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The key to good organising, planning and controlling in global marketing is to create a flexible structure or framework which enables organisations to respond to relevant differences in the markets in which they operate, but, at the same time, delineates relationships clearly between parts and personnel of the company. The chapter starts with an examination of the evolution of global organisational development and then briefly describes some of the different types of organisational form and their advantages and disadvantages.
As constantly stated in this text, production and marketing systems, whether they be food commodities, inputs or whatever, are interdependent.
Most agricultural products and commodity systems exhibit widely different organisational characteristics between countries. The form of appropriate organisation depends on a number of factors including company goals, size of business, the number of markets operated in, the level of involvement in the market, international experience, the nature of the product, the width and range of the product line, the nature of the marketing task and the risk involved.
Depending on the factors described above organisational development usually starts with dependence on outsiders, for example horticultural produce is usually handled by overseas agents who have their own exporting organisation or by a local network of services like cool store owners, freight forwarders and so on. SBUs are defined as a group of products or technologies that serve an identified market and compete with identified competitors. Planning involves where the organisation would like to be and how to get there, which involves goal setting and strategy determination. Decentralised plans take into account the subtleties of local conditions; however they are usually very costly and resource consuming. In this approach headquarters devises branch policy and a strategic framework, and subsidiaries interpret these under local conditions, for example Nestlè.
In marketing planning, ultimately, the decision on the type of plan rests entirely on the size of the task, type of task and competence to achieve the task.
Factors like distance, culture, language and practices create barriers to effective control. Plans are the prerequisite to control, yet these are developed in the midst of uncertain forces both internal and external to the firm. In well developed international operations headquarters may seek to achieve control over subsidiaries by three types of mechanism - data management mechanisms, merge mechanisms, which shift emphasis from subsidiary to global performance, and conflict resolution mechanisms that resolve conflicts triggered by necessary trade-offs. The method of export control in many less developed countries takes the form of direct organisation by government. When staff are transferred from market to market, they often take their standards of performance with them and these can be assessed. This brief note concentrates on export licensing in Malawi, the coverage of the licensing and the reasons for its existence. In this country the main legal instrument for the licensing of both export and import trade is the Control of Goods Act (Chapter 18:08 of the Laws of Malawi) and the subsidiary regulations made thereunder. For the traditional exports which fall within the group of foodstuffs, the most important reason for licensing Is the consideration to ensure food security The striving for self-sufficiency in food supplies requires not only the promotion and expansion of production but also the maintenance of certain levels of supplies. While Government would like to promote exports and hence would like to see no hindrances to export trade, occasionally need arises for controlling and influencing the direction both of imports and exports.
A number of goods which are of strategic importance and on which the country spends a lot of foreign exchange could easily be re-exported by some businessmen, leaving the country with shortages of supply of the goods. This applies to metals and atomic energy materials of Strategic value and used in the production of arms, ammunition and implements of war. Much of the preceding discussion covers more sophisticated forms of international control, except budgeting which is applicable to all types of exporting or global marketing. In every marketing plan there must be provision for organising, implementing and controlling marketing organisations. Depending on the size of the export or global operations a decision has to be made on the type of organisation, whether it be area, product, function or matrix based; on what type of marketing plan, be it standardised or decentralised and on what method of control to install. In other countries, South America is serving the North American continent well, with its close proximity and political advantage. Produce is mainly sold in the European Union, particularly UK, Holland and Germany, where agents handle most of the business to date. Elsewhere in Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda are beginning to get their horticultural production organised and geared for a massive export drive to traditional consumption areas, i.e.
Given the information above and the following, devise a comprehensive export strategy for the Xavia horticultural industry for 1994 - 1996.
Whilst it is dangerous to over-generalise about the European market, trends and tastes differ in the developed markets of Europe.
In addition there is the beginnings of a movement for better flavoured product and crops produced by 'self-sustainable' agriculture.
