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Odisha to have country’s first grid connected rooftop solar project with a minimum installed capacity of 4 MW.
The Green Energy Development Corporation of Odisha Limited (GEDCOL) and the Central Electricity Supply Utility (CESU) on Saturday signed a 25-year project implementation agreement with Azure Power Mercury Private Limited to develop the rooftop solar project.
As many as 114 Government buildings in Bhubaneswar and 85 buildings in Cuttack are found suitable for generation of rooftop solar energy. The project will mobilise around Rs 35 crore of private investment and to be implemented by availing Central financial assistance from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), GEDCOL Managing Director Hemant Sharma said. International Finance Corporation (IFC), an affiliate of World Bank, has been assisting GEDCOL over the last three years to conceptualise and structure this project and mobilise credible private investors. Maybe it’s the product of the recent MENASOL solar conference in Cairo that Green Prophet attended. ACSa€™s renewable-energy unit, Cobra, is now talking with Egypt to build as much as a 100 megawatt plant, reports Maged al-Sherbiny, Egypta€™s assistant minister for scientific research.
The government has offered Madrid-based ACS a 25-year fixed price for its solar power, use of the generator site for 99 years and tax breaks on construction materials, al-Sherbiny said to Bloomberg.
Karina€™s interests intersect in the worlds of the environment, technology, activism and Middle East politics.
Aerial photo of Beaver Valley Power Station in Pennsylvania, showing evaporation from the large cooling towers.

Production of electrical power results in one of the largest uses of water in the United States and worldwide.
One of the main uses of water in the power industry is to cool the power-producing equipment. Thermoelectric power has been the category with the largest water withdrawals since 1965, and for 2005 comprised 49 percent of total withdrawals. Data for freshwater withdrawals for 1980-2000 have been revised from original published values. We all know role of leaves in our life they create oxygen for us and just understand how they create what you do when you inhale air your stomach and chest expands and when you exhale CO it go inside.
Time for this African nation to reclaim its glory and time in the sun, with solar energy deal? Blogging for some of the most influential media outlets in the "green" world, such as TreeHugger, and The Huffington Post, Karin founded Green Prophet to share the enormous potential of new clean technologies, and environmental awareness emanating from the Middle East region.
Water for thermoelectric power is used in generating electricity with steam-driven turbine generators.
Water used for this purpose does cool the equipment, but at the same time, the hot equipment heats up the cooling water! Lungs but plant don’t have but plants take oxygen glucose to generate air with use of CO2 and water process called respiration.

Looking to theA World Bank and the European Union, Egypt which borders Israel, also looks to the EU and its goal of A generating 20 percent of its energy from renewables sources over the next 10 years. Overly hot water cannot be released back into the environment—fish downstream from a power plant releasing the hot water would get very upset. Surface water accounted for about 99 percent of the water used for thermoelectric-power production. Surface water was the source for more than 99 percent of total thermoelectric-power withdrawals.
In coastal areas, the use of saline water instead of freshwater expands the overall available water supply. One way to do this is to build very large cooling towers and to spray the water inside the towers. Thermoelectric-power withdrawals accounted for 49 percent of total water use, 41 percent of total freshwater withdrawals for all categories, and 53 percent of fresh surface-water withdrawals. That is why large power-production facilities are often located near rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

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