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You can do things like add captions, which can be handy when you want to describe the location or subject of a particular photo or movie clip. Windows Live Movie Maker will create the video--which could take several long minutes, depending on its length--and then upload it to YouTube (which could also take a while). The resulting movie is in WMV format, by the way, so it will work fine on Windows PCs, Zune devices, Xbox 360s, and various set top boxes as well.

It'd be nice if there was some kind of free background music collection included with Movie Maker, but, hey, it's free.
Once the file is created, Windows DVD Maker fires up and starts a new project with your video as the sole content entry. It is compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows 7, but you should understand that the application provides support for additional video formats--including QuickTime MOV and QT, AVCHD, and various MPEG-4 formats--on Windows 7 only.

If you were looking for a quick, easy, and professional way to share your photos and videos online, Windows Live Movie Maker has you covered.

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