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YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing website for its convenience and abundance.
Alas, YouTube requires a live Internet connection, and Wi-Fi is still pretty hard to find in the friendly skies. Step 4: Hit "Download Now" to start downloading video from YouTube on Mac for free with the YouTube offline downloader. In the past when I have been designing websites for clients and they sometimes ask to see what a video would look like within the design, I would usually take a screenshot of a video and place it into the design layout.
Find a video you'd like to download, copy the URL of the video page and open this free YouTube downloader.
The built-in video player enables you to start watching the videos immediately without waiting until the entire video is downloaded.

You can also set to automatically adding the output MP4 videos to iTunes Library for further use. People can find various types of videos on it, like movie trailers, TV clips, funny videos, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos. This tutorial is all about how to achieve to free download video from YouTube with a totally free YouTube downloader. With it, you can download and keep YouTube videos you like in your own personal collection. Well, the answer can be found in this article, which shows you a free YouTube downloader, making it easy to download YouTube offline in a coupe clicks. I have created all the icons, tool tips, advert elements, embed version and different dimensions for the youtube player.

Or click "paste & analyze" button to automatically detect the YouTube video opened in browse. Therefore, you can easily save the YouTube HD video to Mac free and share with friends on the go. I always have the erge to design everything to fit with the brand rather than a random sceenshots from the the gangnam style video.

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