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In its recent report, Essential Facts 2012, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada provided a snapshot of the computer and video-game market, with profiles of gamers in various age groups, a list of the top-selling titles of the year (for the 12 months ending August, 2012), and breakdowns of the industry's size and structure. Saunders adds, “From what we can see at The Globe and Mail and from our Globe Edge branded content team, online video advertising is one of the fastest growing formats because it seems to be performing better than text, rich media or standard banner ads.
While navigating the online video environment may seem like a daunting task at first glance, the online industry has developed consumer, brand and audience measurement tools and research that help provide targetability, measurability and accountability that parallel those for television and other media. Fortunately for Canadian marketers, there is also a solid roster of video platforms, production companies, content publishers and ad networks with the expertise to help make their evolution to online video a successful one.
Jenny Munford, CEO and CCO of Creative Bube Tube, regards online video as simply TV in a different form and says that according to comScore, a lot of online video viewing minutes can actually be attributed to watching television shows. On the other hand, even if the programming is the same on the big or small screen, Munford believes online video advertising does need to take a different creative approach from television executions in order to be effective.
The consensus of the experts we spoke to seems to be that pre-roll video is the most effective ad placement, but the optimal length for the ad is still a debatable point. Munford says that because she places campaigns mainly in top TV shows that are viewed online the ads are mostly 30- and 60-second slots. Munford is also a big proponent of the magnification effect and increased response that comes with multiplatform or multiscreen campaigns rather than video-only campaigns. Pantazopoulos says that the proliferation of tablets and smartphones has had a positive impact on video advertising. Nancy McConnell, vice-president of digital sales for Bell Media, explains that The Loop is more than just a rebranding exercise. Caporicci says a customized brand-inspired campaign is anchored by video on The Loop, but that the full strength of the Bell Media assets can be brought into play to create an integrated solution involving everything from relevant blog posts, photo galleries and even television spots that drive viewers back to content on The Loop. Marketers can also run campaigns using ad networks and video platforms that work with advertisers to place video ads on a wide range of sites specifically chosen to reach a brand’s target audience and meet campaign objectives. Grant le Riche is managing director of TubeMogul, a platform that integrates real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting, optimization and brand measurement to make buying video online as simple as buying TV.

Platforms like TubeMogul also offer advertisers a number of video ad formats to choose from across the four screens including pre-roll, social video, mobile units, connected TV, and more. To develop their targeting and measurement tools, companies like Videology conduct their own proprietary research in addition to factoring in widely available syndicated research from firms such as comScore and Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. At Videology, Brian Danzis, senior-vice-president, North American sales, says that targetability and measurability really form the core proposition of the company.
To better understand what happens after exposure to an online video campaign, Danzis says Videology conducts proprietary brand studies to create metrics based on themes such as ad recall, brand awareness, purchase intent, and favourability. What this does, he says, is allow Videology to report back to the advertiser with information well beyond just clicks. The accountability piece of the business is what has really gotten the online industry excited. For the industry, these new services are ¬†ground breaking and many believe that the accountability they deliver could well be the catalyst for advertisers to move more TV dollars over to online. From connection plan innovation and new ad opportunities to research and ratings, Media in Canada™ covers the gamut of media biz news. The determining factor is really whether the ad is placed in a short two-to-three minute clip or in online TV programming. And from the video they’re going to the website, Facebook, and the social media component. Create a pre-roll spot that is made specifically for online viewing rather than a repurposed TV ad, because, typically, there is no call to action in TV spots so you’d be missing an opportunity. People are consuming more media online and are actually shifting time away from TV to do so. Content choices are virtually unlimited in the world of online video but there are numerous specialized companies to help marketers focus in on the best choices for them. The Globe has always been a strong offering of that in the marketplace and that still holds true when it comes to video.

Its Videology Addressable Audience Platform is fueled by aggregating online and offline data from leading companies around the world.
Advertisers now have the ability to plan and buy campaigns that are audited and validated by Nielsen OCR, Online Campaign Ratings, which was recently launched in Canada. The results show that advertising dollars are in step with recent trends showing that Canadians are voracious online video watchers. Canada is the second largest country for online video viewing penetration in the world, so it's only natural that advertisers are now looking to tap into this escalating and engaged audience.
Canada is the second largest country for online video viewing penetration in the world, so it’s only natural that advertisers are now looking to tap into this escalating and engaged audience. These companies range from full-service TV and video companies such as Creative Bube Tube to online destinations that include those associated with established media brands The Globe and Mail and The Loop, a destination launched late last year by Bell Media to replace Canada’s first major online portal, Sympatico. He stresses that to be successful in digital video, brand advertisers need control and transparency with their video campaigns.
Canadians are also watching videos on more platforms than ever, accessing video with smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, videogaming consoles, and PCs. According to the survey, 21 per cent say online video is more effective than TV, while 46 per cent say is about the same as TV.
That means that an algorithm is making the decision about where and when to insert an ad in order for it to reach its target audience in the most budget-efficient way possible.More than 18 per cent of agencies dedicated a majority of their video advertising budget to programmatic in 2014.

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