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This morning, a new report fresh off the presses from e-marketer indicates blistering growth in online video advertising over the next 5 years. Meanwhile, TV and digital video advertising revenue pools continue to blur and converge, as multi-platform and multi-screen video advertising is increasingly become an integrated norm. With digital marketers more than ever looking to social video as a key tool to convey rich, sharable brand experiences, e-marketers projections hardly come as a surprise.
Overall, with marketers, agencies and media companies set to double spending on online video in only a few short years, the future certainly looks bright for standardization, consolidation, innovation and maturity in the digital video advertising space.
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Christophor RickMarch 27, 20141 Reply Shares Here's a bit of news coming out of a company I have never heard of called SQAD (apparently pronounced squad, considering that cable advertising has been outside my wheelhouse I am not surprised, but they are on my radar now. The crux of their report is that in-stream video ads online are more expensive than cable television prime time ads.
But advertisers can look at this as a bargain because video advertising only costs 2-3 times more on average, for now.There was a nice article from eMarkerter that highlights recent research comparing online video advertising rates across 7 select US web publishers for video ads vs traditional video banner ads. Using their databases, they came up with a 2013 average CPM for online, in-stream video ads of $23.03. That seems on the high side in my opinion and they say it is 38% higher than the average 18-49 CPM for prime time cable TV.

So here's how it all breaks down.The table shows data for 2012 and 2013 for all but in-stream video ads so we don't know how that one changed year-to-year (they only started tracking in January 2013, no wonder I have not heard of them). We can probably imagine that in-stream online video ad CPMS rose just like network TV prime time CPM rates did."In many cases, online premium video inventory is still somewhat limited, so it's not that surprising that rates are high right now," said Neil Klar, CEO of SQAD. SQAD states that network TV websites (NBCU, CBS, ABC) had a combined average CPM of $30 which then results in a higher overall in-stream CPM.

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