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Thus, you will need a top-notch and portable ppt to swf conversion tool, and ABTO Software has a great solution – PPT to SWF converter.
ABTO Software’s tool is designed specifically for creating interactive and portable presentation for various corporate and educational needs. With our pptx to flash conversion tool PowerPoint presentations are converted into HTML5 content, available for viewing from all existing browsers and accessible from mobile and tablet devices. So, please, try our PPT to SWF converter to increase your production and successfully fulfil any kind of PowerPoint to flash conversion necessity.
More has been written about the art of the presentation than could ever be covered here, but one thing that usually accompanies your co-workers’ demos are PowerPoint slides. Still, many have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint, in part because some believe presentation slides are a crutch for bad public speakers. Sadly, meetings with presentations (and the need for accompanying slides) remain a reality.
At CustomShow, we like to think that everyone can use our presentation software to create better looking presentations, thus serving as a great powerpoint alternative to people. Summary – Customshow is a presentation software program used mainly for businesses and companies with more than 25 employees.
Summary – The presentation software is a template-based platform that allows for people to create elegant looking presentations. Summary – Known as a presentation launch pad, SlideDog mainly takes all of your documents, presentations, pictures, or video and places them into a play list that can be moved around and presented in a seamless way. Summary – Probably one of the leaders in the DIY presentation animation space, Powtoon allows consumers to create presentations and videos that are animated, interesting, and engaging. Summary – One of the standard bearers in the presentation software space, Keynote is meant to allow presenters to create customizable presentations.

Summary – To switch things up a bit MediaShout is a presentation software tool for religious institutions and churches. Summary – Built mainly for B2B sales people, Kineticast is a cool presentation tool that enables sales people to be more effective in their sales and marketing.
Summary – Knowledge Vision is one of the newest players on the block when it comes to creating better looking presentations that are customizable. Perfect For – Individuals and small businesses who just need to create simple animated tutorials and software demonstrations. Perfect For –  Creating Video demonstrations for customer support, employee training, and product presentations.
Summary – The Emaze user can easily build sophisticated presentations with little effort. There are probably an additional 50 – 80 presentation software tools we missed on this list. CustomShow is a B2B presentation software allowing sales, marketing, and creative teams to create eye popping presentations that are unique, engaging, and more likely to assist companies in winning more business.
But now due to modern business requirements it is preferable to convert those presentations into more appropriate and convenient format – Flash. Our power point to flash conversion software allows to seamlessly convert PPT files into Flash for their further viewing on any computer with installed web-browser.
This pptx to swf conversion application can be efficiently utilized for creating highly customized and captivating e-learning courses for educational portals and websites. The software is such a behemoth, that as of 2012, it held 95 per cent of the presentation software market, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.
Well, we can tell you that one of our favourites, SlideRocket, is no longer accepting new customers as it tries to integrate more with sales tool ClearSlide.

You can upload PowerPoint (PPT) files to Google Drive Presentation for editing or playback, or export the Google Drive formatted files to PPT format (or PDF) as needed to work with other systems.
Part of the free suite with 5GB of space (you can get fifty times more if you have a group of users paying $5 or £3 per month per user), Show is on the web so presentations are available everywhere. This Windows software isn’t strictly for creating presentations, but it does something different by supporting multiple kinds of presentation files and other formats (like PDFs, Prezi files, video, images, you name it). Well, unlike the full version that comes with Microsoft Office, the stripped-down PowerPoint Web App handles your PPTs with ease, which shouldn’t be a surprise.
It is a part of Windows Essentials software suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.
High-quality up-to-date presentation will provide your business even more success in promoting products or services delivered. Thus, presentations placed on the web in very convenient and visually attractive format can be easily accessed by multiple users. Everything in the presentation is on one, giant slide — you just jump from spot to spot. Everyone else might be using Apple’s elegant and easy KeyNote software (which is only free with new Macs). Import of PPTX files is a breeze, but it only outputs the older PPT format or its own, or it just converts slideshow files to PDF.

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