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Sign up Today for this exclusive FREE Mobile Marketing Training on Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, Text Message Marketing and More! Learn everything you will need to know in order to set up a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign.
If you are in retail, mobile marketing services will make it easier for your customers to find your stores, respond to sales and special offers and keep your inventory moving. If you own a restaurant, your mobile marketing agency can help you digitize your menu with stunning graphics to entice diners in to your establishment; launch a mobile marketing campaign focused on hot menu items, drink and food specials and other promotions to keep your tables filled and turning over every day of the week. For bars and nightclubs, a mobile marketing company can develop mobile marketing campaigns to fill your venue every night of the week and sell-out special events.
Mobile marketing agencies work with churches to promote youth events through text marketing and bring back parishioners that have wandered off. Mobile marketing companies all over the US are changing the game for companies just like yours using texts and mobile phone marketing.
Check out our free mobile phone marketing training to learn secret strategies for text message marketing used by top mobile marketing companies!
Our free training shows you where to get free mobile marketing software to develop your mobile site and which mobile marketing platform you need to launch. Which golf courses allow greens times bookings through their mobile site to keep their course fully booked.
How nonprofits launch mobile marketing campaigns on their mobile sites to drive awareness and donations. Why bars and nightclubs are using mobile marketing services like mobile sites to encourage text list opt-ins, geo-location services to bring in partyers who are close by and to keep your target clientele current on club events, guest DJs and more. How spas and salons are using local mobile marketing including mobile websites to increase appointments and decrease cancellations keeping stylists happier and bottom lines healthier.
When it comes to mobile marketing, business owners who ignore this growing trend do so at their own peril. Start by watching our free video training on mobile marketing strategies to learn how a mobile marketing campaign can take your advertising to the next level, for less money, with better results.
When it comes to mobile marketing tools, mobile apps require the most technical know-how to implement.
Our free training shows you how mobile marketing companies are helping small businesses like yours get the best and lowest cost mobile marketing platform and launch an app for mobile marketing. Our free training on mobile marketing solutions will show you where to find low-cost mobile marketing software to develop apps in-house or how to work with mobile marketing agencies to develop a mobile app and a mobile marketing campaign to launch it.
Mobile marketing news reports tell us that 94% of text messages are read almost immediately, 23% are forwarded and shared and 7%-26% act on a mobile offer.
Watch our free training and then start texting your customers – contact a mobile marketing company if you need technical assistance, but the tools are available for those who want to do it themselves.
Our free mobile marketing training videos will show you how mobile websites, texting campaigns and mobile apps work to establish your mobile web presence and increase your bottom line profits. As apps have gained traction, brands have already established new priorities for how their mobile marketing strategy is structured. Mobile web, mobile paid search, mobile retargeting, paid app installs, mobile social marketing, and mobile messaging now function as gateways to an app install.

