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As you can see on the image below, numerous possibilities are at hand when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Some websites can be used in almost every vertical; others are narrowed down and serve certain niches. You can opt in to join below two best internet marketing training programs separately does a good job in list building and seo. This video training course teaches you how to build a massive email list step by step without asking you any experience or technique skills in internet marketing.
With the help of their special golden sequence enables you approach your list building campagin,you will learn how to make full use of free solo ads,paid solo ads and other free funnels to enhance your list building. All in all, DotComSecrets X reveals how to let thousands of visitors subscribe your opt-in form and makes you experience the amazing power of automatic income generation from your list. The system covers completely essential parts of launching and developing your website seo campaign from a to z,includes market research for selecting the good offers from affiliate networks and discovering the profitable keywords with less competition,creating a search engine friendly website with advanced functions in a short time,smart backlink building to boost your seo etc.
You will be convinced and believe this system indeed works after seeing their presented websites do occupy the top position on google search engine even though google panda and penguin is always updating.
The most series issue for free and paid web hosting is the real uptime of keeping your website online. Free web hosting providers takes you much more time to master the basic website operation in their backend due to lack of those advanced scripts and software from the paid web hosting providers where just some clicks can be completed.
For example,free web hosting do not provide easy website installer scripts or just give you very limited types of them,it is almost impossible to install and run a magento website , prestashop website or forum website well under the free web hosting environment,free using fantastico scripts or simplescripts becomes a luxurious thing,for the beginner never touch the programing,step by step simple deployment of those open source website scripts still looks very difficult, and complicated without an easy to use application . And a part of newbies just want to own a basic website just contains several simple customized webpages,you definitely have come up with the idea of taking advantage of drag and drop website builder like weebly,rvsitebuilder.Generally paid web hosting has integrated with these software for you while you have to learn some basic html coding from scratch for doing this same thing in free web hosting as they do not purchase the extra software to let you enjoy the premium services. The same result applies to the other extra web hosting service includes automatic website backup service,email account setup. No one website can not avoid the unpredictable website errors,for the questions you can not handle,paid web hosting customer support is happied with helping you resolving them through live chat,email ticket and phone,but you do not have these rights,you have to do them all by yourself,or not,give up your website. Free web hosting is just designed for those newbies just plan to have a fun with simple website creation,no matter wether you site is involved with biz or not, sooner or later,you will place your website into a reliable web hosting like bluehost as well,you can opt in to visit our other web hosting recommendation. In the marketplace of selling and buying blog websites, it is almost impossible to see any transaction of blogger blog websites as it does not meet the terms of services for blogger users. But this rules does not apply to your own self hosted wordpress websites because all the full operation are under your control,you manage your website as you like ,even one day,you also has the right to recover your website by making proper modification once your website has been suspended by your web hosting provider for your copyright infringement. With continuous content feeding into your blog and your own effective blog marketing, your blog is doomed to grow bigger and bigger gradually,in addition,to adjust to the trends of internet marketing,you will consider to add more new functions into your blogs,in this aspect,wordpress websites have more flexible and extended functions to meet these needs.Take an instance,right now,you can build an online store,photo gallery,digital downloadable website based on wordpress,but so many years passed,blogspot is still just a blog platform. Another drawback of free blogspot blogs is their dull website templates,no matter which template you are switching to in blogspot platform,the main change just takes place in the color and basic structure,by comparison,premium wordpress themes and plugins not only offers you more elegant website presence,but also give you the instant access to create more extra popular functions and features with an ease like optin form,social sharing buttons,squeeze page. If you are a smart internet marketer,you will also find blogspot does not provide the option to allow users to custom their own page description and page keywords,this may impact your blog website’s search engine optimization more or less. But you can not say blogger is all bad, how about their positive things of using blogspot blogs,one obvious advatange should be mentioned here – that is blogspot is naturally more google friendly than self hosted wordpress websites. And blogspot usually gets a little higher rank than other common blogs as for the platform type,so you could try to register the blogspot’s subdomains with a series of exact match keywords (EMD) to build server blog websites,in this way of combining with EMD domain,you could expect certain amount of target traffic will roll into your site in a shorter time as long as you feed your blog with good quality content.
After scanning the above true page screenshots,ask to yourself wether you should build a website which is similar with one of them.

