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You can also have your own InCareRx Card Distribution business, earning money while helping others save money! We also can offer private labeled cards to other types of businesses wanting to give something of value to their prospects + customers, earning commission overrides. We also can offer private labeled cards to non-profit organizations that want a new attractive tool for long-term fund raising, earning commission overrides. As a Distributor, you would have your own GROUP ID on your cards like we do above, which the pharmacist records when the cards are used, earning you your commissions. Making a residual recurring income for life is a dream for many but for you it is now a potential reality. The Medication card affiliate program offers you the chance to earn a lifelong income by giving away prescription discount cards. It is easy and entirely possible to make a large monthly income with this programme – there are affiliates earning anywhere from $8000 to $10000 every month!
Getting started with Medication card is easy and it is entirely free to become an area manager for the programme.

Medication Card is a unique opportunity to earn a REAL income and allow you to control how much you make. Those who are under-insured and entirely uninsured can save an extraordinary amount of money with these cards.
Simply put the more cards that you have in circulation the more likely there will purchases made through your card and that you are going to earn commissions. There are over 64,000 pharmacies involved in the programme and your free prescription discount card will save users up to 85%!! When someone with a card makes a purchase at one of the many involved locations you will earn money. Remember you will be offering those who qualify for these discount cards something of real value and something that will save them a lot of money with and prescription needs. The only purchase you will have to make is the discount cards again that cost circa .03 cent a card – it is a customized Medication Cards. Each time your card is used you will earn commission and the cards are pre-activated for immediate use.

Everyone wins as the customer with your card saves money and gets a great discount – the pharmacy has a new customer – and you have earned money as an affiliate.
Remember the cards are free for everyone including friends and family and the business opportunity is both free and priceless at the same time.
Don’t miss on this LIMITED business opportunity and join others earning thousands in residual income by distributing FREE prescription drug card.
You will be helping the people who need to save money the most by offering these cards while increasing the amount of money in your pocket.

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