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So, if you haven’t already mapped out a robust and result-oriented holiday marketing plan, I strongly recommend you start right NOW. Join me in the comments and share what will YOU be actioning to create a holiday marketing campaign that’ll have the cash register jingling all the way! My goal is to provide you with a checklist of categories and ideas that you can use to brainstorm all of the various kinds of sales and marketing activities out there. For the purpose of looking at the various categories that sales and marketing ideas and activities fall into, the first step is understanding what is traditionally called the Marketing Communication Mix.
My Sales Lead Generation page talks about the various business activities that are used to general sales leads. The Marketing Plan Example page provides a detailed list of sales and marketing methods broken down into the 4 categories of verbal, written, electronic and physical. Rounding off my comprehensive listing of sales and marketing ideas and activities is my page entitled 101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla Marketing. Related Posts14 Facebook Marketing Ideas This Valentine’s Day That Really Work You feel it in your fingers… you feel in your toes… Yes! For each blog post, email, social media network and other marketing campaigns, have clear-cut goals and objectives.

A well-planned and carefully crafted email marketing campaign can do wonders to your sales and customer experience.
In various articles I have gone from listing basic marketing strategies to advice on everything from Guerrilla Marketing ideas to Communication how-tos. Putting together a Marketing Plan or creating a Marketing Communication Plan is generally a more strategic process but in this section I want to pull together all of the day-to-day tactics I have discussed variously in terms of marketing ideas, techniques and to-dos you can implement immediately. This consists of Advertising, Sales Promotions, Public Relations, Direct Marketing and Personal Selling. These include your website, marketing collateral, email marketing, networking, direct marketing, advertising, telesales, events, co-marketing, publicity, virtual events and online marketing. As you can see, the list of activities you can undertake in order to generate interest and opportunity are vast and many of these approaches are free marketing ideas. Here you will find a comprehensive listing of most of the standard ways and means of getting your message out there from Direct Sales to Print Advertising to Blogging to Special Events. Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into online sales and marketing strategies! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us… the ultimate commercial holiday that everyone most spend money on, […]5 Labor Day Marketing Tips For Handmade Sellers Labor Day is fast approaching, that time of the year, when many handmade sellers take advantage of a nationwide event to push up sales. I’m making this a separate point because sometimes, we may have sales pages that are linked to a particular ad campaign or social media campaign and so, may overlook them while doing a review.

This page is a placeholder of comprehensive lists of sales and marketing activities to generate business right away! I also discuss these 4 categories on my Marketing Communication Process page. Once you have developed a strong message you are faced with the question of how to communicate this message to your customers. The gist of Guerrilla Marketing is that you can outdo bigger and better-funded competitors by being creative and using techniques like those listed in this section instead of have to spend a lot of money on sales and marketing. To increase sales and revenue local business are increasingly targeting customers online with attractive offers. When using a combination of different sales and marketing channels you must also make sure that you integrate these in order to deliver a unified message. You can also round out 101 Marketing Strategies by looking at The Basics and Communication. When going over this list and the other lists of marketing ideas and general tips and advice that I have compiled on this page, bear in mind that you should adjust ideas so that they are compatible with your given business and situation.

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