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Everyone agrees that water is needed for survival and articles abound for how to find water and purify it for drinking. Normally, the biggest hazards we face from drinking water are microorganisms: bacteria, protozoa and other parasites which can enter our system and make us quite sick. While those biological hazards are important, they aren’t the only thing we can find in our drinking water. The problem with distillation is that it is a slow process, which means that heat has to be applied to the water for a long time, so that it can evaporate and be captured. When most people talk about a solar still, they are talking about a covered hole in the ground, which is used to purify water in an emergency situation, typically in a desert or other arid place. A solar still, like many solar collector devices, consists of a glass-covered box, which is painted on the inside. The sides and ends of the box are double thickness, providing a notch at the top for the glass “collector” to mount into.
A piece of three-fourths or one-inch thick aluminized insulated sheathing needs to be cut to fit the inside of the box and placed in the bottom, aluminum side up. To make the catch tube, make two lengthwise cuts in a piece of half-inch PVC pipe, about 120 degrees apart. Fill both Pyrex pans with water and place them inside the still, ensuring that the door closes securely, without any air gaps.
Without the drip edge on the glass, the water would riun down the inside of the box and aroung the catch tube.
I drink distilled water all the time, in fact, if you drank your local city tap water, you would have many health issues. Though I don’t do fish, except for dinner, it was my understanding that silicone sealant was safely used with aquariums, thought I had also seen it on the TV series. Insulated glass would hider the process as the airspace in double pane glass is the insulator which slows the transfer fo heat. This looks like a potential idea for all those people who saved their old DISH or DirecTV satellite dishes when they changed providers.
Be aware that only drinking distilled water for a long time will result in mineral deficiencies if there isn’t an adequate diet. The temperature inside the box will probably prevent bacteria from growing…not sure though. Why not use a stainless steel pan inside with a small float valve to maintain the water level on the inside and a large container on the outside to gravity flow and keep your pan full?
I run a charity organization and I need to know personally as how can you advice for big project in poor villages and famine stricken areas. This has become a hot topic in health circles and there is a ton of claims that acidic blood effects your health.
By putting bicarbonate in your water you are simply bringing the pH of your stomach acid closer to 7.0, which at best does nothing and at worse leaves your digestive tract open to pathogens that would normally have been killed off. As for taste, running your water through some stainless steel tubing will give it a light mineral flavor if you so desire. I have been working on some designs for water distillation with the idea of marketing it to first world people and using the bottom line to fund 3rd world installations.
Paul Bragg wrote many books on health, and each book has a chapter on the benefits of drinking distilled water. 1000+ Ideas About Shoulder Length Updo On Pinterest - Find and save ideas about Shoulder Length Updo on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas.
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This should have been posted before the transit of Venus but I have been having a hard time finding some time to work on an ible the past few months. The Instructables editors have chosen some of our best do-it-yourself off-the-grid projects to educate and inspire you to make great things with easily-available tools. Backyard Chicken Coopby robbtoberfest in PetsGreenhouse From Old Windowsby cheft in GardeningSolar Power Systemby Mr. But all those articles have one thing in common: They are talking about purifying water from biological hazards. The only chemicals that could evaporate with it are those that have a lower vapor point than water does. In a crisis situation, fuel might be scarce, making the process of distilling water rather expensive, from a resources point of view. You can’t see it well in the picture, but the white line at the back of the still is a door, which flips down to allow the water pans to be placed inside it. This allows sufficient slope to cause the condensed water to run down to the catch tube (more on that in a moment). The aluminum surface of this piece of sheathing and the entire inside of the box should be painted flat black to absorb as much light as possible, converting it to heat. The outside diameter of half-inch schedule 40 PVC is slightly less than seven-eighths of an inch, making it easy to put a hole through the side of the still for it with a spade bit or forstner bit. While the solar still is not fully airtight, you don’t want the water vapor escaping into the atmosphere.
Its mineral content is close to zero (because no distillation process can avoid some solid particles being swept by water into the output, via physical processes such as tiny grains of solid salt being swept by air currents to the top of the distiller then washed out into the output).
