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I recently obtained Life is Beautiful, that Italian holocaust movie with Roberto Benigni, in the form of an .avi file, but it's in Italian with no subtitles. Many friends would like to edit parts of AVIs for re-uploading to the Internet or to save space on their hard drives. Note: If you are using Windows OS and want to edit avi files, you can refer to Video Editor for Windows here.
If you want to enhance you videos in a special way, you can select the video you want to enhance and click the edit button on the toolbar. To edit the AVI videos taken with your phone, camera and other devices on your Mac, you have three options: Video Editor (the easiest but powerful AVI editor for Mac), iMovie (a popular video editing tool on Mac), and Final Cut pro (a powerful but complicated video editor on Mac).
This AVI editor for Mac, say, Video Editor, must be the most easy-to-use video editing tool but remain one of the powerful and helpful video editor for Mac. Same as iMovie, Final Cut Pro also only accepts some special AVI files, and you have to convert those incompatible AVI to Final Cut Pro formats first. Provide a list of useful editing tools including crop, rotate, effect, split, merge, trim, so that you can edit your however you like: crop the black sides, rotate videos taken with camera held sideways, etc.

Drag in a song from iTunes to create your movie soundtracks and cut the melodies to the length of your video content. You can directly publish your movie project to YouTube to share your masterpiece with friends, family and even people around.
Edit audio and video independently, so you can remove video noise or use the sound from one clip with the video from another. Adjust the audio volume or set the volumes of all the video clips to about the same level with volume control in audio editing window. Automatically check for updates and navigate to the download page of the latest version of Video Studio Express for Mac.
Here introduce a powerful AVI Video Editor for Mac– iOrgsoft Video Editor for Mac, which provides the editing options of trimming, cropping, adding transition, copying, pasting, and deleting specific sections of audio and video with professional timeline panel. Compared the three, Video Editor for Mac has a broader format support than iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Just like what has been mentioned above, you are able to import any video and audio in all hot formats into the program for editing, like AVI, MP4, MKV, AVCHD, WMV and more.

If you currently haven’t installed the app, you can go to Mac App Store (Snow Leopard and the later Mac OS only), search iMovie and purchase it ($14.99).
Take AVI for example, you can import any AVI video files into the Video Editor for converting, but only some special AVI files are possible to be imported into iMovie and Final Cut pro for further edit. For example, you can apply old film effect to your video to make your movie much enjoyable. The self-explanatory options help you easily make movies in minutes to share everywhere even if you are not a Pro! But for AVI files, iMovie only can recognize some special AVI files, which are mainly captured by digital cameras in particular bands.
And if your AVI files are incompatible with iMovie, you have to convert AVI to iMovie first.

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