The more important aspects are the consumers' and the retailers' increased concern about health and hygiene with implications for pesticides and packhouse facilities. Mange -tout: Continued growth in the market in the UK, France, with potential in Belgium and to a lesser extent Switzerland from its current estimated size in Western Europe of 6,000 tonnes and value of $27 million of which perhaps 1,900 tonnes comes from the region.
Legumes such as runner beans, flat beans, even peas and broad beans for off- season supply. It is difficult to see how crops like courgettes (except baby sizes), aubergines, melons and sweet corn will cover current air freight rates.
Chrysanthemums: The relative high weight of chrysanthemums will not make this product especially profitable, and the growth will be less spectacular than the other products. Other cut-flower crops: Sales of all other flowers are expanding throughout Europe and expected to continue to increase as consumers become more sophisticated in their flower buying and keen for variety from the main items. Home freezers and microwave ovens have resulted in increased sales in frozen vegetable products. The European market for dried flowers is currently worth $70 million a year and is currently expanding at 15% per annum.
The majority of the produce imported will be routed by importers and end up for sale in supermarkets, possibly via a pre-packer. The vast majority of Zimbabwean flowers and over half Kenya's are sold via Dutch importers who put about 90% of their imports through the Auction markets.
The marketing planning cycle; Analyse, Planning, Implementation and Control (APIC) is a model used to visually illustrate the 4 stages of planning within a marketing environment. However, in both cases, annual reviews of the audit, analysis and planning stages are typical in most market orientated companies that have the resources to do this.
There are no prescriptive solutions to the questions of what is the most appropriate organisational structure, planning framework and form of agricultural control. The next section considers why planning is necessary in global marketing and reviews standardised, decentralised and interactive planning types. As such the activities and economic entities within the network of exchange relationships and any other coordinating mechanisms are complex. Different governments have different programmes, horizontal and vertical structural elements can vary, as can terms of access, competitive conditions, parallel marketing channels and the types of contractual and ownership integration. These primarily relate to costs associated with buying, selling and transferring ownership of goods and services, and are very wide ranging. The important thing is to keep an arrangement which allows the company to grow, control and manage its destiny. Exporting and licensing give minimum country involvement but joint ventures involve more in-country activity and give a greater degree of integration and control. In exporting flowers, say, to Europe, Zimbabwe would be well advised, with the small quantities involved, to leave the task to those experts in Holland and Germany whose knowledge and competence is far superior.
Yet without control over international operations, the degree to which they have or have not been successful cannot be judged.
Basically control involves the establishment of standards of performance, measuring performance against standards and correcting deviations from standards and plans. The budget spells out the objectives and necessary expenditures to achieve these objectives. The instruments of control and the Intensity of application of these Instruments vary from country to country, depending on what happens to be the principal reason for their Institution. The administration of the Act falls primarily under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Of the products which are listed as licensable under the Control of Goods Act, the commonest are the traditional agricultural export commodities, some of which are amongst the country's staple foodstuffs.
With regard to the estimates as to what are adequate quantities of the different varieties of produce required by the domestic market, ADMARC plays the central role of advising Government on this. Examples of this are, the dhall industry (using various types of pulses), cooking oil industry (using groundnuts, sun-flower and cotton seeds), and the Malawi Iron and Steel Corporation (MISCOR) (using scrap metals) - although, as pointed out earlier on, the licensing of scrap metal exports was decontrolled. The controlling and direction of import and export trade is done for political considerations (c.f.
The instrument of export licensing in this connection is really for checking the potential rather than for controlling what is obtained in the current situation.
The export items involved here include wild animals, wild animal trophies, and crocodile skins. Audits have a wide focus, are independently carried out, are systematic and conducted periodically. As stated earlier, many less developed countries have export controls imposed by governments.

This is particularly important when marketing globally, due to the many possible pitfalls which can occur, described in the preceding chapters. Nature has endowed it with a good typography, soils and rivers but it is prone to drought in particularly poor rainy seasons. Australia has its own well developed industry, as do the Asian tigers, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. In some products it will supply the Western European markets with horticultural crops and in particular in processed products. We are expecting to see a greater proportion of mangoes, pawpaw and even sweetcorn being sea-freighted over the next 5 years.
