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To open a program during a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 we can use the Actions feature. Moreover, we can start any file with an extension associated to a program in Windows and this way we can open other than executable files or installers.
For demos, opening external programs during a PowerPoint presentation is something that can help the presenter during the slideshow to keep a good timing and presentation flow.
If you want to open a program then you will need to browse the executable file and choose it. Many people use Google Docs presentations to start their creation process and then switch over to more robust programs. Microsoft announced its version of Office--a suite of software that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint--designed specifically for the iPad.
Microsoft Office, the array of software that includes programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, has long been one of Microsoft's most profitable products.
But the big difference between Office and the other tablet software suites like iWork and Google Drive is that Office costs money.
So, if you are looking for PowerPoint alternatives, want some cool new presentation templates or just interested to see what new presentation options are out there. 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: Powtoon is the best choice for storytelling and animated presentations. Descriptions could use mentioning powerpoint compatibility, since it is common to bring one’s presentation to a venue, expected to be Ppt.

We can add a simple shape in the PowerPoint slide and then configure a new action over this shape (to make it works like a classic button) and open an external program or file during the presentation.
For example, we can open a Visio file from PowerPoint or even open images in Photoshop or any other picture editing software.
But you can also choose any other file and then PowerPoint will try to open the file with the associated program in Windows. It’s easy to use and many users often create slides in Google Docs or PowerPoint and then import them into 280 Slides to get that fancy, fun feel. You can also export your slideshow back into PowerPoint if you want to share your presentations or have a collaborative aspect. Many businesses and industries, from schools to governments to corporations, simply can't do without it; they've been built to rely on those programs.
Google's version is called Google Drive, and includes programs like Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. The design language is common among all three programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint): at the top of the screen, there's a big bar, with tabs that basically consolidate, simplify, and replace the old "File," "Edit," "Insert" menus you'd use on a computer. Mostly, this works the way you're used to on tablets: we're all familiar with a few of the gestures, like the press-and-hold, or the double-tap. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have become exceedingly bloated and powerful programs in the decades they've been around; they do tons of different things in tons of different ways, and an iPad, which has basically a cell phone's worth of power, just can't do all that stuff. For example, you can use this same approach to open other documents like Word documents from PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheets during a slideshow.

Microsoft has struggled to make products like Xbox profitable and to make anyone even care about products like Windows Phone. Hitting one of those tabs gives you further options beneath it, like font options (bold, italics) in Word or type of transition between slides in PowerPoint.
This can be good for example if you need to show a text file during the PowerPoint slideshow.
That means the iPad version will definitely be missing some stuff, like some of the weirder formatting options in Excel or the ability to add videos in PowerPoint.
In this article, I’m going to show you why Powtoon is the best free presentation software and the best alternative to PowerPoint.
In PowerPoint, when you press and hold your finger on a slide during a presentation, your cursor turns into a little digital laser pointer that you can wave around. But as consumer's choices only continue to increase, even Microsoft will miss the growing number of consumers like me.

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