If the choice is death by waterborne pathogen or potential slow debilitating illness from sealant, I guess use what you have, but if the idea is prepping now while resources are available, why use inferior and harmful materials? After all if we need a solar water distiller, we surely are not going to have power to access the internet. Use open jar with no lid inside of a foam ice chest to minimize evaporation inside the jar. Please give your skype, whatsapp or direct cell numbers so that I could talk to this experiment maker or any who you know is behind this experiment in youtube. Over one billion people, or roughly one-seventh of the world's population, have no access to hot water.Warm water is not only comforting when showering and bathing, but also helps the body get rid of bacteria, oils, and grime on the skin. Sure, you can always use the old pot full of water over the campfire method, but there's better things to be doing with that fire. Since August 2005, Instructables has provided easy publishing tools to enable passionate, creative people to share their most innovative projects, recipes, skills, and ideas. While a fine-enough filter can get rid of biological hazards, particulate minerals and radiation, it can’t do a thing about salt or chemicals. There aren’t too many chemicals normally found in a liquid state at typical ambient temperatures, which also have a lower vapor point than water does. I’m talking about building a permanent solar still, which can be used to distill water on a constant basis. I purposely made the outer piece of plywood “short” so that it would provide a ready handle for carrying and moving the solar still.
Be careful when nailing the quarter round in place, so as to not hit the glass with the nail or hammer. The aluminum coating on the sheathing will readily absorb and transfer this heat to the Pyrex baking dishes. You can glue it in place with silicone caulk, allowing the caulk to dry fully before turning the glass over. Drill partially through the opposite wall of the still’s box from the inside, so that there is a pocket for the catch tube to sit into. The cut-out portion of the tube should span the entire still, with the full tube starting where it goes through the side of the box.
Just drill a hole down through the side of the still’s box and insert the pin to keep the tube from pulling out. To use it, place the still in a place where it will receive good sunlight, without any possibility of it being shaded.

Debris left in the water will stay in the Pyrex pans, while the clean water will be distilled out. If blood pressure is an issue, food grade potassium bicarbonate offers a viable substitute. The community lives next to a fresh water lake which has become toxic and polluted with chemicals and excess salt. Instructables has over 40,000 projects covering all subjects, including crafts, art, electronics, kids, home improvement, pets, outdoors, reuse, bikes, cars, robotics, food, decorating, woodworking, costuming, games, and life in general. Activated charcoal will help some with some types of chemicals, but the only sure way to get rid of those is through distillation. When the water vapor hits the glass, it condenses on it, running down the glass to a catch tube.
To accommodate them, the inside dimensions of the box are 19 inches wide by 23 inches long. Be sure to fill the “uphill” side, where the drip edge attaches to the glass, to provide a smooth transition for the water drops to flow down. Glue it into this partial hole with silicone caulk to both seal the wood and hold the drip tube in place.
A half-inch slip to half-inch threaded coupler is attached to the end of the catch tube, with a barbed fitting connected to it. If the water used is dirty, full of debris and silt, you will want to rinse out the Pyrex pans when it is time to refill them. They sit in the garage waiting for me to mirrorize them for solar power projects, some day. Inorganic minerals are not only not beneficial to animals and people; they are actually detrimental to good health.
The locals don’t have many options for drinking water other than the saline and chemical infused water from the lake. I was careful about this measurement, as glass commonly comes in pieces that are 24, 36 and 48 inches. Place a water jug or food-grade five-gallon bucket so that the drip tube will empty into the bucket or jug. Since my colloidal silver generator requires distilled water, might be my go to method for distillation. For a hobbyist with a metalworking lathe, milling machine and some determination, a Stirling engine could power a small generator, as has been done and documented online quite a bit.
If the water still tests acidic after adding baking soda two or three times, a healthier source of water is necessary. Moving on to cutting-off the CD, if you are going to cover large lenses, I suggest you use photographic film exposed directly to x-rays. Had I made the box just a little bit bigger, I would have needed to buy a 36-inch piece of glass and waste most of it. So, you will need to place the glass on the box, mark it for the drip edge and then remove it to install the drip edge to the glass, before installing the glass into the solar still.
Through the process of photosynthesis, the vegetable plants turn the inorganic minerals into organic minerals that ARE beneficial to animals and people. Since CDs and DVDs only have thin layer of aluminum, some invisible variables such as IR and UV light can still pass through this thin layer, same as with medical x-ray films, which may cause harm to the eye. However, the optical quality of the solar image formed by a floppy disk or CD is relatively poor compared to mylar or welder's glass. Fortunately for digital cameras, you can use the LCD screen for viewing and avoid eye exposure. However, I mentioned in my ible that my goal is to create a solar filter from parts you can easily acquire at home, I think I just forgot to mention the use of digital camera LCD screen for viewing and have added it on my disclaimer, thanks for reminding me!

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