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This story examines what makes up a video editing workstation and explains what each part does. First let's take a look at what you'll need in an editing computer to get started then establish the minimum recommended requirements. Graphics Processor: Make sure your new video editing computer has a separate graphics processor.
Battery: For the mobile workstation a battery that will last at least six hours is the minimum recommended capacity.
External Storage: If you are on a mobile workstation you will have to get an external drive to digitize and save your files. Carry Case: A sturdy carrying case or cover is an essential accessory to a mobile workstation.
Best Value: The following workstations are examples that meet our minimum recommended configuration requirements.
The Velocity Micro, Vector Winter Edition can be found for $750, not including the monitor. Mobility: This is the one requirement that really helps determine if you need a mobile workstation or a desktop. Scalability: With a workstation you can save money in the beginning and expand it down the road when you can afford it. Speaking of software, iMovie, Apple's entry level video editing software is included with every new Mac.

We'll delve into mobile workstations and some of the different kinds available then we'll look at some desktop systems. Your video editing computer, whether it's mobile workstation or not, needs to have specific features that standard Internet surfing and word-processing systems don't always have to handle video editing.
We've never heard a pair of mobile workstation or standard desktop speakers that we like to edit with. You could just dump it into your backpack, but consider the two price tags, the cost of a briefcase is minimal compared to the hardware.In a nutshell - here are our minimum recommended requirements for a mobile editing workstation. Great for someone who needs a word processor, surfs the Internet, and occasionally needs to edit video on the road. If you want three internal drive bays, a 17-inch screen, and more computing power on your lap then the GoBOXX 2650 mobile workstation can be had starting around $3,020. You're probably looking into running one of the more powerful editing packages like Avid Media Composer. If you want more style on your desktop and you're not running your own video editing business, this might be for you.
But if you need processing power, and you have the budget, go for a workstation, mobile or not. You can start editing right out of the box and upgrade to more powerful editing software later after you have made a few videos. Typing a letter to mom is not the same as editing her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary video.

The CPU needs to be able to handle the job of running the software, crunching video files, inputting and outputting images, and whatever else you ask it to do. You may have to wait a moment while your video renders but be patient, these machines will get the job done. Good for 2D and 3D video editing and compositing and maybe you'd like a digital audio workstation, the list goes on and on. HD video files will use lots of processing power and sometimes the CPU needs help processing all that information.
If you save for just a little longer, you will be able to get the video editing computer that you always wanted. FireWire is also used to connect some external hard drives.An extra display port will come in handy when setting up your editing system. For example, the base configuration of the HP Pavilion dv6t Select Edition starts at an affordable $600 and comes with a Blu-ray player but does not have a FireWire port.

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