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DCIMYour source for news, information and sales enablement tools for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).
Thursday, July 23 – With so many great resources like this blog, APC’s Evolved Partnership Portal, the partner pages, our Trade Off Tools, White Papers, and everywhere in between, there are many tools and portals at your fingertips to assist with your business development and demand generation with APC by Schneider Electric.   But it can be overwhelming! Find out more about these sales enablement tools at our third Enablement Channel Chat!  Channel Marketing Specialist Meredith Villano will lead the conversation.
Channel Chats are a weekly series of interactive discussions with APC Channel Partner Program subject matter experts, coming at you LIVE every Thursday at 2PM ET.

One piece of feedback we consistently received from our partners during our live event was how much you all enjoyed and appreciated our open and honest communication in the scheduled chats which took place in the virtual tradeshow booths. The APC iRewards Program is a partner sales incentive program in which partners earn points by claiming their APC invoiced sales. APC by Schneider Electric is excited to announce Single Sign On Access to the APC iRewards Program. APC Channel Partners who are Registered, Select, Premier, or Elite – Business Network.

We are continuing to leverage APC’s Evolved Partnership Portal to highlight the consistent improvements and programs APC is providing to our partners. A reseller must be a Registered Partner in the APC Channel Partner Program in order to gain access to the program.

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