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Average Marketing Manager Video Game salaries for job postings in Los Angeles, CA are 7% higher than average Marketing Manager Video Game salaries for job postings nationwide. Each holiday season, video game companies make sure there are plenty of new titles to place under the Christmas tree, and shoppers race to snap them up. With credits as long as any major motion picture, today's major video games are developed and produced by a small army of creative talent.
Paul Cotnoir, PhD, is the director of design programs at Becker College, a school ranked in the Princeton Review's top 10 for video game design. Those casual games range from mobile apps like Angry Birds to Facebook favorites like Farmville. Major releases such as Call of Duty are considered AAA titles, the video game equivalent of the summer blockbuster at the movie theater. The shift to smaller games has opened the door for an expansion of independent video game producers.
However, he cautions that smaller games still require a significant investment in time and energy.
For those interested in a career in video game development, there are several educational options available.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically track employment data for video game developers, several industry organizations offer a glimpse into the salary potential for these careers. So this year, when you open the presents from Santa and find the latest video game just begging to be played, remember that a team of developers was responsible for creating your new adventure from the ground up.
Video games were the second most-searched item on e-commerce sites on Cyber Monday this year, according to a report in the New York Daily News. According to Cotnoir, video game development is a growth field that is open to artists, design specialists, programmers and writers.
The Entertainment Software Association says 72 percent of American households play computer or video games. In addition, games geared toward families, such as the many incarnations of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. However, they are not the only option for those interested in working in the video game industry.
Cotnoir notes the popular Angry Birds mobile game required 69 attempts before the 70th turned into the game that millions have now played and loved. At Becker College, students can earn a bachelor's degree in game design or game development.

According to the International Game Developers Association, game designers have an average salary of $57,500 while game programmers earn an average income of $62,500. With a degree in game design or game development, you too could see your name rolling in the credits at the end of a future hit holiday game.
This season's hot games range from first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 to the more family-friendly Skyward Sword title from The Legend of Zelda franchise. And despite the hype surrounding first-person shooter games such as the Halo and Call of Duty series, most video game purchases are not the ones intended for mature audiences. Serious games may include classroom applications intended to spark interest in science and technology, emergency room training programs, or flight simulations for pilots. ESA reports 66 percent of the video games sold in 2010 were rated as suitable for teens and younger players.

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