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The marketing essay below has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. The external factors of marketing are considered as the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal. Here the PESTEL of the marketing activities has also similar impact in the market, which need to identify (Kohli & Jaworski, 1990). The marketing activities in Morrison have systematic way to implement the marketing strategy in the competitive nature of the market. Strong distribution channel has the huge influence to achieve the marketing activities which influence the sales volume of the Morrison. This marketing plan has definite aims and objectives of the Morrison which will provided on the basis of the different activities in the market based on the future target of the business (Doyle, 2008).
Basically, the UK retail sector is highly competitive due to the strategic marketing strategy and the competitive service with the special feature and benefits of the consumer. The budget of this estimated marketing plan is £2000000 for one year and the marketing objective is completely achieved by the activities of the Morrison marketing process. But, many marketing experts has expressed that, the marketing activities is influenced by the another five factors, which is considered as the Porter's five factors analysis. Normally, Morrison try to focus on the marketing research as a major task to set long run strategy. So, this marketing plan has three objectives which are completely depends on the marketing strategy of the organisation and these are as follows.

The SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat) analysis has the definite influence to the overall factors of marketing. The market has huge variables to control; otherwise the marketing activities will influence bad impact on the marketing activities. But, few business organisations have contributed to shift from the recession through the efficient marketing strategy and the effective business tasks (Kotler et al., 2010). Moreover, every factors of PESTEL and Porter's five forces analysis can be considered as the external impact on the marketing activities (Lages rt sl., 2011). But, the major function of business to create the market demand and achieve market share by the influence of the marketing activities.
Specially, Morrison included its marketing activities from the different background of the market elements which are marketing research, market segmentation, market positioning, and market targeting, and developing the relationship with the specific market target. However, the market segmentation states that the people who response as similar way considering the marketing efforts (James & Hill, 2012). The above SWOT analysis of the Morrison has proved that, the organisation has the enough capability to compete in the market with the new marketing strategy to capture the major portion of the market share. For that reason, the marketing strategy of the Morrison is connected with the market research and the market is highly influenced by the customer (Kotler, & Armstrong, 2007). However, as discussed earlier marketing activities provides profitable relationship with the customers which bring the competitive advantage to the business. On the other hand, Morrison develops the marketing research to find out the specific reasons.

Broadly, marketing is defined as the managerial tasks which include the business to create value in order to build profitable relationship with the customers through the exchange of values (Kotler & Armstrong, 2007).
However, the core element of the marketing elements is the marketing mix which included 4Ps and these are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The monetary and the strategic action of the Morrison brought huge market share to the organisation in where the organisation enjoys huge benefits considering the lower cost of marketing, effectiveness of marketing, customer satisfaction, and influence on target market. Experts expressed that, the marketing process includes the activities to create value with customers and build strong customer relationship in order to add values. In fact, the marketing provides information to the customer about the features and benefits of the product and service (Ahmed et al., 2010). But, there is added by the different marketing scholars 3Ps which represent the People, Physical Evidece, and Process. For that reason, the marketing has the great influence to achieve the marketing objectives of the business. But, Morrison focused on the strong web application, familiar marketing drive, contracting the efficient distribution network, and consumption of the power of marketing. Finally, it can be said that, marketing has huge impact to achieve the business objectives.

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