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This how-to guide provides step-by-step instructions on three different ways to add closed captions or subtitles to a Windows Media Video (WMV) file. This step shows you how to embed the captions file that you downloaded in Step 2 into your Windows Media file.
I got as far as actually loading my video from the digital camera onto the computer and into a folder. If you also need to edit your videos with Windows Media Player like Jackie, you've came to the right place.
If you don't want to install any plug-in for your Windows Media Player but looking around for a powerful movie editor, here recommend you other 2 powerful movie editors. SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin is the plug-in tool that enables you to save a favorite movie fragment, music part or edit out unnecessary scenes that's loaded onto Windows Media Player. Play the file you want to edit and move the blue slider to the section of the movie you want to save, hit on the Start button. To edit your videos in a Windows-based computer, the Wondershare Video Editor comes in as a handy video editor that keeps both of your original video and audio quality intact. Attached below is the screenshot of the video editor, please check the guide for more details. I don't know if it's just me or Windows Media Player, but the results I end up with are not that great. I'd long ago give up on Windows Media Play but after reading this post I think I should reconsider. I have to make a training video on a budget close to zero, which means to most of the work myself.
The first way, which is the most robust, is to embed the captions by encoding the media file using the free software Microsoft Expression Encoder.

If you just need to add captions to your Windows Media video then start a new Transcoding Project. Log into your 3Play Media account and download the WMP.TXT captions file (see Steps 2 and 3 above). Download and install the free software Windows Media Encoder 9, which includes the Windows Media File Editor utility. If the media file and captions file are located in different directories or have different names, you need to create a pointer file that references both the media file and captions file.
You also need to right-click over the video window and enable Lyrics, captions, and subtitles.
It can solve all video-related problems efficiently, such as editing, converting, downloading, recording, burning dvd, streaming, etc. Might I suggest the title could have been "How To Turn Windows Media Player Into A VIdeo Editor" it looks to be that good.
The second way is to embed the captions by encoding the media file using Windows Media File Editor, which is a utility that comes with the free software Windows Media Encoder 9. Alternately, if you want to encode a video that is compatible with Silverlight and can be embedded in a rich, interactive Silverlight template, then start a Silverlight Project.
The simplest way is to download a SMI captions file (see Step 2) and place it in the same directory as the media file.
When the trimming process is done, you'll get a pop-up window that will direct you to the output folder where the edited files have been saved. If you want to crop the black bars, rotate 90 degrees to make it normal or apply transitions between different video clips or etc; please check out the other solution in Part 2. But we were so eager to take a look at it that we couldn’t resist the temptation! I must say that our testing of Videolan Movie Creator has been quite an adventure.

I have a lot of experience editting, and with this program it looks liek it hits on a number of key areas that other free software miss (I looking hard at you Movie Maker). The third and simplest way is to associate the media file with the captions file, which may require a pointer file (ASX).
Note that you may need to adjust the player settings to display captions (see the section below on Windows Media Player Settings). I basically know how to play the clips in Windows Media Player, but that's just about it. But despite these problems, I think Videolan Movie Creator could become a really nice, easy-to-use video editor. First of all, Videolan Movie Creator features a well-designed interface, in black, gray and orange. Also, it includes a wizard that guides you though your first steps with the program and which comes in especially handy when you’re creating your first project. Finally, managing media in Videolan Movie Creator is really simple. It will associate with the Windows Media icon and playing it will launch the media file and captions file. You have the typical dual-screen interface featured in many video editors, and a timeline at the bottom. Being able to import multiple media files quickly, easily, and in to a single easy to find location. All you need to do is drag and drop your media there and then you can arrange it any way you want - cut it into fragments, add effects, you name it! Videolan Movie Creator is still a very early alpha version, but it’s a very promising tool that will hopefully turn into a simple, powerful video editor.
Only comment I would say it when zooming in on the timeline you are limited to only moving media as opposed to being able to crop and adjust them.

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