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Managers can compare their achievement with the plan and take the necessary action if they are not on target.
Planning is a good process in itself.  It encourages managers to think ahead and to weigh up the options available, as well as threats and opportunities. Effective marketing plans establish targets that are realistic and achievable, that motivate the staff involved and that can be afforded by the business concerned.
Drawing up a marketing plan takes time and resources.  In a rapidly changing marketplace, this might not be the optimal approach, as quick decisions (possibly based on hunches) might be required. Plans might cause managers to be inflexible and not to respond to changes in the marketplace.  Sometimes it might be more important to change the marketing targets than to achieve them. It defines a most interesting model for coordinated, integrated brand marketing – call it Moneyball Marketing. Moneyball Marketing relies on strategically identifying the right metrics and coordinating synchronized incremental tactics across multiple different units instead of big budget-sucking ad campaigns.

Like Billy Beane, if you’re going to manage a winning series of action-metrics throughout the season, you’ll need a game plan. Once leadership approves the goals – no more than four, usually – the game plan should outline the “winning strategies” you’ve identified. Each action plan should identify the person responsible for it, timeline for completion, and budget. The CEO and senior leadership team need to sign off on the plan to give it legitimacy and credibility. Definition: Marketing PlanningThe marketing planning process involves analyzing a market place in order to develop a strategy for the firm to enter and compete in a marketplace. All of the costs for all of the Tactics should roll up into your overall annual budget for the plan. While the plan is driven forward and managed by the chief marketing officer, it still needs to be the institution’s plan, and it needs to involve all of the players on the cross-functional team.

And finally, the plan has to define the cross-functional tactics (action steps) that will lead to success for each milestone.
Delighted by wildly diverse subjects and strong worldviews, with a point of view tempered by 35 years in marketing and branding.
The plan starts with measurable bottom-line goals in the organization’s high-priority scoring areas: recruitment, fundraising, image development, alumni participation, or whatever.

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