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Sometimes when it comes to marketing not just entrepreneurs don’t know the exact marketing plan tactics to use but also musicians.
So to help you out I am going to share with you the exact 5 marketing plan tactics to use to attract the right quality customers. Each of these tactics do work for either case situation because internet marketing is not narrowed down to just network marketers that’s the misconception. Like, comment and share if you enjoyed this post on Marketing Plan Tactics for Independent Musicians ! World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. Here’s the final post in my 3 part series discussing some basic marketing plan elements for independent musicians.
Covers: We all know the benefits of covering songs by popular artists and how they can help independent artists gain a wider audience. I hope that you have found these blog posts helpful, and for more information on our Cyber PR® Marketing Plans For Musicians, please visit here.

Music streaming service Spotify is getting big, and its streaming data is now becoming valuable for artists and music labels.
Know Your Target Market ~ find out who you are marketing to and you can do this by doing some marketing research. Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills. Additional merchandise is one idea, you can make vinyl for the last album or announce new T-shirt designs. I prefer releasing EPs over singles if possible, more of a press story when you release a few songs verses just one and more for the fans too. When you do start gearing up for the next album, serialize your posts, so people can follow along and they feel like they are in the studio with you and in on the album making process.
If you have a demo or a full CD give away a track for free so they can get a taste of what you have. If you’re interested in holding a remix contest should contact the folks over at Indaba Music, they put together some great remix campaigns for artists.

For louder more rockin’ acts take a page from Nirvana and release an album of stripped down acoustic versions of your studio tracks.
Or work with Limelight who will get the license for you at a cost of $15 per song on top of the mechanical license fee.
Play new cover songs each week, better yet, ask people what covers you should play for the next week. News, Politics, Celebrity gossip, parenting, fashion, art, and sports all make good topics for people to engage and connect around.

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