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YouTube Space is a space for creators to learn, share, and create compelling content for YouTube. With studio spaces in Los Angeles and London, YouTube is providing everything a filmmaker could desire to create a visual story from beginning to end.
Here we would like to show you Mac version guide for example, the Windows version is as same as the Mac version.
After importing file, drag to the timeline and click the Rotate button in the toolbar.Or right click video to choose "Rotate".
There are 6 output options for your choice, it allows you to export as diverse formats, Devices, DVD, or share on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo. Many thanks for this useful articles that it rescue me from the wrong degree video recording. Without any second thoughts I purchased this great product as one of my colleagues told me that it is worth buying imedia converter for mac.
For all the filmmaking enthusiasts out there, the Internet offers various tutorial websites that help polish your movie making and movie editing skills. The YouTube Creator Program is a competition that YouTube is holding for residents of the US who are more than 18 years of age.
People selected by the program will earn video-making tuition, round-trip airfare, food, and rooming costs.

Finally the members will produce a single piece of work, whether it be a talk show, nature video, short film, etc, that, by the end of the program, will be promoted by YouTube and its partners.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. Youtube is one of my favorite video websites that allows you to post and watch small clips of funny or helpful tutorials. YouTube, promotes a collaborative film making environment where creators can come together to use their spaces at no cost to members of the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube creators are given access to state of the art production equipment and post-production stations and software.
The video will be saved automatically, and you can watch it without having to tilt your screen or strain your neck.
To improve its users’ video making skills, YouTube is now offering a lot more than online video tutorials with its YouTube Creator Program.
Along with submitting a video you will need to answer two questions that resemble personal statements. Members of the program will learn from a newly-created new media curriculum while using new media tools. If you want to be making videos and posting them on Youtube, you need to know how to get the most views and what you should video.

It's a free application, and it's great because it supports so many different video formats.
It has a range of editing options besides the rotation tool, and it supports all of your favourite music and video file formats. Since YouTube videos comprise of shorts, webcasts, and a variety of other forms, YouTube has not placed any restriction on the genre of video you submit. They will engage intimately with world-class faculty, industry leaders, YouTube leaders, and top YouTube stars. This means you need the right software to convert the video file into that makes it a suitable format for your Youtube. The format restrictions include a maximum length of 2 minutes and the complete absence of any music, even your own. They will build a customized and upgraded brand channel, video blog on experiences, and start building a global audience.

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