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SRCC testing and certification gives you the confidence that your TitanPower flat plate solar collectors will deliver the performance and value that we say. If you need assistance finding the right flat plate collector for your needs and budgets, please contact one of our solar hot water specialists to assist you. Our flat plate solar collectors are high-efficiency, affordable and SRCC OG-100 certified - and are ideal for solar hot water and heating systems of all sizes in all climates.
Check out our featured flat plate solar collector to the right, or see our entire selection of flat plate solar collectors below.
Flat Plate Solar Collectors from Silicon Solar combine strong heat exposure with an energy efficiency copper flow procedure, allowing for maximum heat transfer.
Great for flat or pitched roofs where the roof pitch is not high enough to deliver maximum collector performance (35 - 90 degrees), the free-standing mounting option gives additional tilt to your flat plate collectors which increases their ability to capture sunlight and deliver higher performance. Great for pitched roofs where the roof pitch is high enough to optimum collector performance (35 - 90 degrees), the flush mounting option is simple and fast to install and makes your flat plate solar collectors look like skylights for better aesthetic viewing. Can be used with any ConnectMaxx flat plate mounting hardware, the ballast mounting option gives you safe and secure flat plate installation without any roof penetrations or potential leak damage. Just enter your email address to the right and you'll get special offers,new products and great information emailed right to you from Silicon Solar.
Save money on your water heating costs by installing solar hot water heating systems which are environment friendly and have low maintenance. You may think you know about solar hot water heaters but there are some things that you will be amazed to find out. A new generation of “hybrid” residential solar hot water tanks is at the center of Schuco’s new developments for residential solar thermal systems. Solar power from solar energy presents the most economical way for homeowners and business owners to significantly reduce energy costs in Pinellas and Pasco counties. Solar hot water systems are also known as Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) and Solar Thermal Systems (STS). The new Sunny Boy high frequency inverters represent the next step in innovative SMA technology. Our US series inverters utilize our proven technology and are designed specifically to meet IEEE-1547 requirements. A Great Investment For Your Home – Just like a kitchen renovation, a solar electric system will raise your home value due to the giant upside of a lower electric bill for future buyers. Saving The Enviorment One System At A Time – With every solar system installed our dependence on both foreign and domestic fossil fuels is diminishing, therefore decreasing your own carbon footprint and helping the world become a cleaner and greener place. Drastically Lower Electric Bill – The most beneficial reason of all, keeping your hard earned money in your pocket. You have many options to consider for your new solar electric system, all to fit your exact wants and needs. Solar System Installation – You will be contacted, and a scheduled date will be set to install your solar system. Join the thousands of happy customers who trust Sunshine Plus Solar: Click here to schedule your free estimate today!
Continuum specializes in the custom design and installation of Solar Hot Water systems in both Residential and Commercial applications, including radiant floor heating and pool heating. For the typical residential site, we install Closed-Loop Pressurized Glycol and Closed-Loop Drainback systems.
Although we offer various models and manufacturers of collectors, we use AET for many of our installations.
Active solar water heaters use pumps to circulate water or a glycol solution through heat-absorbing collector boxes.

