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Solar punches way above its weight delivering heating temperatures well into the 90 degree plus range, move your household to the next level of technology.
3.5 to 5 years, estimate is based on fundamental economics upstaging all other forms of solar energy, this includes solar electric power and heat pumps. The EECA claims water heated from solar panels will provide up to three quarters of your solar hot water heating requirements, of which maintenance costs are generally very low.
Most alternative energy heater systems come with a ten-year warranty on solar tubes requiring little maintenance, but regular checks should be performed. Once your installation is complete your installer should leave written instructions of any maintenance checks you as the owner can carry out when necessary, ensuring everything is working properly. When renovating, home owners are advised to install evacuated solar tube systems, well proven as the best performers particulary in the colder months. Specifications include top quality solar designs, competitive prices (click here) enduring stainless steel cover and frames.
View the solar kit page for our latest prices, systems can be retrofitted to virtually any existing or future standard plumbing system. Where do I buy a solar system, or view how effective the cost of hot water produced from solar really is, parts and prices?
The largest grid-connected solar power plant in the Nordic countries, built on the roof of an ABB factory, has been powered up during an inauguration ceremony attended by Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs and dignitaries from academia, industry and business.
The 181 kilowatt (kW) solar power system is on the rooftop of ABB’s low voltage AC drives factory at Pitajanmaki, in Helsinki, Finland. The solar power plant is the first in Finland to use ABB’s recently introduced string inverters together with a central inverter, both of which are designed and manufactured at the Helsinki factory.
The use of several smaller inverters helps overcome the non-uniform shading across the solar array which is the result of obstructions on the roof and neighboring buildings. Electricity generated is used for charging the batteries of fork lift trucks, as well as cutting energy consumption peaks at the factory.
While Finland is not renowned for its abundance of sunshine, the 181 kW solar power plant is expected to generate about 160,000 kWh per year and will benefit from the region’s long summer days. The project, which costs approximately 500,000 euros, is partly funded by Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy from its renewable energy system investment fund that invests in future and renewable technologies as part of its strategy to create new technologies and jobs within these sectors. The system, and the ABB central inverter in particular, is providing ABB with valuable information about the behavior of such plants within Nordic climates which experience cold weather, low sunlight levels and slow night-to-day change over. The solar modules and a new type of flat roof installation system were supplied by Naps Systems Oy, and its partner Purso Oy which provides the profile system for the module mounting structure. ABB’s Pitajanmaki factory is globally responsible for the product development, manufacture, sales and marketing of the solar inverters.

CORRECTION: Paragraph six of this article originally reported electricity generation equivalent to the daily energy consumption of about 30 residential homes.
Finland is not renowned for abundant sunshine, but the 181 kW solar power plant built on the rooftop of ABB’s low voltage AC drives factory in Helsinki, Finland, is expected to generate about 160,000 kWh per year.
Because wider exploitation of renewable energy sources is a key priority for western countries, energy and research companies have made big investments to develop a new type of solar plant based on a concentrating solar power (CSP) system. Sister companies Abengoa Solar and Abener built the PS10 the PS20 solar plants in Sanlucar la Mayor, Seville, Spain. We developed the Heliostat Calibrating System to calibrate 624 heliostats for the PS10 plant and 1.255 heliostats for the PS20 plant. The system adjusts the heliostat movements automatically in relationship with other heliostats.
In addition, the IP camera is a high-resolution black and white camera used over gigabit Ethernet. A critical and valuable feature of CSP systems, particularly when compared to solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, is their ability to store heat for later power generation at night, during cloudy weather, or to coincide with peak utility demand. SkyFuel currently owns and operates a state of the art manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado, featuring high volume fabrication cells for their proprietary mirror panels and precision parabolic ribs.
We stand behind our recommendation of their internet server products for anyone that has or wants to have a website or ecommerce business.
Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Savings are good - the system will provide most of your hot water in the summer if not all, reducing during colder weather. Henry Solar Energy Farm started producing power last month, but the entire facility became operational this week.32 Couples Ask to Join MontCo Same-Sex Marriage LawsuitConstruction on the 20-acre site began in January, where 16,000 locally-manufactured solar panels generate enough power to light up 500 homes. The electricity it generates is to be used for charging the batteries of the factory’s fork lift trucks, and for cutting energy consumption peaks at the factory. The ABB solar inverters are used for converting direct current, generated by solar panels, into high-quality alternating current that can be fed into the power network. As such, ABB string inverters*, rated from 4 to 8 kW, and one 120 kW ABB central inverter** are used in the 1,200 square meter solar module area.
The electricity generated is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of about 30 residential homes (without electrical heating) and is fed directly to the grid within the factory for powering the battery chargers of the forklift trucks.
It is also home to the world’s leading range of variable speed frequency converters, wind turbine converters and large machines. They are suitable for small and medium-size photovoltaic systems connected to the public electricity network.

They are suited for large to medium-sized photovoltaic systems, as well as solar power plants from 100 kW to several megawatts (MW). In these systems, incoming solar radiation is concentrated using a heliostat field in a receiver situated on top of a tower that holds the mirrors. A Modbus driver is also required for communication with the heliostat mechanic control subsystem. However, an error of milliradians can result in a concentration of power from the tower’s central site for the heliostats located furthest from the site, leading to a reduction in generated power. In a solar pv system the energy can only be stored as electricity without converting it to some other form of energy carrier.This transformation or conversion of one energy type to another always comes at a cost with losses typically being between 5 and 10% per conversion.
The facility is currently capable of producing components for 50 MWe of SkyTroughs each year, and can easily be expanded with the addition of replicate cells. All the inverters are connected to the building automation system and can be monitored remotely. These mirrors follow the sun’s orbit using two movement axes to maximize the luminous flux reflected on each mirror. We customized an application based on artificial vision for the capture, analysis, and image treatment of the solar disc projection. All generated numeric, alphanumeric, and image data is saved in a central database using the LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit.
A wide dynamic range of 120 dB provides the image capture and analysis of the projection of the solar disk for every heliostat. They design and manufacture high performance, low cost parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors. The mirrors and ribs produced in the facility are shipped to the project site for assembly with the balance of components. At any time, each heliostat has to correct its elevation and azimuth angles to track the sun movement in the sky. To supervise the heliostat command, we implemented an encapsulated RS232 protocol and two IP cameras over gigabit Ethernet to guarantee the required bandwidth.
It is automatically instructed to zoom, pan, and tilt, as well as conduct preventive maintenance of the heliostat field.
DEC says 10 percent of its energy currently comes from green sources.Earlier this year, DEC also announced a deal to purchase energy produced at the Sandtown Landfill in Kent County.

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