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One of the best features of CamStudio is that it is an easy to use software, with the option to create screencasts in AVI and SWF (Flash) format. As mentioned earlier, CamStudio is quite an easy to use software and you can get started by selecting your screen recording mode via Region drop down menu.
Free animation software is so important because making explainer videos for your website is usually very, very expensive. PowToon offers a free animation software tool that runs on windows or mac processing systems, and the best part is that you don’t need an animator to use it!

Flash is a great program, but for business owners, marketers, and basic users it is just too much, and it is definitely NOT FREE animation software. So if there were a software where you can just use an export command and get your video it would be better. It is an open source software for Windows users that offers the most rudimentary features for recording a specific portion, a window or the full screen of your desktop.
This can be quite useful for creating screencasts out of PowerPoint presentations, making software tutorials, technical guides, videos for classroom lectures, etc.

A professional animation studio will charge upwards of $3,000 for a one minute animated video, which is still much cheaper than doing a live action movie.

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