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The question that always pops out is as follows, I have three air conditioning units, one fridge, two TVs, one wash machine and a dryer, how many solar panels do I need? After you answer that question, the next question is to ask yourself where and how much area or space do I have for solar panels? To really understand how this scaling tariff works we need another example, so we would assume an electricity consumption of 800 kWh per month. Solar panels are now an affordable way to reduce your demand on the electric grid by producing your own electricity.
With a 3.5kw system now costing about ?6,500 and annual returns of ?800 plus, getting solar PV panels installed really is an attractive investment opportunity.
The key to making the numbers work though is maximising the number of panels you can squeeze onto your roof, because regardless of the size of system you are still going to need things like inverters and cabling to run through the home, so the actual cost of adding an extra panel is not really going to add that much to the final cost of the system. With a panel therefore being approximately 1.44m2 in total, to get 14 panels on a roof you need a space of about 20m2. Your panels will need to be positioned on a South (or South-East to South-West) facing roof. Another thing to take into account is shading – essentially if you have a chimney that casts a shadow across the roof at certain times of the day, this will severely diminish the return from the solar system. In terms of calculating the actual roof space that you have, it is relatively simple to do this if you have access to the loft space.
Measure the height from the highest point of the roof, vertically down to the joists (assuming this is the apex).
If you have a flat roof, the panels will usually be mounted at an angle to maximise efficiency.
Really a very good information not only for do it yourself geeks but also for those who do not be cheated by turn key agents. I was thinking of having panels fitted and have a south facing roof, I also have a single storey extension which also has a south facing roof would it be helpful to utilise both for panels or should I just stick to having them on the main roof?
If you have a flat roof pending on the size you can have panels fitted also they would be mounted on lightweight angled blocks and the pv panels are placed on tracking systems.being double tracks.
What width must be left between a solar panel installation and a neighbouring terraced property.\? Simply work out the size of the roof and then the size of the panels and divide one by the other – remember that you will need to leave a small perimeter of roof uncovered by the solar panels (normally in excess of 30cm). About usWe provide energy efficiency advice to help households and businesses save money on their energy bills and become more sustainable. Global warming is an eminent threat to human survival and governments as well international organizations are searching for ways to mitigate it. Solar energy has been harnessed to produce electrical power to supply many appliances using either direct or indirect current.
Pyramids are synonymous with the Egyptians but this ancient technology was constructed with bricks. If you thought that planes only run on gasoline, you are dead wrong because a plane has been developed to use solar power. Still in its early stages, solar paint technology is poised to revolutionize renewal energy requirements. Either you go for whole energy consumption of your bill expense or just target specific appliances as a startup. It is a hard question to answer because not all appliances and models are the same, therefore, a better way to understand how many panels you need for your house is to check your utility bill. If you don’t have any space or area for solar panels, then your house is not suitable for a solar panel.
That is without even taking into account the feed-in tariff, which pays you for every unit of electricity created, regardless of whether you use it in the home or sell it back to the grid. Therefore when sizing your solar PV system we recommend using this to drive your calculations. However roof-mounted solar installations must also be more than 30cm away from the external edge of the roof, meaning that actually you will need an even larger space so this needs to be factored in to any roof sizing calculations.
The further away your panels are from a southerly orientation, the less effective they will be, although 45 degrees either way will still produce more than 90% of the energy of a due south oriented system. In this case you should try to position the solar panels out of this shading to maximise the amount of electricity you can create – again this might diminish the amount of roof space you have.

You also need to deduct the 30cm around the edge of the roof on which the panels cannot be fitted – this area will depend on the type of property – detached, terraced etc. While panels can be situated right next to each in a row, care must be taken to position them in a place where they don’t cast shadows on the row behind or in front. The most implicated cause of this problem is emission of gases that destroy the ozone layer which are released as byproducts of oil combustion. Today however, innovators and solar energy experts have come up with crazy, mind blowing; out-of-the ordinary uses solar panels. You cannot miss to recognize one of these if you see it on the streets because they are absolutely marvelous, beauteous and technologically advanced. Preliminary findings indicate that this technology is promising and if harnessed, could forever solve the greenhouse puzzle. Compared to what I wrote before on this subtopic, What size solar system do i need?, I list factors that we need to consider when defining the solar panel capacity that is run.
If you do have space for solar panels,  are there any trees or objects around that area that might cast shadows on the panels?
Here we will discuss 5 of the coolest, highly advanced and the most creative uses of solar power. They are compactors, powered by the sun and allow the can to store as much trash as possible. It is fitted with as many as 12,000 panels, as wide as a jumbo jet and as heavy as a mid-sized car. Solar paint consists of nanoscale mix of photovoltaic components that can be sprayed or painted on to various surfaces to serve as cheap, very efficient solar cells. But for now, we are going down a little bit deeper, which includes some easy calculation (link) that not only defines how many, but also how big solar panels need to be. Trees or objects can cast shadows on the panels during the day and can significantly reduce your electric production or even not producing any energy at all. This lowers fuel consumption, operational costs and greenhouse emissions from the garbage collections. The plane can fly both day and night powered by its solar energy derived from its numerous panels on its body. Imagine how much renewable energy will be produced if all buildings were to be sprayed by solar paint. The other three are Renier Kertess (German), Anton Josef Hotz (Swiss), and Luigi Tassell (Italian). That means you certainly can define what size solar panel you need.Before we start the calculation, how about we recap back to the relation between the three factors that I mentioned in my earlier post here?
It will also serve as an attraction site by offering a stunning, illuminated artwork installation to the public at night.
They created an artificial houseplant consisting of high-efficiency thin-film solar cells acting as its leaves.
Each of these leaves is flexible and complex in structure and protected by a thin plastic film.
Khurram himself is from a family that has a background in textile manufacturing.CAE plans to introduce a type of solar panel that has not been used in Pakistan before and is not manufactured anywhere else in Asia except one place in China. By doing this, we are also determining whether we target specific appliances to cover the energy expense. The engineers intend that this technology be incorporated into buildings, toys and clothes later. It will build a factory in Faisalabad on land that has been given to it by the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. With the total amount and duration of sunlight, we know how much energy we need to fulfill our appliance needs, just as I referred to in the first factor. And lastly is the rating of solar panel we use; for me, this factor is more to determine how much electricity we can produce per day.
Manufacturing is expected to start by the end of the year.Solar energy prices are rapidly becoming more competitive with thermal energy sources. It takes measurements from the total amount and duration of sunlight multiplied by the wattage rating of the solar panel.
Several global experts believe that 2013 will be the year that solar energy becomes economically viable even without any government subsidies.The problem with solar panels in Pakistan has hitherto been the fact that the upfront set-up cost is beyond the reach of most customers, even though the costs thereafter are miniscule.

