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The plan is a detailed written document which can be used to promote a single product, of form the annual business strategy. Stage 1: Research and planningUnderstand your customer and the marketing environment, look for opportunities for growth. Stage 2: Developing your marketing strategyIdentify objectives and choose the right path to exploit opportunities highlighted in the research stage.
The marketing plan should provide direction for all relevant members of the organization and should be referred to and updated throughout the year.
Examining both the internal and external marketing environments can identify both opportunities and threats to the business and is a core component of the plan.
The internal marketing environment includes factors that the business can directly influence. The marketing mix is a selection of customer focused business elements which work together as a toolkit to market your product or service. Promotion is much more than just advertising - this is the discipline of marketing communications.

This element of the marketing mix should also include your customer relationship management (CRM) process, or in other words, how you manage customers through the purchasing funnel. When using the marketing mix, it is important to keep in mind the three generic stages of marketing - segmentation, targeting and positioning. An action plan is core to the marketing process – a constantly evolving document which is cascaded to the relevant people and monitored regularly. The final stage of the action plan is the implementation of measurements and controls and reporting results. Now that you have an accurate picture your plan's success it is important to feedback this information in order to fine tune the strategy and update your actions accordingly. The marketing planning process is a comprehensive method for examining your business, your market and the environment in order to develop a strategy to exploit opportunities. The marketing planning process is at the heart of any truly marketing orientated company, and ensures the customer is at the centre of all key decisions.
We have split the marketing plan into three steps, which are easy to follow and equally relevant to both small and large businesses.

The main purpose of the marketing plan is to provide a structured approach to help marketing managers consider all the relevant elements of the planning process. SWOT simply stands for the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats which have emerged from examining the macro, micro and internal marketing environments.
It should explain to customers concisely what the nature of your business is and where you are going, and also provide a motivational tool for employees.
The tactical section of a marketing plan summarises how you intend to use each element of the marketing mix, which can be summarised in seven 'Ps' as shown in the illustration below.
Most action plans are relatively short term documents which focus on the coming year, but longer term implications should also be considered.

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