As a great wordpress theme,optimizepress is an all in one digital ecommerce wordpress suite to help anyone create websites for promoting or selling their internet business like a pro without any hassle. Although optimizepress is definitely not the no1 premium wordpress theme,but by comparsion,optimizepress is the unique professional internet marketing wordpress theme provider just produce only one kind of wordpress theme focusing on internet marketing, unlike other theme provider platforms consist of tens of or even hundreds of different kinds of themes serving different website types (blogging,photo gallery etc).
Optimizepress is an theme,before you deciding to install it,make sure you know this theme will override your current website theme.So if you stick to inserting the sales page into your existing blog using optimizepress,you had better install a new blog in your blog domain’s subdirectory in which you install the optimize theme. For example,you can use optimize press to create your websites to sell your products and use the digital access pass as your backend for membership website management.
As you kow,there are a series of wordpress plugins that can turn your wordpress website into a membership website or help you create a good looking sales page or landing page within several minuntes,but there is no one software can be compared with optimizepress not only for functionality but only for timely support and updates.
No doubt,this is an excellent wordpress website tool brings you the best conversions for your sales and leads. If you are running or planning to run multiple websites or squeeze pages,the cost of purchasing optimizepress is very worthywhile.
So,if you have stepped into internet marketing for a long time but never do not get in touch with building your own email list,you should treat yourself as a IM newbie because building email list is more important and powerful than any others. To finish the tough task – the highest email delivery rate without being marked as spam, you need to outsource it to some popular email marketing services(.eg aweber,maichimp,getresponse), which one will be preferable for your internet marketing. If you are a serious internet marketer,please never use the maichimp as they reject almost all the forms of marketing activity with their free service.
After embedding the opt in form codes into your websites,your next step is to scale up your subscribers’ email lists through multiple methods.
You pay money to the marketers who own the great email list to let them mail your squeeze page link to their subscribers’ emails.
Other than that,common paid traffic programs includes PPC,PPV are also very effective way to build your own list in a short time,so thousands of reliable online advertising networks are waiting for you to join. Blog post,blog comment and forum signature are natural and powerful ways to enlarge your list as a long term development plan. Not all the money is in the list online,but more money hides in the list than other ways indeed. CDN(content delivery network) technique plays an important role in security enhancement and website loading speed,Through caching your website on cloudflare network servers all around the world,eleven2 brings every visitor more responsive website loading as they always visit the site copy where is hosted closer to their regions with the optimized routes.
Eleven2 is one of the excellent web hosting providers make full use of this technique to let customers enjoy higher level of website building and maintaince service. The shared web hosting providers (bluehost and hostmonster) are listed into the Zen cart offical web hosting recommendation page,this also proves zen cart’s low requirements for web hosting. Like hosting joomla websites,you will feel your zen cart site is running well as long as you can afford the several dollars per month shared web hosting plan. By comparison,to keep the good status of running magento websites,you may specifically ask those hosting providers wether they are good at hosting magento sites,any change in the hosting server’s configuration may influence the magento site’s normal running. So,if you are placing your magento site in a not reliable hosting server unluckily or your website  is full of various flash files or image files,you can not imagine how slowly your website loads. In terms of the stability,zen cart looks more mature and reliable than magento,after all .Zen cart has developed for more years,so far,there are still a lot of unexpected bugs hidden in magento,any casual inproper operation or source code modification leads to the down of magento websites. But please keep cautious to migrate and back up your magento sites, it is not so easy to restore your website without a clear understanding for your hosting configuration once errors occured.

The zencart security index is much lower than magento,you may hear of the cases of hackers’ invading zen cart websites according to the available bugs and risky codes for more or less times,but it is very,very rare to see one case of hackers’ successful invasion into a magento website. When putting one magento website and one zen cart website together,it is very obvious that magento website looks more elegant and professional than zen cart sites,a very important factor attracts more and more users to adopt to the magento ecommerce solution is their unbeatable good looking website theme design. To launch the magento website staticization,you just need to enable the rewriting model,but in zen cart,to complete this function brings you a little trouble. Through the above comparison in deatails,you are aware that zen cart is not good for the large scale ecommerce websites,but everyone can master the operation of this types of online stores with the basic technique of using computer,then magento will be your best choice if you are engaged with the large sized business or your business is growing bigger and bigger beyond your expectation,your team should have a programmer who is experienced in magento site management or has passed the serious training of using magento. It still does not make sense that chase great website design blindly with sacrificing the good website responsing speed. Apart from search engine,you should have heard of or experienced the power of forum signature marketing and social media marketing like youtube,twitter and facebook.
But when you have come to the bottleneck in proceeding with the marketing in these sites,have you ever thought of other fresh methods you may miss to make your site progress faster. From the statistics, you know pinterest stays in the 8th position among numerous US major websites according to the populairy, and actually 75% of the pinterest users are female who are mainly interested in house business or family business,so,if your site niche is related with woman,pinterest will be your potential gold mine. Both reddit and stumbleupon are the best social sharing websites outranks the ever dominator in this area – digg,reddit users always discuss actively the hot topic in the corresponding reddit categories, your ultimate task is to post really interesting and attractive content,you can sign up multiple reddit accounts fast and easily without email confirmation.Please make sure your post content is up to date,and you should leave your comments on others’ posts to get more karma for your posts. If you have been experienced in reddit marketing,hundreds of or thousands of unique visitors from redditor per month is not too hard. How to scale up your content marketing,here is not to tell you to spin articles to submit articles into those low quality article directory sites.To upload and share presentation and documents made from your article content in slideshare helps you get more target traffic. You just have to find the websites or channels that will have the biggest impact on your services. This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good idea of what Social Media Marketing is all about and how you can implement it in your marketing mix. Do not worry,this system has taken these things into their course to ensure your ultimate successful list building.
You can not imagine how easily you can create awesome launch funnels, sales pages, membership pages and squeeze pages as optimizepress offered you enough available modules,templates,graphics and other resources to design your website by simple dragging and dropping,copying,pasting and clicking. So,obviously,it seems that wordpress users have reached a consensus for the best internet marketing wordpress theme – optimizepress is your ultimate wordpress theme choice. Each of those plugins always have a lot of pros and cons, Then generally,you get the tried and true answer – optimzepress because it is the most compatible with your website environment , much more responsive and more seo friendly .
So,set up your own opt-in mailing list now to make more passive income online.Do not just barely admire those gurus’ achievements,take more time to analyze what make them so great, one reason is clear – they have their own list.
Take an instance,more and more wordpress bloggers start to collect their own loyal subscriber list by designing and testing squeeze pages,pop up optin form.

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