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Don’t let exuberant heat compromise the performance and reliability of your mission-critical systems!
The SRCOOL12K not only adjusts ambient room temperature, but likewise dehumidifies and filters the air, providing better air quality for intensified instrumentation performance with minimal noise and power consumption. Tripp Lite’s SRCOOL12K is a next-generation air conditioner designed for supplemental area cooling, emergency cooling and off-hour cooling applications. Uses R410a refrigerant (Contains no ozone depleting R22 refrigerant which has been banned by the U.S.
16 of 16 people found the following review helpful.Wiring Closet or Small Computer Room CoolingBy J. If your server room is have issues staying cool and you dont want to spend your budget on new hvac equipment get this, before in the summers the server room would stay around 76F now with this installed not only does it stay at 72f but the main unit doesnt have to work as hard and that will save your company a few bucks on the electric bill. Overall this is a great unit for businesses with few options and not much money to keep the electronics cool and dry. A leading global supplier of fall protection solutions, safety railing systems, and safe access equipment for working at height.
Kee Safety is a market leading provider of fall protection systems, guardrails and working at height safety equipment. Kee Safety products are available in the UK through a well established network of distributors and fall protection partners spread across the country.

RobbinsWe purchased the Tripp-Lite Air cooler for our small firm (15 people) when we upgraded from 2 to 4 servers. The kit for modifying a drop ceiling tile is flimsy at best, but with some duct-tape and some x-acto knife action, we were in business. Our Maui power washing team wash solar panels for $25 per panel for normal sized Photovoltaic (PV) panels, and $40 per panel for standard water heater solar panels. Established in the UK in 1934, the range has expanded from the original Kee Klamp® products into a portfolio of safety equipment, all designed to separate people from hazards.
The Kee Safety Export Division, based in the UK, sells our products through distributors in over 50 countries, where we do not have our own regional offices. They are located in a small closet with our phone switching and it was getting warm inside the closet even with an exhaust fan into the plenum. The accessories included were a nice touch, you can either use it to cool the server room down or use the included duct and deliver the cold air directly to the hotspots in your server room. Our Maui solar panel cleaning raises your solar input so you can maximize the efficiency of your units.
A contrario, la climatisation reversible: Presque nul, une invention pour faire plaisir aux petits QI. This is probalby more than we need, but it really works well, and I investigated just about every small cooler on the market, and this was the best cost and size I could find.

We orderd the unit through Amazon (who knew after all the special web sites I went to) and it was there in 3 days.
The cleaning often can pay for itself, and make it worth it to perform the cleaning regularly.
Also it did not need a drain as the design gets rid of condensation using the heat generated by the unit, not the case with most others I reviewed.
It has a built in evaporator that removed the condensation and expels it with the hot air off the compressor.
Installation of the hot air hose into the plenum was done by our contractor while doing some other minor work on our office, and the start up and operation was seconds after opening the box.
Les modeles reversibles possedent les memes fonctions et comme leur nom l’indique, ils font aussi l’inverse en produisant de la chaleur en hiver.Tout systeme de climatisation est compose d’une unite exterieure pour la production de froid ou de chaud et une unite interieure qui diffuse l’air.

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