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If you're looking to design a beautiful new space for your home, there's nothing quite like the experience of a sunroom addition. TBF of Pittsburgh provides high-quality sunroom design and installation in Greater Pittsburgh, and we can help you add the perfect living space to your home. We offer free quotes on all our sunroom installations in Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Butler, New Castle and nearby Pennsylvania, so call us today at 1-724-449-9901 or click below to get started! Cathedral sunrooms feature sloped, glass-paned roofs and are commonly installed as four-season sunrooms. Conservatory sunrooms provide a classic domed appearance that makes for an elegant addition to your home. Straight or curved eave sunrooms are modern, energy efficient rooms that fit seamlessly with the existing house. Before you design your sunroom, it's a good idea to decide what you'll be using your sunroom for, and what will be the best value for your investment. Sunroom lighting: If you want to use your sunroom in the evening, strategically placed accent lighting and track lighting will make the room more enjoyable. Finishing touches: Complete your sunroom design by bringing in wicker furniture, sweet-smelling flowering plants, and by using acrylic fabrics that resist fading in the sun.
At TBF of Pittsburgh, we recommend that you install a double-paned (also called double-glazed) windows for your sunroom. Thermal breaks and insulation should also be integrated into your frame, and all glass should be Low-E coated to protect it from UV rays in the summer while also adding insulation value in the winter. If you want to upgrade your home with a custom sunroom installation, TBF of Pittsburgh are the local contractors you need!
Call us today at 1-724-449-9901 or contact us online to get a free estimate on a sunroom installation for your home. The Master Flow 4,500 CFM Power Whole-House Fan is designed for houses larger than 1,000 sq.
Reduce hot air in your home using this Master Flow 6,000 CFM Power Whole-House Fan that features a belt drive to reduce motor noise and vibration for quiet operation. At S&S Electric, LLC we provide Residential Electric Service as well as Commercal Electric Service. When nature shows its wrath or man goes too far and creates trouble, prefabricated houses are the best solution available for people who have lost their real homes. Bellomo also designed the Tube Arc which he had drawn up forA Bike Rack and that became the inspiration of his tubular structured prefab house.
Separate Pressurized solar water heaters contain three main parts: solar collector, working station and water tank.

Unlike building an addition onto your home, sunroom installation quickly provides a cost-effective extra space in your home that can be enjoyed year round. We install a variety of styles of sunrooms, and we will work with you to find the perfect custom design for your home. These rooms are highly energy efficient and are a very popular addition that boosts curb appeal and property value. Since the walls and ceiling are all glass, conservatories maximize sunlight and give the best connection to the outdoors.
We will help you design and install the perfect sunroom for your home, no matter use you have in mind for it. Electric floor heating can be a fantastic way to keep your floors comfortable, while fireplaces are also very popular in sunrooms.
For fancier finishing touches, you may want to consider customizing your sunroom further with a fountain, a hot tub, or even a spa enclosure.
Double-glazed, insulated sunroom windows will have twice the insular R-value (R-4), saving energy in your home. To conserve energy in your home, you may also want to consider isolating your sunroom from the rest of the housing envelope.
We design and install all types of custom sunrooms, and we will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect space for your needs. We proudly serve in New Castle, Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Butler, Mckeesport, Irwin, Johnstown, New Kensington and throughout the surrounding areas. Apart from being quite cost effective and having the modularity to make it easier to move around, prefabricated houses are also extremely practical and useful in extreme times of need.
Generally, designers try to create living houses that can be created and assembled in the easiest and quickest manner with the least spending.
The prefab House Arc would be constructed from steel or lightweight carbon fibre and is covered with a layer of plastic coated with a solar film that would power the light sources. Three-season sunrooms include insulated glass but lack a heating or cooling system, meaning extreme temperatures will make the area uncomfortable.
Ceiling fans and windows can be sufficient for cooling, though air conditioning can be added to keep your sunroom cool and relaxing.
Whether you're creating a home office, a play room for your children, or you just want a place to read and relax, don't forgo the little details that make the space your own.
Having a sealed door into the sunroom as opposed to an open entry will help conserve energy and is essential in three-season sunrooms. It works with or without central ducting to cool your home by pulling fresh air in from outside and pushing warm air up and out into the attic.

And Looks Gorgeous…by Sherry Nothingam A lavish villa just a stone’s throw away from the ocean or a stunning residence that overlooks fabulous mountains capped in snow are what most of us come up with when thinking of dream homes.
The tank can be put anywhere of the house, thus the whole system is harmonious with the building.
And if the sunshine is not strong enough, the user can use electric heating element for back up. Finally, four-season sunrooms are insulated and include their heating and cooling systems, making them part of the house. But going small has its perks too, and with the right design and features, you can do so on a pretty tight budget. The Tiny Tack House is an astonishing little home that was completely build by hand, and the cozy DIY home set its owners back by just $20,000. It is ensured that when using heat pipes, no water goes into the tube and there is neither incrustation nor bursting.
Draped in a cloak of sustainable and reclaimed wood, the house was built by Malissa and Chris Tack. Set on a seven-by-twenty-foot trailer frame, the compact space occupies a mere 140 square feet!The house incorporates a wide array of green features to ensure that it does not have to depend on conventional grid connectivity. Four large solar panels outside supply the tiny home with the necessary power, while natural wool insulation and cedar siding keep the necessity of artificial heating systems to a bare minimum, even during winters.
One of the visual tricks employed by the Tacks to create a bright and airy interior is the use of ten windows along with a large skylight that ushers in ample ventilation. A small living room, lovely kitchen (that is surprisingly spacious) and a mezzanine loft with a queen-sized bed make up the majority of the interior. Working Principle: When the temperature difference between solar collector and tank reaches the set value, the controller will start the circulation pump automatically. The Tacks have also managed to add a deft little workstation right next to the kitchen, and it is simply amazing to look at what they have been able to accomplish in such a small space. When the temperature difference between solar collector and tank doesn't reach the set value, the circulation pump will be shut automatically.
Recycled wooden pallet decor outside in the garden and an elegant entryway complement the astonishingly tiny indoors perfectly.The couple uses a propane tank for all their cooking needs, and the cleverly organized space also has a few smart storage shelves that help tuck away extra items. In case the temperature of the water tank does not reach Tmax, Electric Heating Element will start to work automatically.

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