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A business needs the right marketing for it to succeed and for the right marketing, the first and the foremost thing we need is to make a great marketing plan. There are three things that should majorly be a part of your marketing plan and they are – who you want your target customers to be, how you plan on reaching out to them and then how you are going to make sure that they stay with you.
We have a great collection of marketing plan templates that are sure to change your Business Plan dramatically. Accuracy is the first thing you need to give your first though before you download, customize and use free Marketing Proposal Template. That you have the chance to create a marketing proposal means you have the opportunity to utilize this chance the very best way possible.
The templates are not only available free for download but also are customizable and easy to edit.
As a community marketing plan example we are highlighting one of the six communities who has moved forward with their planning since the end of the research project. During the 1970s the population of Underwood grew significantly due to the openings of the Coal Creek power plant and the Falkirk lignite mine, but the population steadily declined from its 1980 peak of 1,329 residents. Underwood is currently working on a strategic plan for 2012 that will provide an in-depth focus on leadership training, entrepreneurship and the Buy Local campaign. 2010 Marketing Plan Powerpoint (pdf) This was presented to the Underwood Community in anticipation of creating a usable marketing plan.

2010 Marketing Plan Draft Underwood is currently working on completing their official 2012 marketing plan. The photo is an outline of the marketing plan Underwood presented to the community in 2010. Underwood residents were invited (see invitation) to participate in a discussion on test-marketing a powerpoint presentation developed by NRI for marketing Underwood. Plan to hold a series of community meets, starting in January, to prepare a new strategic plan. Our marketing plan templates that you can download for free are meant to do just that – help you chalk out that perfect marketing plan that can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Summarize all the parts of your marketing plan on the first page of your plan and then get to the actual plan. Underwood, North Dakota has effectively designed and implemented their community marketing plan and strategic plan. Then the Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation, through its participation in the Northwest Area Foundation's Horizons Program, developed a two-year Strategic Plan for the City of Underwood focusing on five goals and specific areas. This presentation and meeting were designed to help identify the marketing strategies that best suited Underwood specifically.
The very first part of the plan should be a clear chalking out of your target customers, your pricing plan and distribution strategies.

Already designed professionally and made available free for download for you, the Sales proposal template will help you create a unique presentation, which is part of what attract attention of the clients in question. In 2010 Underwood completed their first marketing plan, focusing on the areas established in the strategic plan. Due to these plans and assistance Underwood has experienced economic and community growth since 2009. How you use the media, how you plan on promoting and all the offers that you’d like to include in the strategy are all going to be a part of this.
Here, you can browse through a collection of high quality marketing analysis report templates, blank analysis templates and printable business templates that can help you create appealing, high quality and attractive marketing analysis.
Underwood is currently (2011) revamping their strategic plan and marketing plan to incorporate these community changes. The last part includes details on the partnerships you intend to make for your marketing and the retention strategy – on how you keep your customers stuck to you.

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