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I wrote a while ago about the marketing of going public, and how Hortonworks' early stage IPO was a bold move designed to re-capture focus from the industry. Yves de Montcheuil is a recognized authority on digital business trends and information management. A former executive at several successful IT vendors, he is a strategic advisor for digital companies. Looking beyond software, maybe the most visible of such "go private" was Dell, which was taken private by its founder and Silver Lake Capital in 2013.The Dell storyMichael Dell has always been straightforward on why he wanted to go private: To be left alone!

As the press release said, "under a new private ownership structure, Dell will be even more flexible and entrepreneurial." And indeed, for a large company under investors' scrutiny, being entrepreneurial and nimble is difficult.
Jim Goodnight and Gerry Cohen have had the luxury to run their companies as they see fit, and it seems to have worked well for them both.Some are public but act like they're privateAnother CEO tried to run his company without any consideration for Wall Street, but the issue was that this company was actually public. When Michael Saylor was obstinately refusing to speak to investors and analysts, Microstrategy's stock was doing really poorly compared to other vendors in the space. A recent reversal of this strategy has seen the company's value increase considerably, even in trying times.

Clearly, being public for a software vendor is no walk in the park, and it must be done right.

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