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If you’re tired of using other video channels to hopefully get your message out, why not try vMail Talk with our redirect feature. For Only $29 per month you will own the most complete and versatile video communications platform available in the marketplace today. Video Email WorksThese two statistics should stop you in your tracks: Including video in email marketing campaigns increased meal marketing revenue by 40%.
Check out our videos from our Marketing Guru’s on how to take your online marketing experience to the next level. BombBomb is the video email marketing software and video email company that will provide you an email campaign like you have never seen before. BombBomb’s video email platform is loaded with all the features you need, want and expect to send newsletters and promotions to your prospective customers, inspirational video emails to your followers, or video welcome messages to your new subscribers.
BombBomb’s video email marketing with patented “Real-Time Email” technology was developed specifically to serve clients with time-sensitive messaging needs. The best way to see what BombBomb can do for your email campaigns is to sign up for our free trial offer.

We gain a majority of our sales from our email marketing and I don’t even want to think about how many recipients are being denied our emails due to their sub-par client. With three times as many email accounts as all of Facebook and Twitter combined, email marketing remains a top ROI channel to reach customers and prospects. Online video content is becoming one of the largest sources of internet traffic and is a very important part of business marketing. This is a video postcard: Video postcards are portable and interactive, feature video content along with branding, descriptive copy, and calls-to-action. Deliver personal, intimate and professional video messages that separates you from the competition. After watching a video online, 64% of people are more likely to buy the associated product. Our email marketing tool includes list management, auto responders, web forms, pre-built templates, quick-and-easy email editing and comprehensive statistics. I signed up for a free trial and to test it, I put in a few of my co-workers email whether it was personal or company and all of it went to SPAM.

With the lack of video support all around the targeting of apple or mobile is the only thing worth while.
What if you also learned that in today’s market, 65% of people that watch a video online will visit that marketers website. BombBomb also supplies email marketing to clients who occasionally or never send video emails – your choice. Let us show you how we can significantly increase your click-through and conversion rates using video email. Then they told me to send emails to my consumers to white label bombbomb emails before I sent my campaign.

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