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Generations past have contributed greatly to Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and the impact they’re now having on climate change. Kingtec has developed an affordable solar window air conditioner in a very green neat package. The Solar Flex panels are 3-mm thick and are constructed using a marine-grade laminate that can be affixed with fasteners through engineered eyelets or by adhesive to metal, rubber, fiberglass and plastic. The panels are part of a comprehensive solar generation system that includes Solar Flex panels, a solar controller that prevents battery overcharging, a complete wire harness system, an NRGLife absorbed glass mat, a deep-cycle battery tank, a Go Power! Solar Flex panels come in 25-, 50-, 100- and 200-watt power kits as well as a new 25-watt option designed to be small enough to mount on the lower section of a boom arm so it can trickle-charge dedicated batteries. We offer e-newsletters that deliver targeted news and information for the entire fleet industry. With its high efficiency solar power design, this AC is a dream come true for sustainable living advocates and enthusiasts alike. And since installing the window solar air conditioner Model K25Z-4 qualifies as a solar project for home owners and renters alike, you are eligible for Federal and State renewable tax credits that you might have not been able to take advantage of with other forms of air conditioning projects.

They can be attached to surfaces that require as much as a 30 degree parabolic bend or on horizontal body surfaces. With AC power input being reduced by free energy from 2x 235w solar panels, effective SEER can be calculated as >35.
Department of Energy (DOE) annual performance factor (APF) method for heat pumps and airconditioners (10CFR part 430).
The annual solar energy production is included in the APF calculation as a reduction of the cooling season power consumption.
A convenient window mounted AC, the K25Z-4 represents the Genesis of affordable, solar energy-powered solutions from Kingtec. Light weight, at just 200 lbs, the K25Z-4 offers people on the move an ideal opportunity to “go green on the go”! Back then, the unit produced 5 tons of cooling using 1,200 watts, getting within the range of what some people and small businesses could afford in solar panels. With free energy from the recommended 3x 295w panels, SEER can be calculated as >65 under good sunlight conditions.

Estimates of annual solar energy production are calculated for a centrally located city in each DOE heating region, using National Renewable Energy Laboratorya€™s (NREL) PVWatts, Version 1. In this example, the air conditioning unit is an ACDC12 (SEER 19) one ton unit located in Region IV (represented by Omaha, NE at 41A° N. With this solar energy-driven AC, Kingtec has made owning an air conditioner as simple and hassle-free as buying a toaster or a fridge from Home Depot or AJ Madison.
Simply pick up your K25Z-4 and plug your photovoltaic solar panels into our AC and presto – you have FREE air conditioning anywhere you go!

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