Differential thermostats, pumps, sensors, and controls are used so the systems work effectively and safely. Solar thermal systems also differ by the type of collector used to gather and store the sun’s energy. Solar pool heating systems use a similar design, but sometimes glazing is removed to save money and to prevent the pool water from becoming super-heated. More advanced systems like evacuated tube collectors and parabolic trough collectors can heat water or other fluids to much higher temperatures appropriate for industrial needs. Continuum Energy Solutions offers custom designed and installed solar hot water and solar photovoltaic systems in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.
Unlike other solar companies, we are also certified to provide energy audits and the weatherization work that saves you money on your utilities. Once I have the opportunity to buy our build my own house, I want to implement as much energy efficiency into it like you are suggesting as I can. I put solar panels last year and for only one year i can see that return of investment is very big so now i am thinking of putting PV for producing electricity.
I have personally done a lot of research on these topics for my own potential house at somepoint in the future and its amazing how many option are out there.
I was curious if you know about using thermal mass and Trombe walls to provide passive heat and cooling to your home depending on the season. Trombe Walls are great for cooler climates where you want to store heat from the sun and release it during the night.
Trusted by thousands of homeowners, business owners, governments and military facilities around the United States and across the globe. Our Flat Plate Solar Collectors are constructed of durable aluminum so that they can withstand heavy weight and changing environmental conditions.
Specializing in solar hot water panels and solar thermal heating for commercial and residential systems.
With a 10 year warranty, a 12 year guarantee to produce 90% of nominal power, and a 30 year guarantee to produce 80% of nominal power SunMaxx offers unrivaled assurance in an unsure world. Featuring world-class efficiency, a slim-line enclosure and reduced weight, the Sunny Boy HF series of inverters can be mounted in between wall studs, making it perfect for new construction, in addition to space-constrained retrofits. Homeowners, business owners and government bodies alike are all turning to solar electric to fill their energy needs.
Your specific solar panels, racking, inverters and all other needed materials will be ordered.
Full system install can take as little as one day depending on the complexity of the project.
We will walk through the system with you explaining the few details you will need to know to operate and maintain it. Solar hot water systems are an excellent, cost efficient way to supplement your hot water supply. It can either supplement or altogether replace your existing hot water heater and in both cases you will always have as much or even more capability to heat water than you had before installing a system.
The federal, state, local, SREC, and net metering benefits are all in place and there has never been a better time to go solar. To put it simply, think about a garden hose left in the sun…the water inside gets hot. AET is a reliable, experienced manufacturer that produces quality product at excellent prices.We typically install active, indirect solar hot water systems.
Solar thermal technology is mature and proven with few maintenance requirements from the installed systems.

We will also guide you through the rebates & incentive process for all three of these carbon footprint reducing steps.
PV Panel Sun Shades: Essentially, instead of shading a window with a typical shade or overhang, use a Photovoltaic (PV) panel to do the shading. Our Solar Flat Plate Heat Collectors are the highest in BTU performance in addition to being both environmentally friendly and cost efficient.
Ben's Solar Hot Water Systems site gives info on installation techniques and design strategies for solar water heating systems to architects, engineers, and installers. Solar thermal system packages from Bosch offer fully integrated solutions that are robust, easy to install and durable. GridMaxx-180w modules can handle the toughest demands with regard to stability and corrosion resistance. Installation is made simple by automatic grid detection**, field configuration for positive ground and a wide input voltage range of 175 to 600 volts, which provides exceptional system design flexibility. Most of that info can be found on our solar electric info page as well as also giving one of our knowledgeable members of our staff a call.
You will also receive an electrical inspection certificate as well as any needed inspections done by your municipality. Prices start at about $$10k for the average home and they can pay for themselves in about 5 years. Copper pipes wind back and forth through the flat plate collector, which is painted black to absorb heat and covered with glass, or “glazing,” to prevent heat from escaping.
But it definitely reduces the hot water cost for the washing machines, dishwashers, showers, etc.
We specializes in the installation and maintenance of solar electricity systems, hot water swimming pool heater systems. Solar hot water provides a good return on investment and reduces your environmental impact. This is due to their engineered hollow-section frame and 3,2 mm (0,13 in) special solar glass.
The modern graphic display and wireless Bluetooth® communication system also makes the new Sunny Boy easy to use. All four models are field-configurable for positive ground systems making them more versatile than ever.
Often the pipes are painted black and bonded to the material of the flat plate collector to maximize heat absorption.
We also use high-quality EVA foil, which is ideal for embedding solar cells, while the weatherproof foil on the back of the modules protects against humidity.
Throughout the world, Sunny Boy is the benchmark for PV inverter performance and reliability. Three different configurable input voltage ranges make the Sunny Boy 700U a versatile choice, whatever your system configuration. Solar energy, or photovoltaic (PV), systems can provide affordable, clean, and renewable power for your home residence.
Silicon Solar offers custom residential solar hot water system sizing for home heating and domestic hot water.

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