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It’s hard to believe that when our first children were born, capturing them on video meant getting out a clunky camera, hoping the batteries were good and that the card still had some memory left, then finding the right cords to connect it to a computer so we could, if we were lucky, download it. Essentially the video-making app is made just for families so it offers you categories like Back to School, When You Grow Up, and Advice for Your Parents; and then within each one are ten question prompts. Which means we can envision a whole lot of creative ways you can use the OneDay app beyond just editing simple stories, tso you create keepsake videos that are really special. In fact, that on its own would be a fantastic video; we know our kids loooove making fake ads for absolutely everything.

With categories about My Grandmother, My Grandfather, Mom, and Dad, it would be heartachingly sweet to record a secret video, one from each kid or grandkid.
In fact, have your own siblings create their own video each, so that the grandparents of the family get a whole series of videos, one from each of the cousins.
Shoot a video of Mom’s baby bump, with your child answering questions on behalf of the baby. So we are thrilled to welcome our newest sponsor, the OneDay app, which is not only free for iOS, it makes it super easy to make the kinds of keepsake videos of your family that previous generations would envy.

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