your site. Copying someone’s content is against the web copyright laws and if you violate these laws then your site blog or website may face ban. Google bot doesn’t like copied content although you use them in your website title tags and Meta description. These tools will help you to know the duplicated or similar content area by comparing millions of sites.
The best way to stop bot to crawl duplicated pages is to exclude duplicate pages such as blog archive folders, category folder of your blog, dynamic URL parameters that have the duplicate pages.

If your website content is plagiarized and you are just copying the content of any other website on your website then it will harm your website badly and will get you out from the SERPs race.
So, always put the real and unique content on your website which is original and useful for the readers and keep them get engaged to read well researched and original content. This is the best way to keep bots away from the duplicated pages and meanwhile you can replace your site content with original content.
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So, always generate your own original content every time you want to generate for your website or for blogs and help other people with appropriate information.
Similarly if you have issues with the dynamic URLs, then you should notify it in the Google Webmaster Tool.

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