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We’ll compare 3 methods for adding a video to your website based on ease of use, features and costs, and look at the pros and cons of each.
Youtube is great for entertainment content, but it can also work if you just want to have your business video up and running as fast and as cheaply as possible. And you get true video streaming- meaning viewers can fast-forward to any point in the video without buffering the whole video (here’s a detailed explanation of why streaming is better).
While there are no apparent upfront costs associated with hosting your videos there, you will be paying a premium in terms of lost sales and traffic.
Youtube makes it dead easy for somebody to leave your website through the video player, start watching related videos and never come back to give you money. A properly configured and maintained self-hosted video solution can be a step above the free video hosting services. A proper self-hosted setup can work just as well as a free service, minus the annoying ads, branding and traffic leaks.

Some Flash video players are available free of charge for non-commercial use but require a license if you want to remove the branding and use the player on your sales site. License pricing usually depends on the number of domains you want to use the player on. Cloud-based video hosting services provide great business-oriented features while avoiding the technical and management headaches of custom setup. Mission-critical sales videos and paid private video content are best hosted somewhere else- either by yourself or a third party.
Smart internet marketers around the globe use KrunchLabs to publish, protect and track their web videos. There are many ways you can do that, which is why in this post you’ll learn the ins and outs of publishing your videos for best results. At first glance it can seem like the perfect solution for adding video to your website, however there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. Your videos will work on desktop and mobile devices without any additional setup, which is definitely a big plus.

Unlike a platform like youtube, you can control the player, the video files and everything else. You get true streaming and various marketing-friendly features such as the ability to capture leads right inside the video player, analytics and mobile device compatibility. This lets you leverage the site’s existing audience and get some free traffic to your content.
Namely, the fact that they may put ads over your content to recoup the costs of hosting it.

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