A very high priced and seasonal product which is increasingly popular (15% growth per year)and with additional sales potential in Eastern Europe. The Middle East market, however, offers good potential and an expanding market which Kenya is already accessing. Kenya's production continues to expand and new projects expected in Zimbabwe and Uganda, while the major off-season supplier Israel is in decline. Expect to see rose projects in production in Kenya at 20 ha, Zimbabwe 80 ha, Zambia 7 ha and Malawi 3 ha. Expect to see diversification to standard carnations and increased exports maintaining 7% p.a. This anticipates an increase in the value of exports of 10% per annum for fresh produce and flowers. The canned pineapples operations in Kenya are not located for optimum pineapple production and are competing against the dominant producers in South East Asia. Unfortunately, the market is relatively small and the product very low priced for an extremely labour intensive crop.
This also includes communications and delivery of activities which are derived from media plans. This minor tweaking and adaption of the planning cycle continues and is an ongoing process. They were very useful for generating ideas and brought a lot of professionalism to the project to ensure the quality was as high as possible. Our energy, excitement and passion comes from helping organisations succeed in this hyper-connected world.
One thing is clear though -organisations can only work effectively if structure is defined, standards of performance are designed and communicated, and the control framework is fair, clear to all and agreeable. The chapter ends with an overview of the different types of control methods and a case study which serves as an example of global marketing control. Because of this, analysts usually look at the activities of organisation, coordination and performance evaluation within a subsystem or single commodity.
Vertical coordination, harmonising all the vested production, marketing, exchange interfaces and value added stages is a challenge. These costs include information, negotiating contracts, the actual costs of transferring goods, services, money and ownership rights, costs of monitoring trade conditions and enforcing trading terms and conditions. This is exemplified by Oserian and Sulmac flowers of Kenya, who in turn are part of multinationals.
Matrix organisations are the most sophisticated form of organisation and bring together four competencies -geographic knowledge, product knowledge and know-how, functional competence in such fields as finance, production and marketing, and a knowledge of the customer (figure 13.4) industry and its needs. In international marketing the ability to control is disturbed by the distance, culture, political and other factors.
To a considerable extent, tariffs and procedures and documentation on imports and exports also do play a controlling role. However, occasionally and on specific products, the Ministry consults with other Institutions, like the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) and the Ministry Of Agriculture when considering applications for export licences. Controls on imports and exports in Malawi were imposed for reasons that the world markets could hardly do certain things which the country would like. The mineral products, metals and energy materials which are listed in the Control of Goods Act as licensable include items like uranium, beryllium, lithium and cobalt. To be successful audits have to have objectives, data, sources of data and a time span and reporting format. Typically, it has a commercial farming sector and a small scale farming sector, the latter having farms in the region of 2 hectares in size.
It will also, in the longer term, open out new markets and expand demand, provided that their economies can develop. Total market is currently about 9,000 tonnes and worth around $25 million, of which 70% comes from the region. Firstly, wrinkled skin when ripe is viewed as unappetising by consumers, and secondly, good shelf life means it could be sea freighted if a volume market develops. Reports are coming in that canned French beans operations have started and look likely to be successful. Zimbabwe, with her skills in floriculture and the crop drying technology used for tobacco, should be able to develop a portion of this trade for herself.
Sulmac, of Kenya, own their own marketing company in Germany (a joint venture with Florimex) which facilitates direct sales into this important market. This  includes results of the audit and analysis activities along with marketing objectives, marketing strategy and overall tactical plans – these activities are synchronised with the overall corporate mission, strategies and objectives. We utilised Studiowides variety of skill sets available by getting them to design our brand identity, our website and even our posters and leaflets.
The chapter does not consider the detail of control in global operations, this being left to any standard marketing text.
In order to make the process flow smoothly, information is vital as well as an understanding of all definitions and permissible behaviours of the participants. Eventually, the organisation grows in complexity and extent of operations, which then gives rise to an International Division structure, with its own personnel. Management's task in a matrix organisation is to bring together all the above perspectives and skills to achieve particular objective(s).
