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From the desk of the Minister Of Infrastructure Lord Modelbrunt FobOur Eternal King has looked upon your proposals and is pleased. Founded in 2008, Solar Solutions 4U is your One Stop Solar Solutions Provider for Residential, Commercial, and Non-profits in Southern California. Headquartered in San Dimas, California, Solar Solutions 4U was established on the premise of creating a clean and livable Earth through the use of global renewable energy. Solar Solutions 4U, Inc is proud to announce that we had expanded and added a new location in Rosemead, Ca in 2013. Solar Solutions 4 U is able to provide in-house engineering, designer, and installation team to handle all residential and commercial projects effectively and efficiently. Solar Solutions 4 U, as a premier solar contractor, offers top of the line installation services on all of our solar systems regardless of the project size.
Solar Solutions 4 U has partnered with solar panel and inverter manufacturers to provide you top of the line products at manufacturer-direct prices. Since 2008, Solar Solutions 4U has served the local community as the premier solar systems developer in Southern California. With installation networks available throughout the Southern California Region, our service areas include but are not limited to: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County. In order to use solar light energy as a source of electricity for residential and commercial buildings, you will need a Solar Electric (PV) System. Solar (PV) Panels – The Solar (PV) Panels consist of dozens of small, square-shaped solar cells which can convert light directly into electricity. Inverter – The inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternative current (AC) electricity that is identical to that produced by the utility company. Mounting System – The mounting system securely attaches PV panels to the roof or, in some cases, on the ground. Monitoring System (optional) – the hardware and software system used to monitor the generation of a PV system. Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, work to convert light into electrical energy.
Mono-crystalline Silicon – Produced by slicing wafers (up to 150mm diameter and 350 microns thick) from a high-purity single crystal.
Thin Film- A solar-electric technology utilizing very thin layers of semiconductor materials which are usually one to ten microns.
Amorphous Silicon (a-Si): A very thin layer of silicon that is deposited on a glass, metal or plastic substrate to create a photovoltaic (PV) module.
Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS): a type of thin film technology that consisted of semiconductor material composed of copper, indium, gallium and selenium. An REC is simply proof that a particular unit of electricity was generated by a renewable source.
An REC is not energy – it is a certification that a certain amount of green energy has been generated. A party wishing to increase the amount of renewable generation capacity for altruistic reasons. Allows individuals or groups to increase the amount of green energy capacity beyond the legal requirement by buying and retiring RECs. Allows anyone to claim service of green electricity, whether or not they are served by a company that offers it.
At Global we offer zero money down Solar Leasing as well as Thin Film that integrates with Metal Roofing!
For your Solar Green Energy needs, Global Home Improvement is a company that you can trust. The roof, much like the walls around your house, is your first line of defense against any external hazards and debris.
Plainly speaking, solar roofing is the act of covering your roof with installed solar cells. Having an energy efficient roofing system can also slash back your utility bills and help you to live more economically. With electric power plants contributing to around 32% of all carbon dioxide emission, your decision to seek alternative renewable energy from the sun is a praiseworthy effort to move the nation one more step away from relying on utility giants and nonrenewable fossil fuels. As a leader in standing seam metal roofing, Global Home Improvement provides solar thin film metal roof that comes with a 20-year warranty. Complete our contact form and use “Solar Roofing” in the comments area to have a Global Home Improvement solar expert contact you within two to three business days.

