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Import a song the same way as the clips, by looking in 'my music' Make sure to choose a song that goes with the sort of film you are planning to make, and it's best to choose a short song to begin with, so you won't need to cut any out.
Enter the relevant info, making sure to put a disclaimer (a short paragraph stating that you don't own the rights to the clips or song) in the description. Ok, so it’s your first time making a professional rap music video, and you can’t wait, you just don’t know how. You must have a video camera, the more you spend the more quality the video camera will be. In the program of your choice, line up the song on mp3 with each video scene in the different places. Most webcam videos aren't complicated - some of the most famous webcam music videos ever are nothing more than one person sitting in front of his or her computer and lip-syncing to a short clip from the song.[2] Don't let this keep you from being creative - a more memorable video has a better chance of taking off! Sometimes a well-done low-light look can give a music video a dark or mysterious atmosphere. Get in position, turn on the music, and press "record." The rest is up to you - be confident and show the world you know how to rock out!

The footage must be good, rap clearly, and hire an actual DJ to get some beats in the song. Whether you're thinking about uploading a DIY video to YouTube or simply making a music video for class, this is probably the simplest option available. The simplest option for recording a webcam music video is to simply use one uninterrupted shot of the area where you normally use your computer.
If you're going to incorporate darkness into your video, have at least one light source - your audience needs to be able to see something.
Failing that, send a message to someone on YouTube whose videos always seem to have good clear clips.
They're also a good way to get noticed - amateur music videos are among some of the most popular viral videos of all-time. For more ambitious videos, you may want to take many separate shots, then edit them together into one seamless whole. You may be surprised by stumbling blocks that you hadn't anticipated - for instance, you might a get a case of the giggles or have a hard time keeping on beat with the music.

You might discover that making subtle changes to your performance or camera can give your video tremendous personality. Get the right equipment and software, choose an awesome song, and soon you'll be on your way to creating a video you can proudly share on YouTube. However, if you don't want to share your video online, you won't need an internet connection.
The benefit of shooting from a computer is in its convenience - you won't have to use any technical equipment and you'll be able to edit the video and upload it to sharing sites on the same computer you shoot it on.

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