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The bad thing about this technology is that you're not able to export the files on your computer and use them with PowerPoint.
Preezo can be very useful if you want a PowerPoint alternative that provides only the basic functions. PowerPoint is paid software and one needs to buy a license to make use of this application. Online applications are always handy, there are various web based applications which let you create presentations just like you do with PowerPoint.
I have been doing more presentations lately that have called for me to brush up my powerpoint skills. Instead of this, the files are automatically saved on the Preezo's servers and can be accessed from any location using the username and password.

There are several other free alternatives available for Microsoft Office which offers similar features for free. It also allows you to upload existing presentations that you have made using MS PowerPoint and edit or save them online. Preezo is somehow similar with Google Docs & Spreadsheets because it also saves the files on the service but the search giant's product also allows you to export the files in Office-compatible formats. Choosing the right presentation software, however, can make your job as a presenter easier and give your slides an extra gloss of professionalism.Virtually everyone will be familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. Here are five handy online PowerPoint alternatives which you can use for free from anywhere. The presentation editor in Google Docs provides just about similar features like that of MS PowerPoint.

Preezo is a free web-based service that provides the basic functions needed to design an attractive presentation, being compatible with Firefox 1.5 and IE 6 (or newer versions).
Apple has added PowerPoint compatibility to Keynote meaning that users need no longer worry if they are working on a presentation with PowerPoint users.
Presentations can be saved out of Keynote in PowerPoint format and, likewise, PowerPoint files can be imported into Keynote.

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