At a population of 100 million, supplying even half of the required energy means building plants with a combined capacity of 6GW. Do you wish a city utility package, powerplants, furnaces, military generators, or any combination thereof?
The first one will be used to power the city of Goldgate, the rapidy expanding capital city of Longbridge. What you have made looks to be a truly remarkable product and a necessity for any eco-concious millitary. We specialize in the design, engineering, and installation of affordable, high performance solar electric systems. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the design and installation of solar electric systems allows us to provide you with a simple solution to all your energy needs.
In an effort to preserve our world, Solar Solutions 4U strives to provide sustainable and cost-effective solar solutions that reduces the effects of global warming and environmental degradation, while providing financial benefits to those who participate in our program. Solar Solutions 4 U provides in-house system design & engineering, and installations team which allow us to work closely and effectively with the property owner to custom design the solar system that suits our customers need. Our experienced installation teams consist of state certified electrical and construction contractors, and seasoned crew members. As an approved partner of Edison and LADWP, PSI, and Anaheim Public Utilities, we are able to provide quality installations and services that meet or exceed the state standard set forth by the state of California, process rebate reservations and claims, and issue 10 years of warranties on all solar systems. Solar panels help to reduce your home’s electricity bill and improve overall on the environment.
This type of device uses far less material than a conventional silicon photovoltaic (PV) panel. CIGS’s absorption coefficient is greater than any other semiconductor used for solar modules. Through the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Program, many states have adopted a means to promote their use. Entities that sell electricity to customers are required by the state to produce a certain number of RECs per year.
Homeowners recognize the importance of roofs and regularly maintain them to avoid costly leaks.
These solar cells or photovoltaic panels are designed to reduce your energy cost by converting incoming solar radiation into direct current electricity. Firmly established in our mission to provide high quality products and professional installation for all our customers, Global Home Improvement’s solar roofing service has successfully provided clean, renewable energy to schools, hospitals and residential homes. According to the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, installing insulated roofing systems alone could potentially save 700 trillion Btu each year.
As Dow’s Powerhouse line reports, a typical residential cluster of 350 solar panels on the roof could reduce the household’s electric bill by 40% to 60%.
United States Environmental Protection Agency also confirms that choosing to have your utility needs met by the sun (and other renewable energy sources) will not only lower your energy cost over time, but also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are damaging to both you and the environment. At Global Home Improvement, we are proud to offer solar thin film panels integrated with Structural Standing Seam Panels as the solution to your roof replacement. Let us help you to maximize government incentives and other rebates to get your solar power system installed right away. Announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with EnergyAustralia to provide its world-leading microinverter-based solar photovoltaic system to Australian customers.
The second one will be built in the southwest and through the use of storage substations, will power various townships spread over a vast area.- 3x 20MW solar power tower plants. The installed it in our house from Mactec electrical and this really help in saving the money.
Through our strong brand-equity and affiliation with reputable solar companies and government agencies, we are able to deliver innovative and high-value solar PV systems to our customers. By choosing Solar Solutions 4U, you are selecting a reliable company who shares the vision of a greener Earth through clean, renewable energy. Most importantly, Solar Solutions 4 U does not sub-contract our projects to other contractors to build the solar system so homeowners can rest assure all works are done and completed by Solar Solutions 4 U. You can rest assure that your solar system is completed by a quality team with a successful track record.
With the different options in solar financing, you can surely bring solar energy to your home. The heat and light that the sun produces can be harnessed to provide electricity, heating, and fuel.

This system is used in watches and calculators, which work on semi-conducting materials to absorb sunlight and produce power. In California, 20% of the state’s energy should be generated from renewable sources by 2018.
The REC is attained through self-generation or may be purchased from other renewable energy sources.
One REC represents one megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy that is physically metered and verified by the generator, or the renewable energy project.
However, while strong roofs effectively protect you and your loved ones from unfriendly intrusions, homeowners like you also need eco-friendly roofs to give your energy expenditure a generous reduction.
Using the sun as the main energy source, photovoltaic panels is a recognized green technology that not only reduces unnecessary environmental emission but also keeps your home comfortable. As a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and a GAF Master Elite Roofer (only 3% of all roofers earn this designation), our solar power installations have already saved clients an absorbent amount of money on fossil fuels every year.
Meanwhile, “The solar energy potential of our nation’s roof surfaces could exceed the power of over one dozen Grand Coulee dams.” By producing renewable energy from the sun, homeowners who choose solar roofing are gaining better energy efficiency without compromising their cooling and heating needs. Besides the potential of receiving government subsidy or rebates as the result of installing solar panels on your roof, homeowners could potentially save anywhere from 40% to 70% in electric bills. Let our professional team replace your aged roofing products with our quality solar products at a generous reduction so that your ability to live an energy-saving and efficient life will not be hindered by dollar amounts. With so many benefits that arise from solar roofing, we are not hesitant to call solar roofing an energy and cost-saving roofing solution for you and your family. We have discussed with the National Hydroelectric Company and according to them, the 5 rivers around your capital, can power 4GW of hydroelectric plants.2. 2 of these will be build close to Northfell to provide the majority of the power needs for this city. Solar Solutions 4U is your One Stop Solar Solutions Provider for Residential, Commercial, and Non-Profits here in Southern California. It may also be utilized as a fossil fuel alternative which can reduce controversial reliance on foreign sources of energy as well as help minimize localized pollution. Larger and more complex PV systems can provide electricity for residential homes and commercial buildings. Has installed a photovoltaic solar panel system onto the rooftop of his home in the 200 block of Malaga Street in the Santa Rita neighborhood.
Another 1.5GW of power can be generated by 5000 Stirling dishes along the rim of the crater (500 groups of 10). The third is intended for the populous at Draiman Harbour.We calculate the cost to be ?545,000,000We would also be interested in your Hydroelectric power plants in the future as we expand and our needs increase.
I can announce that a new product will be available in a while that can effectively store and release energy generated by the SolGenX during the day, for use in night missions. Once we introduce our products and explain the benefits of solar roofing, you will understand why solar roofing is an investment you can trust. This form of energy is often used to generate power in residential and commercial buildings. Another power plant using rotating photovoltaic cells nominally rated at 700MW, but providing only 500MW under your conditions should account for the loss. The quality and extra effort was surprising for the same price as a cheap competitor that did not offer the extras that Home Improvement automatically included in their price. The waterproofing efforts blew me away, every seam was caulked, every junction was well flashed, I was impressed. They were friendly, pleasant even in the summer heat, cleaned up each day and overall perfectionists. I have and would again, recommend Global to anyone looking to have work done on their home. What impressed us most was their attention to even the littlest detail (our front fypons for example), and making sure we were completely happy with the finished product.

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