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Restaurants are utilizing this incredible Mobile Marketing technology and bringing in more customers at less cost!! A recent Pew Research Center survey revealed that over 66% of Americans prefer to connect to the web on their mobile device. Use our free program to see how mobile marketing can transform your advertising strategies. Learn how Restaurants everywhere are tapping into the power of text Message Marketing, Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps!
Our free video training on restaurant mobile marketing is free for a limited time if you own or manage a restaurant in Portland. Mobile marketing for restaurants is the fastest way to reach your customers to build repeat business and referrals to drive your revenues. Mobile apps for restaurants are another trendy way to engage your customers and build relationships.
If you own a restaurant in Portland, mobile marketing is the go-to promotional tool you need to be using!
Restaurant mobile marketing is the best way to reach and engage your customers to drive revenues!
Restaurants cannot afford to miss out on the awesome POWER of Text Marketing, Mobile Websites and more.
Churches and non-profits use self-service mobile websites and text message pledge reminders. Marketing associated labor cost is wasted on paper ad campaigns – Mobile Marketing response rates reach as high as 20% or more compared to the 1% paper rate! All you have to do is to enter your name and email for immediate access to our FREE video training series on all aspects of Mobile Marketing.

In today’s social world, marketing a restaurant no longer needs to be expensive in order to be effective. Free and easy to learn, Twitter offers restaurant owners a way to learn how to write short messages.
When someone’s looking for a new restaurant to try, or an out of town visitor needs to find somewhere to eat, Google Maps is where they head to. For a limited time only, our leading-edge course on mobile marketing for restaurants is free for restaurant owners and managers interested in using mobile marketing services to take their business to the next level. The survey added that over 80% of people are never farther than 3 feet from their phones 24 hours a day. Whether you work with a mobile marketing agency or do it yourself with easy-to-use mobile marketing software and a low-cost mobile marketing platform, you need to be into mobile marketing for restaurants.
Portland is a competitive market for dining out and if you are not already using mobile advertising, you need to rapidly develop a mobile marketing strategy!
Restaurants all over Portland and the Pacific Northwest are rapidly realizing the value of reaching out to their customers on their mobile devices.
Restaurants can send out instant offers on slow nights and generate business within moments. From apps to texting to mobile website design, Portland restaurant owners and managers can learn everything they need to know from our free training. Today’s social savvy restaurateurs are using mobile phone advertising combined with social media to successfully market their businesses.
In a matter of months you could see your restaurant full every night of the week and gain hundreds of new customers; all for a lower cost that other advertising media. One-third of your potential customers are accessing you on the mobile web and that number is climbing every day.

Our free mobile marketing training makes it simple for you to understand the elements of mobile website design, develop a mobile marketing strategy and brainstorm ideas for mobile apps for restaurants just like yours. For restaurants, providing a source of entertainment for customers that resonates back to your business is a very effective way to build brand loyalty!
You’ll need a short course in Twitter for restaurant owners, but if you’re using a marketing company who incorporates Facebook, Twitter and mobile phone advertising in their service packages, they’ll handle everything for you and let you get back to the business of making money.
Still it’s more affordable than print advertising and mobile advertising can engage your customer immediately to have them come in for lunch of dinner that day. Restaurant mobile apps engage your customers interactively and entertain as well as incent them to visit your establishment.
You can outsource for low cost development of restaurant mobile apps geared specifically to your establishment.
It should be checked daily for comments that allow you to interact with your customers, share photos of your restaurant and make announcements for future events. You’ll offer promotions that can have your restaurant full on a Wednesday evening, or any other day of your choosing. Our free training will show you all you need to know to come up with ideas for your own restaurant mobile apps. This tool is fast becoming a lifesaving tool for restaurants who are struggling in these economic times.

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