For example, if we take a solar panel rated at 500 watts and we get about 5 hours of direct sunlight per day, the total watt-hours provided would be 500 into 5, i.e.
To smooth out that the cost curve, CAE has partnered with Faysal Bank and Meezan Bank to offer consumer financing options for people looking to install solar panels in their homes and offices. CAE claims it will offer a 25-year warranty for its products, allowing its customers to get extended time periods on their loans, which will reduce monthly payments.“We are aiming to make sure that any person who installs the house solar system will have monthly instalments equal to their current monthly electricity bill,” said Khurram. By getting this info, we can simply determine if it is enough to fulfill our average kilowatts needed.
The new department at UAF will be called the Punjab Energy Centre for Technology and will have faculty members from Europe teaching courses, arranged for by CAE.The company is confident that the venture will prove to be financially viable.
For example, we cannot produce 2.5kWh electricity if we only have 3 hours of rising sunlight.
Adeel Anwar, the finance director of the company, said that he expects its revenues to touch €150 million (Rs19.2 billion) within the first year.
To start, you can either look at your bill or refer to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to get average reports on energy expenses per household.
And for the amount and duration of sunlight, you can refer on my first post.Image above credited to solar quotes.
Referring to the image above, if you really want to get more details on how much sunlight you may get, you have consider this timing, even though I don’t really recommend it because it just wasting my time. Iqrar Ahmed Khan for initiating a commendable break-through for energy starved Nation Pakistan. This article is created to provide useful information to individuals who want to make use of alternative energy in their residence and save money. GOD ALMIGHTY has gifted immense potential to Pakistan in shape of bright sunny days throughout the year. Bear in mind, the below calculation are just to make you understand the correlation and concept you need to follow when deciding your solar panel’s size. That means that you must change all the details according to your actual value of your energy and money spent on appliances.Do The Math To Start Saving MoneyTo begin the discussion of answering the question stated above, the first thing you must know is the exact quantity of solar panels you will need to install in your backyard to provide enough energy for your home. Solar Panels if manufactured in Pakistan will certainly bring down the cost and make them accessible to common man.
And in order for you to know how many solar panels you will need, you must follow these simple steps: 1.
Calculate your average monthly consumption of electricity (kWh) The first thing you have to do is know the devices and appliances that you have in your home. What AUF has done will emerge as a long term investment, especially the Human Resources development and indigenous technology.
Let’s say you only have the basic appliances, such as the television, refrigerator, radio, and a couple of lights. Then, the next thing you have to do is know the total kilowatt-hours (kWh) used by each of the appliances per month. VC, AUF has been doing many such things and we believe University of Faisalabad has begun to regain the lost glory it enjoyed in undivided India. We pray to ALL MIGHTY ALLAH to make this project a s success story for Pakistan especially when all the ingrediants have been proportionately identified.Zahid Hussain Gardezi President Mango Growers Association Pakistan. The average monthly KWh for the light is 50 x 9 hours* = 450 kWh; 450 x 30 days = 13,500 kWh. Therefore, the average total kWh load per month on your home is 2,400 + 56,160 + 875 + 13,500 = 72,935 kWh. Determine the size of the solar panel you are going to install – The next thing you have to do is know the size of the panel you’re going to put up so that you will know how many you will need for your residence.
What you need to do is know the average monthly load of kWh, then divide it by the average number of hours of sunlight in your area. Let’s say the average dimension of a solar panel is 59? x 26? x 2,? and it produces about 125 watts of electricity.
Conclusion: Knowing how many solar panels you need to supply your house with enough electricity is the best start in saving some money.

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