Such criteria include market size, market accessibility (market or commercial economies), stage of market development, prospects for growth, and promise for future growth and development.
Furthermore, In the case of tobacco exports, the control is relegated principally to the Tobacco Control Commission.
Since the institution of the Control of Goods Act, the list of licensable Items has been reviewed only very occasionally.
But, in a country where aggregate imports have usually been more than aggregate exports, it does not appear obvious that there could be any reason for licensing exports or for controlling export operations.
The common practice that has evolved is that, prior to the Ministry's consideration of the requests for permits, the requests and application forms are referred to ADMARC for the latter's advice. Audits can cover the environment, strategy, organisation, system, productivity and functions.
Describe the factors which have to be considered when deciding on the form of marketing control in international operations.
The Middle East offers a distinct market, especially in fresh fruit and vegetables, but transport is a problem, there being only 10 cargo aircraft flights per week, with connections to major destinations. Southern and Eastern Africa air freight rates are higher than potential competitors in West Africa and the Caribbean.
Another example is the sale of peeled and sliced pineapple sections treated with a natural bactericide (eg. There was never a problem getting in contact with the team and they were always happy to help – even went above and beyond to deliver the service. In fact, modern marketing thought is that formal structure is just not the order of the day.
Most failures to vertically coordinate will probably reveal themselves in resource misallocations, technical inefficiencies and other risks.
Flowers and vegetables, exported from Eastern and Southern Africa, are generally sold through agents, auction systems or distributors in the country of destination. Matrix structures require a fundamental change in management behaviour, organisational culture and technical systems. Similarly, the administrative and day-to-day regulation of exports of bulk tea and coffee is largely done by the Trade Associations of those product groups - the Tea Association of Malawi and the Coffee Association of Malawi. The latest review was made in 1988 when items like scrap metals and cement were removed from the list of licensable exports.
Unfortunately, as in any attempt to gather global data, all the pitfalls of politics, culture, and language differences arise. Within international trade, increased sales are found amongst the more minor products such as dried green beans, aubergines, courgettes and chives, and premium prices are paid for good quality, well coloured products like red peppers and green cabbage.
Thanks guys!Continental TyresBritta Krueger, Continental Tyres, Germany.We recently commissioned Studiowide to create two animated videos and a set of handbooks that we needed to communicate a shop-floor management concept across our organisation worldwide. The list of exports subject to licensing under the above quoted Act and the regulations made under it, is reproduced in the Memorandum for the information of Importers and Exporters.

The market for fine and extra fine beans will grow, particularly in the UK supermarket trade which is currently very strong on legumes. Sea freighting pineapples is not a highly profitable export business with narrow margins and the need for economies of scale.
Micro-biological standards are becoming more stringent amongst buyers and the German market is particularly fussy about sulphur levels.
The project was a very creative and constructive one and we wish to express our appreciation for a professional experience whilst working with Studiowide. The Western European market stands at about 250,000 tonnes and will expand at about 5% per annum. The team took us through the whole process from storyboard and content, to flow and animation in a fun yet structured way and were very flexible in making changes along the way. In evaluating agricultural performance a large number of indicators and norms are utilised. We will be collaborating with Studiowide in the future and certainly recommend them for their ability to listen, adapt and quickly turn around new ideas.Lufthansa TechnikJohn Mahon, Executive Head of OperationsLufthansa Technik developed a standard operating system for its Aircraft Base Maintenance Operations. Most work has centered around operational and allocative efficiencies as well as longer term development patterns and the environmental and the economic impact of commodity systems. The new rapid curing technology is producing a product of the highest standard and sales are being made to the world's major buyers.
Studiowide played a key role in this project by supporting Lufthansa with the design and development of a computer based training platform. But the analysis cannot stop there, as agricultural marketing involves marketing, so the quality of marketing sources should also be assessed, and put into quantitative forms. We had a short timescale and our communications were via mail and telephone calls in order to save travel costs as we are based in Germany.
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