Today, as mobile becomes the dominate platform, apps are evolving as the primary smartphone medium. Jessica RuthJessica is a Branding and Marketing professional, working to keep DealerRefresh the automotive industry's leading community based blog and forum. Aaron WirtzAaron Wirtz is the Media & Marketing Manager for Subaru of Wichita (formerly Suzuki of Wichita) and Super Car Guys, where his innovative social media strategies have cultivated an active community both locally and nationwide.
Ben AndersonBen Anderson - AKA "hair model Ben" is the President of AutoMotion, a leader in mobile apps for dealers.
Malinda TerreriTake one part geek, add a healthy dose of creativity, top it off with an obsession for marketing and you have… Malinda Terreri.
Dillinger Media LLC is a Full Service Internet Marketing Company specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and Web Design Services.
Social Media Marketing – Let us integrate social sharing functionality into your marketing campaign by creating educational and engaging content which is distributed through social websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.
Article Marketing – Our SEO strategy includes writing articles with your primary keywords and getting this content found in the search engines quickly by placing our articles in Web 2.0 sites of high authority. Email Marketing – We create high converting squeeze pages to get your customers to opt-in for promotional material from your business. Mobile Marketing – Dillinger Media has partnered with the best mobile marketing solutions providers to offer a wide variety of mobile marketing solutions.
Dillinger Media Studios specializes in online engagement programs that enhances the dialog beyond conventional marketing companies. 91% of US national brands are expected to invest more or the same dollar amount in local Internet marketing heading into the year, reports local marketing company Balihoo. Of the survey participants, 47% of brands said that they have plans to invest more in local Internet marketing into 2013 than previously spent in 2012. More than 34% of brands plan to leverage mobile and use it as a major local Internet marketing tactic in 2013.
While mobile strategy is projected to increase next year, local website investment and local search registration is projected to decline in 2013. Balihoo has also said that local Internet marketing strategies are being used more by national brands earning more than $500 million annual in comparison to smaller firms. These survey results fall in line with predictions from other researchers which show that local Internet marketing is becoming increasingly important for US national brands. It's nice to meet you!Share your email with me and I'll send you my latest blog updates in a special set of emails-covering how to approach Internet marketing the smart way.Enter your email below and I'll send it right to your inbox!
Catch up today with our free video training on mobile marketing and learn how to tap into this powerful marketing trend that costs four times less than any other form of advertising. Our free mobile marketing training will teach you all the mobile marketing tools you need to launch highly effective mobile marketing campaigns, including mobile websites, text message marketing and mobile apps. Mobile marketing agencies advise that mobile websites should be extremely focused and user friendly. News reports say that college applicants check out schools primarily on their mobile devices, so it just makes sense to offer a mobile friendly portal. Whether you create and manage your own mobile marketing solutions or hire a mobile marketing agency to do it for you, mobile marketing tools are critical to survive and prosper in the new media age.

That being said, they are also one of the most effective mobile marketing services to market your brand to a wider audience. Ask any mobile marketing companies and they will tell you that you need a mobile website because 64% of people search on mobile devices for restaurants, salons, amusement locales, movie theaters, stores, products and more. In addition to simply showing your location and offerings, mobile websites can induce browsers to opt-in to your texting list or download a limited time mobile coupon offer to encourage immediacy. When it comes to text message mobile marketing, business owners who are not texting offers are leaving money on the table. As future tech continues to utilize apps as the central gateway, major brands are focusing their mobile marketing strategies around the app install. Ben is a regular speaker on mobile for many industry events including GM eSummit tour, JD Power, and DSES. Her marketing talents started at a young age when she secured the world record for the most Girl Scout cookies ever sold.* Malinda is President of 1to1 News.
He's the President of Command Z Automotive Consulting, Inc, specializing in search, social & mobile solutions and recently became a partner in a new independent dealership called Auto Outlets USA. Brian offers consulting services to assist car dealers develop the strategies, processes, and reporting needed to operate profitability in an Internet centric business climate.
The research has also pointed out that brands earning between $100 to $250 million are more likely to adopt social media strategies more frequently. No matter your industry or niche, every small business can profit from mobile marketing strategies. Your small business needs a mobile marketing strategy to set yourself apart from your competition, and in some cases, simply to keep up with your competition. Working with a mobile marketing company to develop a mobile app for your business is the fastest and easiest way to get a mobile app out there to promote your brand. His latest book "Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing" is the automotive industry's first true textbook on digital marketing. Local website strategy is projected to have a steep decline, from 46% in 2012 to roughly 16% for 2013. When looking local from a tactical perspective, local search registration and local websites aren’t top priorities for these brands, although the framework for strong local Internet marketing is present. Whether it’s managing the desk, perfecting sales process or studying online marketing and media trends, I absolutely love this business and the challenges it brings. This is where a local presence could potentially be improved, better supporting local through the development of assets and a more organic focus on local marketing.
His love for cars, marketing and technology is the perfect recipe to stay ahead of the curve and continue to helping the automotive community.

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