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When you think about your overall Digital Marketing strategy you may have completely forgotten to consider what part Video Marketing will take in it. One big reason why you should make Video Marketing a large part of your strategy is that video sites such as YouTube are huge.
Depending on how you distribute your video marketing you can get access to good statistics about your videos.
For a free video hosting platform, YouTube offers a great deal of detail in its statistics. For more information about how video marketing will help your Content Marketing and Social Media campaigns, speak to us today. Dean Marsden will be keeping you up to speed with video marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

When it comes to creating a successful seasonal content strategy, there are a number of common traps that brands and businesses can fall into.
We all want to create successful content marketing strategies and have our clients’ names up in lights receiving the acclaim they deserve. Developing a plan for your video marketing can help increase the chances of your videos receiving more exposure and engagement, however simply having videos to support the messaging from your other marketing communications can be a good place to start. Dean excels at delivering video marketing solutions for clients and specialises in converting website visitors into customers. It gives you the capability to upload e-mail addresses that your customers have given you to target users on the Search Network, YouTube and Gmail Ads within Google AdWords. This research allows you to shape the app and your strategy accordingly, including choosing the right marketing channels, setting realistic goals and measuring the right success metrics.

TV has long been the platform for brand awareness, online video marketing is becoming the new way for this. Today, I will be discussing the different e-mail list strategies you can use to segment your campaigns.
The potential to reach a massive audience is there and within touch if you execute your strategy well. There is a chance of your video going viral and you’ll get more response and feedback than you could manage, but then that’s part of the excitement of video marketing.

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