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Online content marketing may be a relatively new practice, but editorial calendars are virtually as old as the publishing industry. One of the largest and best-known editorial calendar tools, Kapost is the software behind the content strategy at companies like Content Marketing Institute, CBS and Cisco. It’s challenging to rely solely on memory or your WordPress drafts for accurate planning, but companies using this content management system (CMS) can download the free editorial calendar extension and get organized within minutes. One of the most innovative and brilliant approaches to editorial calendar tools we’ve encountered is VMWare’s “enterprise social media network,” SocialCast.
If you’re just starting to warm up to the idea of using editorial calendar tools in the first place, HubSpot’s free template might be the right starting place. Designed by content marketers for the unique editorial calendar tools needs of their fellow content creators, Marketing.Ai is both easy-to-use and comprehensive. If your company’s content marketing efforts have grown so exponentially you’re struggling to keep up, DivvyHQ might be exactly what you need. Whether your company has one or fourteen steps in your content workflow processes, there’s a good chance Trello could solve your need for editorial calendar tools. While this app wasn’t designed specifically for using exclusively as editorial calendar tools, it’s got plenty of loveable features. This all-in-one marketing solution boasts that it’s the only editorial calendar tool built for the social media age. Large enterprises or organizations with a particular need for information security should consider Active Data Exchange, one of the most robust and comprehensive calendar-sharing tools available. WordPress users who are ready for something a bit more robust than the free editorial calendar tools extension should consider CoSchedule, a comprehensive approach to inbound marketing.
If there were ever a tool designed for companies that outsource a majority of their content, it would clearly be LooseStitch.
The fact that you found this page this right now means that you're here to rock at content marketing.
The difference between having a content marketing editorial calendar and not having one is simple: One is flying by the seat of your pants and the other is executing a strategy. A solid content marketing editorial calendar is a tool that helps you plan out your content.
Execute your plan using a content marketing editorial calendar to publish and share your content.

Once you know why you're doing content marketing and how you're going to be successful, you can finally start planning your actual content. Though we're really talking about content marketing editorial calendars here (and only just getting started!), skipping to this point without understanding how you'll be successful in the first place is kind of a waste of time.
Start by simply finding the best ideas to plan them as content with your editorial calendar.
Your publishing frequency is really dependent on the resources you can dedicate to content marketing. So one of the first things you need to do is develop effective habits with your content marketing editorial calendar. These things are a million times better when everyone who's involved uses the same tool to create your content. A clearly defined workflow will help your team communicate more efficiently, and it gives everyone something to be accountable for. The best way to execute your plan is to consolidate your tools into one content marketing editorial calendar. Get started on your plan today with these free content marketing editorial calendar templates, then switch to CoSchedule when you're ready to take your content marketing to the next level. CoSchedule is the only content marketing and social media editorial calendar for WordPress. I need to keep our editorial calendar sharp, coordinate our guest contributors, and make sure we are amplifying our blog posts with social media.
Centralize your events in a single system, eliminating duplicate work and reducing the time spent on curating and updating events.
The software tracks the workflow of your content marketing from strategy to execution and social distribution.
Your ideas for blog posts are laid out in calendar form, and can quickly be dragged and dropped to rearrange when your scheduling changes. In addition to a calendar feature, users can track the stages of content assets, communicate about targeting to buyer personas, and track the categories of content published over time. Designed specifically for “high volume” companies, like their current customers Toyota and Sprint, this software’s editorial calendar features include a simple dashboard of tasks that need to be accomplished, an unlimited number of shared calendars, and workflow management.
ContentDJ certainly bridges the content marketing lifecycle exceptionally well, and users can track and plan original content, optimize social media posts, and source content for curation from the dashboard effortlessly.

Their editorial calendar tools can predict the readership you’ll gain by writing about a given topic, suggest keywords, and let you know if your competitors have already covered the same idea. You can schedule and assign tasks and dependencies to a number of users within the calendar feature, which offers the added benefit of automated social publishing. Instead, it wants to push its message in front of every face possible, whether they would be interested or not. You can do that by searching for socially-inspired ideas, planning them in your editorial calendar, and writing to connect with your audience. It combines communication, workflow, content marketing, and social media into one tool to help you become a rock star at what you do. The team at NYP came to Localist with a common issue: each department had its own calendar with no central management. Plus, communicating with your team members about blogs, eBooks, and other marketing materials  is as easy as commenting on a Facebook status. There’s plenty of fun collaborative features too; users can even “like” cards and concepts.
Our latest product, Curata CMP, offers a content marketing platform that includes a powerful editorial calendar for more efficient content production. I really appreciate you putting all of this together :) I use coschedule now but want to do a little more with my editorial calendar. They have a pretty editorial calendar within their project management app for marketing teams. Localist introduced a centralized event management workflow at the hospital, resulting in a huge increase in community event attendance. The robust platform offers quite a few more capabilities than just acting as a content calendar, including social publishing and analytics.

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